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IEEE President-Elect Forum

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IEEE President-Elect Forum

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  2. Michael R. Lightner Candidate for 2004 IEEE President - Elect • Some personal and professional background • My views of the position of IEEE President

  3. Personal Background • Born in Florida, 1950 - Region 3 • Irish - German Family • Oldest of four children • Father and Mother worked for Telephone Company • Grew up in Florida, moving every year for 12 years • Telephone company moved employees when they were promoted • Married, no children

  4. Professional Background • BS, MS in Electrical Engineering from University of Florida • Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University • Positions included • Member technical staff - Bell Labs • Summer Faculty - IBM Research • Assistant Prof. University of Illinois • Visiting Faculty - University of British Columbia • Consultant for Rockwell, Fujitsu, Epic Technologies, the World Bank and the State of Georgia among others

  5. Professional Background • Have been at University of Colorado since 1981 • Professor, Director Graduate Studies, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs • Currently have a joint appointment with our Medical School - Department of Rehabilitation Medicine • Started the University of Colorado Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities with $250M private gift • Awards for Teaching and Service • Chair of the 4-campus University Faculty Grievance committee - received Special Training in Mediation

  6. Professional Background • Research Interests • Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits • Simulation, Statistical Design, Synthesis, Testing, Formal Verification • Signal Processing • Multi-objective design of digital filters, adaptive filters • Technology for Cognitive Disabilities • Working at the intersection of cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience, learning science and computer science and engineering • Fellow and IEEE member for 33 years

  7. The IEEE President Activities of IEEE President My views and qualifications • IEEE’s Ambassador to all elements of the IEEE and the profession • Members, students, non-members, industry, other organizations, customers and partners • Significant experience working in IEEE, academia, industry, and with government organizations across the globe • Have spent time in at least 25 countries • Chairs the IEEE Board of Directors • Top officer and top volunteer interface with IEEE staff • Effective at building consensus • Have worked effectively in very difficult times across the IEEE units • Excellent relations with IEEE staff. Have worked with staff to achieve common goals

  8. The IEEE President Activities of IEEE President My views and qualifications • Has the pulse of the activities and opportunities of the various IEEE entities • Works to integrate and enable the activities of entities within the broader vision of IEEE • Excellent connections with TAB, Societies, PSPB, EAB. Good and growing connections with RAB, IEEE-USA and IEEE-SA. • Skills in listening and integrating views and suggestions into creative, effective solutions • Provide vision for both operation and strategic improvements • Coordinate and enable IEEE strategic planning • Excellent record in new IEEE Products, strategic planning in TAB, PSPB and the BoD, developing an enabling culture in different organizations

  9. Summary • IEEE is the defining organization for our profession • As such it must embrace • Change • Opportunity • All elements of profession • Members, non-members, industry, other organizations, customers and partners • Now is the time to look to the future, building on our inspiring past and current strengths • I would appreciate your vote and help in building the IEEE of the future

  10. Thank you!

  11. Closing Statement

  12. A balanced and dynamic response is the key to our organizational vitality and our economic viability. This balance consists of: • A decentralized organization of creative, entrepreneurial volunteers; • An efficient, coherent, flexible, affordable, and consistent infrastructure; • Continual development, marketing and delivery of products and services with affordable member rates; • Extending our connections to industry, including new products and services, continuing education, leadership and management opportunities for volunteers, and an expanded standards activity; • Quickly and visibly responding to our rapidly changing technical environment