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Federal Health Architecture

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Federal Health Architecture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Federal Health Architecture
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  1. Federal Health Architecture How to Prepare for an HIE Connectathon AdeolaOdunlami, Senior Solutions Architect Health and Civilian Solutions Division

  2. What is an IHE Connectathon? • Organized by Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) • An IHE Connectathon is a cross-vendor, live, supervised, and structured testing event with over 150 participating vendors and 600+ engineers and IT architects(www.iheusa.org/connectathon.aspx) • Largest interoperability testing event for health information exchange • North American IHE Connectathon is held in Chicago • Over 100 organizations and 150 systems participate each year • 5 days of intense testing with other vendors • Testing of several IHE Actors and Profiles • Connectivity testing e.g. SOAP, HTTPS, TLS, TCP/IP • Content based testing e.g. HITSP C32, Consolidated CDA, DICOMM

  3. IHE Connectathon and CONNECT Code-a-Thon • Connectathon focuses on interoperability testing of IHE actors and profiles • CONNECT is an implementation of the NwHIN Exchange specification • CONNECT Code-a-Thon is an opportunity for NwHIN Exchange partners to contribute to CONNECT • Several of the NwHIN Exchange profiles are based on IHE profiles • Patient Discovery (PD) based on Cross-Community Patient Discovery (XCPD) profile • Query for Document (QD) & Retrieve Document (RD) based on Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.b) profile

  4. Benefits of Participating in an IHE Connectathon • Unique opportunity to test with multiple vendors and systems • Independent product/system testing • Wide range of test scenarios • Includes some Meaningful Use Stage 2 test scenarios • Increased quality assurance of product/system being tested • Ensure compliance with IHE profiles and HL7 standards • Prerequisite for participating in the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase From www.ihe.net

  5. Pre-Connectathon Activities • Attend IHE Webinars • Identify IHE actors and profiles to test • Transactions to test will depend on the IHE actors and profiles supported • Test cases for each actor/profile pair are documented in an online system called Gazelle • Mandatory tests need to be executed and results verified to qualify to participate in an IHE Connectathon • These test cases help participants determine if they are ready to test with other systems • Several test tools are available e.g. NIST and IHE toolkits • Perform Internet testing with other Connectathon partners

  6. What Happens During an IHE Connectathon? • One week of intense testing • Each actor and profile pair is assigned a set of unit and integration test cases to perform • Each integration test case must be performed with a specified number of partners • Must use secure messaging • Must support IHE compliant auditing • Test cases and results are documented and captured in an online system called Gazelle • Test results are reviewed by Connectathon monitors

  7. What Happens During an IHE Connectathon? • Connectathon monitors mark tests as passed or failed in Gazelle • The testing is a collaborative effort • Participants work together during testing • Participants help each other identify problems • Participants agree to keep their systems up and running the entire week • Planning and testing for HIMSS Interoperability Showcase starts on the final day

  8. Additional Information • IHE Technical Framework and Profiles • http://www.ihe.net/Technical_Framework/index.cfm • IHE Connectathon • http://www.iheusa.org/connectathon.aspx • HIMSS Interoperability Showcase • http://www.interoperabilityshowcase.org/himss13