Electrical industry drug free alliance
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Electrical Industry Drug-Free “Alliance”. ScreenSafe Inc . Program Administrators Employee Resource Systems, Inc. Members Assistance Program. The Alliance.

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Electrical industry drug free alliance

Electrical Industry Drug-Free “Alliance”

ScreenSafe Inc.

Program Administrators

Employee Resource Systems, Inc. Members Assistance Program

The alliance

The Alliance

The Electrical Contractors’ Association of City of Chicago and Local 134, I.B.E.W. have formed a partnership to address the problems caused by drug and alcohol abuse

Alliance goals and objectives
Alliance Goals and Objectives

  • Recognition of the problem;

  • Development of a comprehensive policy;

  • Educate Participants;

  • Promote the Member Assistance Program, MAP;

  • Implement a fair and respectful drug testing program that conforms to Federal drug testing standards.

Policy requirements and prohibitions
Policy Requirements and Prohibitions

  • The use of alcohol or drugs by employees during working hours on the job site or on company property (including company vehicles) is absolutely prohibited.

  • Participants are required to submit to drug and/or alcohol testing in accordance with this policy.

Policy requirements and prohibitions1
Policy Requirements and Prohibitions

  • No participant will be tested for alcohol unless a reasonable suspicion exists that the person is under the influence of alcohol, or they are involved in an OSHA recordable on the job accident.

  • Participants subject to this policy continue to have access to the usual protections provided as part of their union membership.

Policy requirements and prohibitions2
Policy Requirements and Prohibitions

  • All members of the Alliance shall be considered part of the testing pool and will be tested over a 2 year period.

  • Participants will be selected randomly from the 50% pool.

  • Participants who complete the testing process will not be returned to the 50% pool.

  • At the same time there will be an ongoing 10% pool.

Testing procedures
Testing Procedures

  • Names picked from the random pool.

  • ScreenSafe calls referral to find out where union member is working.

  • Designated (Company or Union) Representative called and informed to expect a fax regarding participants being tested.

Testing procedures1
Testing Procedures

  • ScreenSafe makes calls to Designated Representative in the AM.

  • Forms sent to Designated Representative:

    • Testing Procedures for the Electrical Industry Drug Free Alliance

    • List of Collection Sites

  • By the end of the business day, the Designated Representative informs participant that his/her name has been selected.

Testing procedures2
Testing Procedures

  • Participants given one hour off with regular wages and fringe benefits. (Paid by Employer)

  • Participants are given until end of next business day to take test.

At the collection site
At The Collection Site

  • The Alliance Drug Test Information and Instruction Sheet

  • Authorization for Consent to Drug Analysis and Authorization of Release of Results for Testing

  • Release of Information Signed for MRO, MAP and ScreenSafe

At the collection site1
At The Collection Site

  • Participant signs consent forms

  • Collection Site technician faxes Consent and Release form back to ScreenSafe.

Testing procedures3
Testing Procedures

  • If the test is negative, no further action is taken.

  • If the test is positive, the Medical Review Officer (MRO) calls participant to validate reason for positive.

  • If no valid reason found, participant is in violation of policy.

Testing procedures4
Testing Procedures

  • Testing will also be done when there is “reasonable suspicion”.

  • Accelerated testing (follow-up) takes place (based on MAP recommendation) once a participant tests positive and has returned to work.

Testing procedures safeguards
Testing Procedures - Safeguards

  • Integrity of specimens insured by utilization of one collection procedure at all sites

  • All labs have DHHS certification

  • All positives confirmed by GC/MS

  • MRO reviews all drug test positives

Testing procedures safeguards1
Testing Procedures – Safeguards

  • Urine samples separated into two containers at time of collection

  • Other forms of testing for participants with confirmed medical conditions

  • Blind testing

Testing occasions portability
Testing Occasions - Portability

  • These provisions will apply to those individuals working under the portability rules.

  • All traveling craftpersons will be subject to:

    • Initial testing

    • Random testing – 10% pool

Testing occasions portability1
Testing Occasions - Portability

  • Craftperson will be allowed to report to work immediately after providing a urine specimen for testing.

  • A positive test for any prohibited substance result in immediate termination.

Testing occasions portability2
Testing Occasions - Portability

Participants who are called to work assignments that are anticipated to last three (3) days or less are subject to the Alliance drug-free workplace policy, but may be exempt from the drug-testing program.

Policy violations
Policy Violations

  • Policy Violations can include;

    • Having a positive test result.

    • Failing to take a test as scheduled

    • Failing to keep a scheduled appointment with MAP or

    • Failing to participate in and/or complete the assigned treatment or education program

Policy violations1
Policy Violations

  • Policy Violations can include (continued);

    • Substituting another substance or specimen

    • Providing a dilute specimen for a second time without a valid medical explanation

    • Providing a urine specimen which shows the presence of an adulterant


  • Upon a first notice of non-compliance;

    • Participant will be referred to the MAP for evaluation

    • Participant must complete recommended treatment or education program

    • Participant may be returned to work prior to program completion

  • The participant may be placed in a one year accelerated testing program.


  • Upon the second notice of non-compliance;

    • The participant will be terminated from the program


  • ScreenSafe will let the Designated Representative from the participants company(if applicable)know that the participant is unavailable.

  • ScreenSafe will notify John Donahue at the Apprentice School.

  • Participants will receive written notices confirming their non-compliance and providing them with information to assist them in returning to compliance.

The next steps
The Next Steps

  • Participant education

    • Contract MAP if you need help

    • Review Policy

  • Initiate testing