the integumentary system n.
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The Integumentary System

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The Integumentary System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Integumentary System. Did you know . . . . In adults the skin covers an area of about 22 square feet The skin is the largest organ in the body The skin weighs about 10-11 pounds House dust is mainly skin flakes! What hurts if you pull it, but doesn't hurt if you cut it?

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The Integumentary System

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did you know
Did you know . . . .
  • In adults the skin covers an area of about 22 square feet
  • The skin is the largest organ in the body
  • The skin weighs about 10-11 pounds
  • House dust is mainly skin flakes!
  • What hurts if you pull it, but doesn't hurt if you cut it?
    • Your hair, of course!
  • Skin is elastic - it springs back into shape when stretched.
  • Some medicines (estrogen, nicotine) can pass through the skin, but others cannot (insulin).
    • Why is that? Because only fat-soluble substances can enter the skin, not water-soluble ones.
the integumentary system is made up of
The integumentary system is made up of
  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Nails
  • Glands (oil and sweat)
  • Sensory receptors
functions of skin
Functions of Skin
  • Regulate body temperature
  • Protection
  • Detects cutaneous sensations
  • Excretes and absorbs substances
  • Synthesizes vitamin D
structure of skin
Structure of Skin
  • Epidermis
    • Keratinized stratified squamous epithelial cells
    • Mostly dead cells
  • Dermis
    • Specialized structures
  • Subcutaneous layer (hypodermis)
thin skin vs thick skin
Thin Skin vs Thick Skin
  • Most regions of the body the epidermis has four layers (thin skin)
  • In areas with constant friction there are five layers (thick skin)
specialized cells within the epidermis
Specialized Cells within the Epidermis
  • Keratinocytes
    • Horn like cells that produce keratin
  • Melanocytes
    • Produce melanin
      • Color ranges from yellow to black
  • Langerhans cells
    • Recognize foreign cells
  • Tactile cells
    • Detect touch
the skin and sunlight
The skin and sunlight
  • Exposure is necessary to produce vitamin D
  • Increased exposure causes and increase in melanin production
how sunlight affects the skin
How Sunlight affects the skin
  • What is the difference between sun poisoning and sun burn? Who is more likely to get sun poisoning?
  • Is there a correlation between the amount of melanin in the skin and damage to the skin?
  • Who is more likely to get skin cancer light skinned people or dark skinned people? Why?
  • How was the skin affected when you moved the exposure bar from dark skin to light skin?
albinism article
Albinism article
  • How many people were killed in Tanzania? Why were they killed?
  • What is albinsim?
  • What does Oculocutaneous mean?
  • How many types of albinism have been discovered?
  • What does the P protein do?
  • What are some complications that results from having albinism?
  • Yellow orange pigment
  • Precursor to vitamin A synthesizes pigments for vision
body augmentation
Body Augmentation

The science of tattoos

  • Which layer of skin is ink deposited in? Why?
  • What would happen to a tattoo if the ink was injected into the epidermis? Explain your answer.

Face Lift

  • What did you think of the clip you just saw?
  • Ink is injected into the dermis
  • Can fade over time due to exposure to sun, improper healing, etc.
  • How are they removed?
body piercing
Body Piercing
  • Needle is pushed through skin and tissues
  • Total healing can take up to a year

Elaine Davidson

health risks of body augmentation
Health Risks of Body Augmentation
  • Which trends are popular among your peers?
  • Which trends do you think improve your appearance?

Liposuction Clip

health risks of body augmentation questions
Health Risks of body augmentation Questions
  • For #1 make sure you tell me whether or not the procedure can be reversed. If so how?
  • Add #8 what is/are future affects on the body? (think about 5-10 years in the future)

***When done work with the rest of your row to prep for your presentation. Remember you are responsible for teaching this information to the rest of the class.

health risks of body augmentation questions1
Health Risks of body augmentation Questions
  • Did learning about the risks involved in body augmentation change your thinking about body augmentation?
  • Knowing what you know now, would you engage in any of the procedures we discussed?
  • What role does peer pressure play in encouraging young people to get tattoos and body piercings?
  • Imagine that you are with a group of friends who decide to get some tattoos. How would you handle the situation? Would you go along with your friends or refuse to go? Give reasons to support your ideas.
  • What current fashion trends do you think best express who you are?
  • Think of other things you do that also express who you are.
skin as an indicator
Skin as an indicator
  • Cyanotonic
    • Blood is not picking up enough oxygen
    • Skin turns bluish-purple
  • Erythmea
    • Redness of skin
    • Caused by capillaries engorging with blood
    • Why?
  • Yellowing of skin and whites of the eyes due to excess bilirubin in blood stream
  • Indicates liver disease in adults
  • What about infants?
  • Causes a person to lose pigment in patches or all over the body
  • Can it be treated?
    • Killing pigment cells
    • Repigmenting cells
what really causes blue skin
What really causes blue skin?

The Fugate Family

Paul Karson

sebaceous glands
Sebaceous Glands
  • Produce sebum
    • prevents water loss, keeps skin soft, prevents bacterial growth
  • Acne
  • What causes acne? Blackheads?
sweat glands
Sweat glands
  • Eccrine sweat gland
    • Regulate body temp
    • Found all over the body.
    • Release sweat in response to emotion
sweat glands1
Sweat Glands
  • Apocrine sweat glands
    • Do not function until puberty
    • Sweat is odorless
    • Where does BO come from?
  • Made up of dead epidermal keratinized cells
    • What is the function hair?
    • What is the function of the arrectorpili muscle?
  • Color produced by melanin
    • What about white or grey hair?
  • Hard dead keratinized cell of the epidermis
  • Why is the nail body pink but the lanula a whitish color?
  • What can cause skin to be burned?
  • 1st degree burns
  • 2nd degree burns
  • 3rd degree burns
skin graft
Skin Graft
  • Needed when the stratum basale and stem cells are destroyed.
  • Is a transfer of healthy skin to a donor site
  • Describe the process of a skin graft
case study 1
Case study #1
  • You attempt to re-warm a hypothermic patient using hot water and zip-lock bags. Your attempt was thwarted when you attempted to remove the zip-lock which had adhered to the skin. The skin in the affected areas was removed when you took the bag off. The bags were placed over the entire body except the head, neck and perineum.
  • What percentage of the

body was burned?

  • Which degree burn did

your patient suffer from?

case study 2
Case Study #2
  • A toddler spills a steaming cup-o-noodles over her the left side of her head and her left anterior torso. She develops blistering, redness and intense pain over the affected areas of her body. She later develops a fungal infection.
  • What percentage of her body is burned?
  • Which degree burn is she suffering from?
case study 3
Case Study #3
  • A boiler explodes and burns an unsuspecting victim who has walked by mid-blast. His entire body is burned with the exception of his perineum and right anterior thigh.
  • What percentage of

his body is burned?

  • Which degree is burn is

your patient suffering


case study 4
Case Study #4
  • A mechanic is working on a car. Gas is accidentally sprayed on his arm which then catches fire. He was wearing a jacket at the time of the accident, which ended up being burned into his skin.
  • Would it be wise to attempt to remove the jacket from his body? Why or why not?
  • What percentage of his body has been burned?
  • Which degree of burn is your patient suffering from?
excessive hair growth
Excessive Hair growth
  • Hirsutism
    • Causes excessive hair growth in women and some young males
    • Ratio of estrogen to testosterone is off