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SNMP c 7 PowerPoint Presentation
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SNMP c 7

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SNMP c 7 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SNMP c 7
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Your Network Management Partner SNMPc7

  2. SNMPc • SNMPc Workgroup 7.0 • Entry level stand alone Network Management System for small networks • SNMPc Enterprise 7.0 • Enterprise class Network Management System capable of managing tens of thousands of devices. • Distributed Console and Polling architecture. • Advanced Trend Reporting Capabilities • Live/Standby Disaster Recovery

  3. SNMPc Enterprise • Basic System • SNMPc Server plus one remote polling agent and one remote console • Remote Access Extension • Unlimited Remote Polling agents. • Unlimited Remote Consoles • JAVA based Console

  4. Enterprise Functionality • Supports an unlimited number of devices • Runs as a Windows Service • Enhanced Trend Reporting • Automatic Report Generation to WEB Server, Printer, ODBC • ‘Manager of Managers’ for scalable multi-user networking • Live/Standby Server Support for Disaster Recovery

  5. Distributed Architecture

  6. Console Restricted Views Operator Supervisor SNMPc Enterprise Customer 1 Customer 2

  7. Manager of Managers

  8. Common Features • Standards Based • SNMP v1, v2c, • SNMP v3 Secure DES encrypted management protocol • Vendor Independent • Manage any SNMP device from any Vendor • MIB Compiler/Custom Expressions • Receives SNMP alerts from any device

  9. Common Features • Simple to install • SNMPc can be installed and delivering results in a matter of hours. • Proactive Network Management • SNMPc monitors the network ‘health’ generating alerts when problems occur before the ‘phone starts ringing’ • Cost Effective • Intuitive Graphical User Interface =Low Total Cost of Ownership

  10. Common Features • Automatic Network Discovery • Network Status monitoring • Key network metrics stats for Switches, Routers, Servers, Cable Modems, Cisco Devices, …. • Real time network statistics • Historical Reporting • Email and Pager Alerting • Hubview/Bitview Applications

  11. Network Discovery

  12. Network Discovery

  13. Simple GUI

  14. System Menu Network Availability Network Latency (ms)

  15. Switches Menu Graph Switch Port Traffic (bps) Breakdown of Errors by Switch Port

  16. Routers Menu Cisco Router CPU Utilization Port Utilization (%)

  17. Servers Menu Server CPU Utilization (multiple Servers) Server Disk Capacity

  18. Configurable Menus and Tables Wireless Access Point Configuration Printer Status

  19. SNMPc Graphical Views

  20. Device Management

  21. Trend Reporting • Pre-canned Reports include • Network availability and Round Trip Delay • WAN/LAN Interface Utilization • Traffic Volume • Server CPU & Disk Space • Cisco CPU & Free Memory

  22. Trend Reporting • Set thresholds on any recorded variable • Define your own reports • Any variable from any SNMP device can be recorded • Automatic Base lining of data • Ability to view report can be configured by user • Easy to Configure using GUI

  23. Trend Reporting

  24. Trend Reporting

  25. Trend Reporting

  26. Trend Reporting

  27. Trend Reporting

  28. Trend Reporting

  29. Event Actions

  30. SNMPc Tools

  31. MSP • Customer based network views • Customer based Reporting • NOC ‘Managers of Managers’ View • Distributed Polling • Efficient and Resilient • Overcomes issue of overlapping network schemes

  32. OEM • Application Development • SNMPc API • WinSNMP API • Rebranding • Application Name • Menu • Applications, Icons, MIB Files • Trend Reports • Manual, Help File • Localization

  33. Allied Telesyn AT&T AOL-Time Warner BBC Cable and Wireless Cap Gemini Cisco CNN CNT Comcast EDS IBM Lucent Microsoft MTV Networks Nortel Reuters Texas Instruments US ARMY Ticketmaster Customers

  34. Customer Comments “" MTV Europe scoured the market for an enterprise management solution that incorporated hardware and software monitoring, automated alerts and alarms, flexible trend analysis and ultimately proactive network management capabilities. Ultimately none could match the price and performance that was presented by Castle Rock Computing." David Jones, MTV Europe “SNMPc provides comprehensive SNMP v3 support and is a great tool to validate and manage SNMP v3 agents. The technical support and assistance we have received from Castle Rock has been excellent. I believe for the price SNMPc is the best NMS product.” Lead Software Engineer, MRV Communications

  35. Customer Comments “Telewest Broadband have deployed Castle Rock SNMPc nationally for the last 2 years to manage, investigate and rectify their HSI (High speed internet) customer base . This base is 192,000 units and growing. SNMPc has proved its worth many times over and is highly valued both at a NOC and field operations level.” Stewart Dunn, Lead Engineer Telewest "We were looking for a complete management system that offered device management, scalability and the security of SNMP V3.  We evaluated several network management products and chose Castle Rock, as their support and willingness to partner with us is extremely impressive."  Doug Elsley - ITSM Product Manager, Touchpaper