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Mercedes C and Chase M. Editorial. Chases opinion on Louisville basketball. Basketball officiating at the University of

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Chases opinion on louisville basketball
Chases opinion on Louisville basketball

Basketball officiating at the University of

Louisville is too strict. A player blocked out should have a chance to go after a rebound. There should be no automatic calls. A player should not be penalized just for going for the ball but they are, whether they come in contact with the person or not. These types of calls indicate a low levels of intelligence.

Mercedes s louisville basketball opinion
Mercedes’s Louisville Basketball Opinion.

Basketball officiating at the University of Louisville is a guessing game. Changes definitely need to be made in basketball officiating. Blocking vs. Charging, almost impossible for the average fan to tell the difference, and the rule is interpreted widely with no predictability. With most moves like this, officials are making pretty ridiculous calls.

Chase s opinion on university of k entucky
Chase’s opinion on University of Kentucky

  • I think the officials at University of Kentucky are being to hard on Anthony Davis. By making everybody throw away all the posters of his arms stretching over 10 basketballs. They should let everybody keep them because its creating good publicity for Davis the basketball team and the school.

Mercedes s uk basketball officals opinion
Mercedes’s UK Basketball Officals Opinion.

The officials for the University of Kentucky Basketball team are blinded by the possible opinions people have about the harshness they are putting on Anthony Davis. To some people, he is a hero figure. To degrade him and almost make them throw posters of him away is heart breaking. Although, it does create more and more attention for him and for the school.

About officals
About Officals

The makeup of the officiating corps is strictly a matter of choice. The minimum number is five: a referee, an umpire, a scorer, a timer and a shot-clock operator. In some cases, eight officials are used in a lineup comprising a referee, two umpires, a shot-clock operator, two scorers and two timers. Years ago, when there was a center jump after each field goal or free throw; two officials did it all-the referee on the court and one combined scorer-timer on the sidelines.

Although the duties of the officials may not concern spectators or players, you should know that the referee controls the game. The referee is the official who tosses the ball up for the center jump at the start of the game and each overtime period. The referee's assigned chores range from inspecting and approving all equipment before the game's starting time to approving the final score. In between, the referee is responsible for the notification of each team three minutes before each half is to begin and deciding matters of disagreement among the officials. The referee has the power to make decisions on any points not specifically covered in the rules and even to forfeit the game if necessary.