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Lincoln High School

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Lincoln High School. Linking Our Students to the Future. Darrin Lett : Business and Marketing Education. -. Students completed a digital video production about bullying. Students created a Power Point presentation about “Going Green” after researching the topic.

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lincoln high school

Lincoln HighSchool

Linking Our Students to the Future


Darrin Lett: Business and Marketing Education


  • Students completed a digital video production about bullying.
  • Students created a Power Point presentation about “Going Green” after researching the topic.
  • Students built wikispaces centered around the principles of building wealth.

Darrin Lett: Business and Marketing Education


  • ELMO: is used to project and capture images for instruction and presentations.
  • Students use to go through the daily concerns of business owners.

Mysti Nichols: EN 12

  • Einstruction School Pad: this is used during instruction to correct sentences, create examples, and complete graphic organizers from any position in the room.
  • CPS Clicker System: this is used in class for tests, quizzes, comprehension checks, and review games.
mysti nichols en 12
Mysti Nichols: EN 12
  • Gateway Notebook Laptops: students use these to research information, create documents, present Power Points, go on virtual tours, write essays.
          • Virtual Tours: students go on a virtual tour of the Globe Theatre in order to learn more about Shakespearian times before reading Macbeth.

Mysti Nichols: EN 12

  • Wikispace: students are able to go online to download notes, check assignments, complete quizzes and anticipation guides, and view Power Points and web pages for AHSGE remediation.
  • Smart Board: is used during instruction to correct sentences, draw visual examples, and view presentations from multiple media sources.

Mysti Nichols: EN 12

  • Google Documents: Students use Google Documents while typing their research papers to store and share their documents. They also use this tool to create Power Points for various projects.

Mysti Nichols: EN 12

  • Youtube videos are downloaded to Tubezilla to be shown to introduce topics such as The Canterbury Tales.

Michael Romano


  • Einstruction School Pad: This is used during instruction to highlight examples and answer questions from any place in the room.
  • Voice Thread: Students created Power Points on an issue and then overlaid their voices on

Jennifer Ball

Advanced Math Courses

  • ELMO:
  • - Ms. Ball uses the ELMO as a tool instead of her whiteboard.
  • She projects daily instruction on the board demonstrating how to solve problems.


- She is able to store quizzes on the camera and project them instead of handing out paper quizzes.

Jennifer Ball

Advanced Math Courses



She is able to store quizzes on the camera and project them instead of handing out paper quizzes.

Jennifer Ball

Advanced Math Courses


Jennifer Ball

Advanced Math Courses

  • Easiteach Remote:
  • Ms. Ball uses this tool during instruction to demonstrate how to solve problems on the board.
  • “Students seem to really enjoy this tool. Math scores this year were PHENOMENAL!”
  • ~J. Ball
brian kelly computer sciences
Brian Kelly: Computer Sciences
  • Evernote
    • Students use this page to store and share notes, assignments, and projects virtually.
    • This essentially creates a paperless classroom.

Brian Kelly: Comuter Sciences

  • Other Tools:
    • – used for broadcasts of LHS Web events
    • – used for video conferencing.
    • Webcams with Adobe’s Flash Media Encoder to make podcasts.

Brian Kelly: Comuter Sciences

  • Other Tools:
    • upload podcast videos.
    • Moodle Learning Management System – creates a classroom website for lesson materials and assignments.

Brian Kelly: Comuter Sciences

  • Other Tools:
    • Miro Media Play to download and play podcasts.
    • to create multimedia slideshows
    • for sharing Power Point presentations on the web.

Brian Kelly: Comuter Sciences

  • Other Tools:
    • Audacity for recording and editing audio files
    • GIMP- Poen Source Graphic Editing
    • Gmail and Google Docs

Brian Kelly: Comuter Sciences

  • Other Tools:
    • Etherpad -–document collaboration and creation
    • Graphire Wireless Graphic Tablet – similar to school pads, but better for graphic editing
patty hansen en 10
Patty Hansen: EN 10
  • Mrs. Hansen employs the CIP Clicker Response system with an Interwrite pad for instruction and assessment.
                  • The clicker system is used for anticipation guides, quizzes, exams, and comprehension assessment.
                  • Students use the Interwrite pad to correct sentences and demonstrate how to use source and note cards.

Patty Hansen: EN 10

  • Students also use on a weekly basis for vocabulary instruction.
    • Students enjoyed this interactive tool and vocabulary scores increased.

Nellie Embry: EN 11

  • - Students use computers in the computer lab in order to gather and organize research .
  • Students then had to create Power Point presentations on their research and present them to the class.
  • Language remediation was done with MindJogger Games.

Students expressed a desire to have more technology available to use in class projects.

kasi brown government and economics
Kasi Brown: Government and Economics
  • Students used the computer lab to complete budget projects identifying expenses that occur in daily life.
  • A Virtual Scavenger Hunt was used to research information on the Presidential Inauguration.

Keith Howard

Life P.E.

  • Coach Howard uses the DSV program on the team room computers to demonstrate opponent plays to team members.
  • He also utilizes the school website to place cut-up of film for athletes to view at home.
  • An HD flat-panel television is used for individual instruction.

Keith Howard

Life P.E.

  • The LCD Projector and film room are also utilized in class to demonstrate elements of games to Life P.E. classes.
distance learning
Distance Learning
  • By linking with schools like Deacatur High, Spain Park High, Pell City High, Guntersville High, and Francis Marion High, students are able to take courses like French and Calculus that they would otherwise not be offered.

Distance Learning

  • Students use email and fax machines to communicate with teachers and send work.
  • There are a class laptop lab, Smart Board, flat panel HD television, and cameras available in the room as well.
access learning
Access Learning
  • Students use the Business Technologies lab to complete Access Learning courses.
devonna strickland resource teacher
Devonna Strickland: Resource Teacher

LCD projector and projector boards are used to present to faculty in order to relay information and collaborate.

Power Point, Excel , and Word documents are used to create presentations and documents for teachers and students.

Email is also utilized on a daily basis to stay in communication with teachers and administrators.



Forensic Sciences

  • Ms. McCluney uses United Streaming and Youtube videos to help students visualize many of the concepts from the course work.
  • Power Points are also used during instruction to show information and graphics.
  • Alabama Science in Motion provides many labs incorporating higher technologies that students seem to enjoy.
bonnie ponder family and consumer sciences
Bonnie Ponder: Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Ms. Ponder uses dolls in her parenting course that have an electronic chip to record data on the success of the student as a “parent.”
                • This project allows students to experience the realities of parenthood in order to help them make better choices.

Students used computers in the computer lab to complete a graphing project on an online program.

Chuck Hale



Anita Watts, Rachel Harmon, and Alice Patterson: Special Education

All three of these teachers have become experts at using SKYPE. They use it for communication with one another, other teachers, counselors, and conference calls.


Anita Watts, Rachel Harmon: Special Education

Students use the Plato program in order to complete course work, get tutoring, and do credit recovery.


Coach Reaves: History 9

  • Coach Reaves uses a Smart board and tiered learning to make his classes more engaging.

Harvy Edwards:

History 10

  • For AHSGE remediation and preparation, Mr. Edwards created Power Points that were downloaded to disks and given to students.
  • Students also participated in Jeopardy style games to prepare for the test.