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Photography Careers

Photography Careers. By Shayne Benson Digital Photography Period 4 11 September 2012. Sports Photography.

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Photography Careers

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  1. Photography Careers By Shayne Benson Digital Photography Period 4 11September 2012

  2. Sports Photography Sports photographers use their skills to take fast moving action shots of athletes during sporting events. Many have specialized HD and multi-shutter-speed cameras for the job. Most of the cameras are digital to make editing easier and done on the computer, so many sports photographers have also become specialized in photo enhancement. Sports photographers can be freelancers, or be employed by a team.

  3. Travel Photography Travel photography is about taking pictures of places and cultures around the world. The photographer must have creativity and the instinct of taking the perfect shot at the perfect time. Many travel photography jobs are with newspapers, magazines, or public relations (like on a cruise ship or for a travel company). However, there are also many freelance photographers.

  4. Underwater Photography Underwater photographers capture the beauty of the sea. They use specialized equipment to do their job. Underwater photographers often capture fish, and marine animals, but some also pursue shipwrecks and other underwater landscapes.

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