The itu conformity and interoperability programme status
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The ITU Conformity and Interoperability Programme: Status - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The ITU Conformity and Interoperability Programme: Status. TSAG-12 C&I Informative Session Geneva, 12 January 2012. Paolo Rosa & Riccardo Passerini, ITU. PP-10 Res. 177 on C&I. Endorsement Resolution 76, Resolution 47 and decisions of Council-09

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The itu conformity and interoperability programme status

The ITU Conformity and Interoperability Programme: Status


C&I Informative Session

Geneva, 12 January 2012

Paolo Rosa & Riccardo Passerini, ITU

PP-10 Res. 177 on C&I

  • EndorsementResolution 76, Resolution 47 and decisions of Council-09

  • C&I programme to be implemented in parallel and without any delay

  • Parallel development of along-term business plan in consultation with each region

  • Assist developing countries in establishing regional or subregional conformity and interoperability centres

  • Studies in view to introducing the use of ITU Mark for a possible future ITU Mark programme

The itu c i programme council 2011
The ITU C&I Programme(Council 2011)

  • Four Pillars:

  • TSB lead:

  • Conformity database

  • Interoperability events

  • BDT lead:

  • Capacity building

  • Establishment of test centres in developing countries.

The itu conformity database
The ITU Conformity Database

Informative and voluntary databaseopen both to members and non-membersforconforming products

Adoption of international ISO/IECstandards and guidelines or self-assessment approach

On-lineinputs directly made by Companies

ITU Liability: ITU is not participating in any testing/certification activities

Products conforming to standards increase the probability of interoperability

Some other existing dbs
Some other existing DBs

  • IEEE – ICAP Product Conformance Registry + Labs

  • Open Mobile Alliance – Products

  • FCC part 68 -

    Doc.:FCC – 00 – 171 Notice of proposed rulemaking and

  • WiMAX Forum Spectrum and Regulatory Database:

  • Wi-Fi certified products database:

  • Global Certification Forum (GCF)

Conformity Assessment Testing Routes

ISO/IEC assessment and self assessment procedures.

Route 1: Accredited Testing Laboratories

Route 2: Accredited Certification Bodies

Route 3: Laboratories recognized by ITU A.5 qualified SDO or Forum or Consortium and other Organization signatory of an MoU with the ITU.

Route 4: for ITU members only. Any 1st, 2nd or 3rd party lab

Four routes to populate conformity DB

ISO/IEC Assessment Procedures

Self-assessment Procedures

Route 3

Route 4

Route 1

Route 2


& Certification

Tests performed in

a lab selected by an

ITU-T A.5 agreed SDO/Forum/MoUs

(Rec. ITU-T X.290)

ITU Members Only

Tests performed in

a 1st, 2nd or 3rd party lab.

Tests performed in

a lab agreed by an Accredited

Certification Body

(ISO/IEC guide 65)

(Rec. ITU-T X.290)

Tests performed by an accredited lab

(ISO/IEC 17025)

(Rec. ITU-T X.290)

Self-Declaration of Compliance issued by the Supplier

Conformity Statement issued by the test Lab

Conformity Certificate issued by the Certification Body

Conformity Certificate issued by the test lab

Declaration of

Conformity (SDoC)

(ISO/IEC 17050)

ITU C&I services

ITU Conformity


Testing res 76 study groups
Testing: Res. 76 & Study Groups

  • ITU-T Recommendations to address interoperability testing shall be progressed asap by the Study Groups

  • Conformance and Interoperability testing requirements shall provide for verification of the parameters defined by the Study Groups in ITU-T Recommendations

  • ITU-T Study Groups develop the necessary conformance testing ITU-T Recommendations asap

C i testing and recommendations
C&I testing and Recommendations

Guidelines to harmonize C&IStudyGroupstestdevelopmentactivities

SGsexperts to decide aboutRecommendationseligible for developmentofC&Itestsuitesand to establish a Clause/Appendix for a “minimum set ofinteroperability-relatedparameters” as needed

Missing test suites to be developed by ITU Study Groups experts even in coordination with other SDOs

Minimize as much as possible the need of external resources and relevant funding sources to develop test suites in case of unavailability for SGs’ experts.

Long term business plan kpmg
Long-term Business PlanKPMG

KPMG: an independent worldwide known consultancy, excellent credentials.

Business plan based on the 4 “Pillars” and on the current ITU activities and SGs’ expertise on testing development, on capacity building opportunities and regional test centres

The Business Plan is also addressing the impact that the database on BGS and on the effect and potential liability that it may have on Member States, Sector Members and stakeholders such as other SDOs

Possible future ITU Mark programme

Some elements of the business plan kpmg
Some elements of the Business Plan (KPMG)

  • AS-IS Analysis

  • SWOT and Gap Analysis

  • Options and Risk analysis

  • Human Resource Model

  • Roadmap for 2012 – 2016

  • Budget/Finance

The ITU Global C&I Portal



Conformity Database

ICT laboratories database

ITU Interoperability Events

The ITU C&I Programme

Concepts and Guidance


SDOs, Forums, Consortia, International Organizations

Accreditation, Certification, testing, MRAs

ITU Capacity Building on C&I and Regional Test Centres

  • Risks To Act

  • Resourcing update and maintenance of database and version control

  • Study Groups to develop test suites, consider those by other SDOs. Filling gap of missing test suites

  • Resourcing negotiation of partnerships and linkages with interop test houses and use/access to test results

  • Ability to effectively create needed expertise/capacity and test labsin developing countries in a timely way

  • Alienation of some sector members

  • Risks Not to Act

  • Concerns from developing countries remain unaddressed,

  • A fundamental ITU mission goal will be missed

  • Members could go to competitive SDOs

  • Continue the erosionof the ITU’s position due to lack of the essential C&I elements in its program

  • New Forums, SDOs and Consortia will be created to compensate for the absence of ITU in this field

ITU Interop Events on IPTV

  • 1st Event: Geneva, ITU headquarters, 20-23 July 2010

  • 2ndEvent: Singapore, 23-24 and 27 September 2010

  • 3rd Event: Pune, India, 14-17 December 2010

  • 4th Event: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 18-22 July 2011

The telecommunication development bureau side
The Telecommunication Development Bureau Side

  • Capacity building

  • Establishment of test centres in developing countries.

The telecommunication development bureau side1
The Telecommunication Development Bureau Side

  • Meeting in the regions on the four pillars with deep consideration for test centres and Capacity Building in the Regions

  • Held:

  • Africa (Ghana)

  • CIS (Moscow)

  • Next:

  • Arab States

  • Americas

Questionnaire on the status of conformance and interoperability of equipment and systems
Questionnaire on the status of Conformance and Interoperability of Equipment and Systems

Three main groups
Three main groups Interoperability of Equipment and Systems

Questionnaire overall results
Questionnaire: Overall results Interoperability of Equipment and Systems

Highlighted the kind of non interoperability problems and their impacts being experienced in practice

food for thought as to what areas the ITU, within its scope and mandate, can provide assistance and relief

capacity building and access to expertise is an essential ingredient

initiatives to promote the use of global testable standards for product implementations

compliance and interoperability test events welcome

Guidelines for Developing Countries for Interoperability of Equipment and Systems

Establishing Test Labs in Different Regions

Situation in the Regions

Needs in Developing Countries for Test Labs

Existing Test Labs and Scopes

Criteria to establish Accreditation Bodies and Test Labs

Steps to establish an ISO 17025 Compliant Test Lab

Potential role of MRAs and MRA Frameworks

Lessons Learned

Funding and Training Sources

Test Suite Development for C&I Testing

Role and Scope of International Telecommunicatuions Testing Centres (ITTCs)

Operational Procedures for ITTCs

Equipment needed for Type Approval Testing

Economics and Cost Implications for ITTCs

Roadmap for ITTC rollout

Conclusions from guidelines
Conclusions from Guidelines Interoperability of Equipment and Systems

The Guidelines will have the following suggestions, among others:

  • Members to advise the ITU of interoperability problems, their mitigation, and successful procedures that were helpful in the process

  • Members to establish market access requirements for telecom equipment to avoid interference, network harm and safety of life issues in their marketplace.

  • Members to examine their existing legislation and regulations to ensure that they enable participation in MRAs on Conformity Assessment and testing with foreign partners

  • Members to prioritize areas of concern related to telecommunication products and systems

  • Accreditation bodies in member states should become signatories of the ILAC MRA or the IAF MLA.

  • Regional groups such as the African region to develop a framework MRA similar to the APEC TEL MRA or the Inter-American MRA

  • Test centres should be established on a regional basis to take advantage of the similar networks in a region with common infrastructures

Itu training activities on c i
ITU Training activities on C&I Interoperability of Equipment and Systems

Dedicated exclusively to C&I (

Workshop on NGN Conformity and Interoperability Testing Centre(s), Nairobi (Kenya), 2-4 August 2010

ITU Regional Seminar for the Africa Region on Conformance and Interoperability Testing Center(s), Accra (Ghana), 4-6 July 2011

ITU Regional Seminar for the CIS Countries on Conformance and Interoperability Testing Center(s), Moscow (Russian Federation, 9-11 November 2011

Www itu int http www itu int itu d ams cms index asp Interoperability of Equipment and Systems

Thank You !

Long term business plan kpmg profile
Long-term Business Plan: Interoperability of Equipment and SystemsKPMG Profile

KPMG a service provider independent from any suppliers or products, ensuring an independent view and position.

KPMGs advisory services include a wide range of functional areas, such as financial planning and international benchmarking, public sector restructuring, human resource management and training, public financial management and many others.

KPMG's Advisory services span the private sector, UN entities, NGOs and other Civil Society Organizations, Governments and public sector entities as well as multilateral and bilateral Aid Agencies

KPMG is a global network of professional services providing audit, tax and advisory services through over 140‟000 industry-focused and talented people in over 140 countries. .

Questionnaire fixed mobile networks
Questionnaire: Fixed & Mobile networks Interoperability of Equipment and Systems

Questionnaire c i issues
Questionnaire: C&I issues Interoperability of Equipment and Systems

Training and capacity building
Training and Capacity Building Interoperability of Equipment and Systems

USEFUL LINKS Interoperability of Equipment and Systems

  • ITU C&I webpage

  • ITU Interop events webpage:

  • The workshop on “Conformance and Interoperability of IPTV” Pune, India, 17 December 2010 (

  • Photos on Flickr:

    • 1st Event :

    • 2nd Event:


    • 3rd Event:

  • ITU IPTV News log:,category,IPTV.aspx

Wtsa 08 res 76
WTSA-08 Interoperability of Equipment and SystemsRes. 76

Res. 76: addresses the needs of Developing Countries for conformance and interoperability.

Conformity is a first step to increase the probability of interoperability

Identification of Labs able to carry out tests according to the ITU-T Recommendations requirements, and training programs

Voluntary-based ITU program promoting compliance to ITU-T Recommendations and possible creation of an ITU-Mark

Wtdc resolution 47 hyderabad india 2010
WTDC Resolution 47 Interoperability of Equipment and SystemsHyderabad, India, 2010

Enhancement of knowledge and effective application of ITU Recommendations in developing countries, including conformance and interoperability testing of systems manufactured on the basis of ITU Recommendations

Essentially supporting and endorsing WTSA 2008 Resolution 76

Itu plenipotentiary resolution 177 guadalajara oct 2010 conformance and interoperability
ITU Plenipotentiary Resolution 177 Interoperability of Equipment and Systems (Guadalajara Oct 2010)Conformance and interoperability

Reiterated essence of WTSA 2008 Res 76

Added: invites Sector Members to:

a. populate the pilot conformity database according to procedures and criteria adopted by ITU-T

b. participate in ITU-facilitated interoperability events;

Added : further invites Member States

to contribute to the next radiocommunication assembly in 2012 in order for it to consider and take appropriate actions as deemed necessary

The gcf certification explained
The GCF – Certification explained Interoperability of Equipment and Systems

  • Manufacturers who certify their mobile devices to GCF rules and procedures are assured that:

    • their products will benefit from a high degree of interoperability

    • time-to-market for new products is reduced using this respected 'one-stop' verification process

    • expensive and time-consuming duplication of testing effort can be avoided

  • With GCF's 'tested once, use anywhere' maxim, manufacturers can significantly reduce the requirement for operator acceptance testing if presenting GCF certified devices.

Another example…the Interoperability of Equipment and SystemsGCF DB

The ITU Global C&I Portal Interoperability of Equipment and Systems

(one-stop shop)

Basic C&I Concepts

The ITU C&I Governing Rules

Terminology and definitions (Accreditation, certification, inspection, calibration)

National Accreditation Bodies, MRAs and MLAs concepts

Test only what is needed for interoperability with any recognized test procedures

The ITU-T C&I Programme

The ITU approach to C&I and to ITU Conformity Database

The ITU Interop activities

Capacity Building opportunities and Regional Test centres

ITU Study Groups test suites development

Worldwide Testing Labs database

Cooperation with ITU-T A.5 SDOs, International Institutions and Organizations

ISO, IEC, (CASCO), ILAC/IAF, BIPM, UNIDO, WTO, Accreditation Bodies, Regulators, ITU Laboratories repository, best practices for conformity testing schemes and market surveillance