incident medical specialist
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Incident medical Specialist

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Incident medical Specialist. What you wanted to know , but were afraid to ask. Welcome to the IMS Program. Karen Hale, Columbia Cascade Dispatch Office, Assistant Center Manager. 360-891-5123 Liaison with IMS from the Training Officer and Dispatch Communities . Little Bit of History:

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incident medical specialist

Incident medical Specialist

What you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask

welcome to the ims program
Welcometo the IMS Program
  • Karen Hale, Columbia Cascade Dispatch Office, Assistant Center Manager. 360-891-5123
  • Liaison with IMS from the Training Officer and Dispatch Communities.
  • Little Bit of History:
  • Originally the Fire Medical Technician Program.
  • Basically – Developed to add specialized training in Trauma found in Incident injuries and “Sick Call” related to Fire Incidents.
  • Term: Camp Crud
  • Must be a Licensed EMT to apply for the program.
emt requirements
EMT Requirements
  • Public
  • 1. License Verification
  • Proof of Training – Initial and Continuing
  • “Practice Area” usually a county
  • Affiliated with a “service” for the entire licensure period
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Out-of-State, Need verification of Reciprocity
national emt registry
National EMT Registry
  • Certification by the National Registry, by itself, does not give an individual the right to practice. It is a private organization that looks at EMT licensure and basically says “Yes, this person is an EMT in their state of Licensure”.
  • Does not grant Reciprocity.
  • In other words, does not correct or override the basic EMT Requirements.
  • Until Reciprocity is granted EMT’s often work at the lowest level.
  • Example: EMTP will only be paid as EMTB
ims incident medical specialist
IMS-Incident Medical Specialist
  • Dr. Jui joined as Physician Advisor
  • Steering Committee
  • National recognition
  • Advanced Training
  • Reciprocity
  • Teams
  • Say What?
  • Definition: a mutual exchange of privileges; specifically : a recognition by one of two countries or institutions of the validity of licenses or privileges granted by the other .
  • EMT’s are licensed through each State’s Emergency Medical Services.
  • Out-of-State licensed individuals must apply and request reciprocity.
  • IMS program (under Dr. Jui’s authority) keeps all EMT information on file and when an IMS team gets dispatched to an out of region incident (Dr. Jui’s office) will handle the request for reciprocity.
reciprocity continued
Reciprocity Continued
  • The Groups that Dr. Jui has added to the IMS program:
  • IHC – Hotshot Crews
  • SMJP - Smokejumpers
  • RAP – Rappellers
  • This applies only to the EMT’s that attended the IMS training.
  • Reciprocity is NOT requested for every state they move to.
  • They are to check in with Medical when they arrive on incident and they will be “tracked” that way.
  • NASEMSO: National Association of State EMS Officials
  • Working on Interstate Compact. Proposal completion May 2014.
r6 ims dispatch procedures
R6 IMS Dispatch Procedures
  • IMS Teams are already in the system attached to T1 and Oregon T2 IMT’s.
  • IMSM’s Responsibility: ROSTER: To be done on Host Unit
  • Correct Name?
  • Correct Qualification? Trainees?
  • Correct Unit Identifier?
  • Call the team members – Are they statused Available?
  • At Incident and need addition IMS personnel? ORDER – Number and Type
  • Example: 2 IMST and 1 IMSA(t)
  • Incident Host Unit will check with local unit first, then neighbors – this is all done in ROSS. If no one shows available, order will be placed to NWCC.
  • NWCC will then look for what is showing available inside the NW GACC.
  • Any IMS personnel statused available in ROSS will receive an order (closest forces) until all orders are filled. Any orders unfilled will be UTF’d back to the Incident.
ad hiring for ims program
AD HIRING for IMS Program
  • “Because not all AD Hiring Authority is the same”
  • Check at your local unit. AD Hiring authority could be at the HQ or delegated to the District Level.
  • DO NOT HIRE EMT’s as AD’s
  • Hired as IMST(t) AD-F for Training Week
  • Accepted into program affidavit grants IMST.
  • Will be hired as IMST AD-G for 2013 incidents.
  • All paperwork must be completed at local “Host Unit”.
  • Must comply with Host Unit Status procedures.
incident hire of emt s
  • Use a General Message – Order the number and type.
  • Request should go to Expanded, but the actual hire should be through the Buying Team (BUYT).
  • Northwest should not be hiring EMT’s with the IMS program.
  • Don’t get the two confused.
incident hire of emt s continued
  • FYI- Quote from Ben McGrane and FACT team:
  • “There is a template in development, however, we don’t have that many so we prefer to go EERA via ITEAM to hire.”
  • Bottom-line: Incident requests EMT’s, have your Buying Team hire through local Fire Departments
  • IMS Steering Committee conduct an AAR at season end.
  • Request each Dispatch Center to open a WILDCAD incident titled:
  • IMS Dispatching
  • Capture in the log any type of issue that comes up with the IMS teams, independent members, etc.
  • Will request the reports at season end.
  • Sort for similarities
  • Bring to the attention of the IMS Steering Committee:
  • Deficiencies , Issues
  • From the IMS group will bring Issues to the CMAC.
  • IMS: Teams should be rostered.
  • Additional individuals should be statused available. Practice closest forces.
  • EMT’s: Should be hired through Buying Team on EERA, unless your local area already have in Iteam.
  • AD Hiring: Do not hire EMT’s as AD’s.
  • If qualified through IMS program, hire as IMST, IMSA, IMSM.