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the best of australia by robert m n.
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The best of Australia by Robert m PowerPoint Presentation
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The best of Australia by Robert m

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The best of Australia by Robert m
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The best of Australia by Robert m

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  1. The best of Australia by Robert m

  2. I am doing this power point about the time before the white people came. The reason I am doing this is that this history is interesting to me because I am a fan of the outdoors. What & why

  3. Before we found this place we did not know of the people that lived there. before this time there was only miles of land including lakes and creeks this place was what life should have stayed as. The hidden land

  4. This place was the true life of nature but then the English and others came and started to take over the land by building houses and farms and around 1869 the taking of children began. Our coming

  5. What if we had not came to Australia? Would it still be just land? This is what I want to find out what would it be like to be at the gold coast before we came and all kinds of things like this. What if?

  6. My start will be about the creek in sunshine this place is just a place for imagination if you go there think of what it was at the time before we came. This creek I would say wasn't even a creek just a huge rock dam as years past it then finally broke letting water rush and fill it up to create a creek. My start

  7. Kangaroo island has a bunch of stories when the white people were there but what if they had not came yet would there be people hunting on the edge of the shore or would it be quiet and calm with no human life. From a unnamed resource I was told that it was once full land until the water turned it into to an island. kangaroo island

  8. Birds eye view of what I think kangaroo island looked like years ago

  9. The country is the most undiscovered place for people like me since it most likely would have no aboriginals there and if there was they could only have been in the winter because the heat. But there may not have been this heat it may have been colder or just warm so they could have lived there if it was not full of water or other dangerous materials this place is not only the most known place to Australians besides Queensland it is the greatest out door experience. The country

  10. This is the desert I think of seeing

  11. This place has been like this for ages and could have possibly been the home of a aboriginal tribe if there was a tribe living there then I do not have any leads about who lived there. It may take deeper research to find out what was happening here before white people came. Uluru

  12. This is my imaginary pic of Uluru back then.

  13. The aboriginals always hunted or picked there own food since they did not have the things we have today. In most stories told the aboriginal females picked the vegetables and the fruit while the men hunted. The hunt begins

  14. There are many stories about aboriginal times such as the story thukeri these stories may have some truth to them and most likely a bit of fiction but these stories are a great thing to listen to. stories

  15. Thukeri is a story about two people that go fishing for there tribe this tribe is populated by the ngarrindjerri people when fishing they catch heaps of thukeri when they come back to shore there is a man standing there, so the man does not see the fish they pull there woven mats over the thukeri and pretend to not have many fish , the man asks for some fish and the men do not let him have any by lying and saying they do not have many the man stares at them and walks away then turns and says they lied and they would never be able to eat he fish ever again the men were confused with what the man said when they finally get back they notice the fish have to many bones and can’t eat them finally the man from the village says that man was the great spirit ngurunderi and that they were to greedy. thukeri

  16. This page is about aboriginal art. Aboriginal art was done with different colours and is painted by hand, also they used the paint on there self. To paint they would use the colours they could find like what’s left from a fire art

  17. The aboriginals would need weapons to hunt and defend there self some things they used for weapons are. a spear made out of a sharp rock and a stick held together with a piece of string. There are many other weapons but I could not find out any thing else they used. weapons

  18. There are many tribes and some times these tribes possibly fought for food and land but also they traded they would trade fish and water for things like vegetables and fruits. others

  19. The land that was on Australia would have been the best life to have because if the whole earth was like this it would probably stop or at least slow global warming also we would be healthier than most people are so that is defiantly how to live. The life

  20. Wave rock has most likely been home to aboriginals because of the wave shape possibly was there shelter from rain or maybe just there hunting area. Wave rock

  21. Fishing was how they got there fish they would use things like a sharp bone on string as in the story called thukeri this story has the same kind of things they would use giving truth to the story. fishing

  22. The thing that stoped Australia from staying the same was that the white people came and as I said around 1869 the white people started to take the aboriginal children. What happened?

  23. To see what it was like back then go to a lake or creek that doesn't have a dock or path you can also go to the bush or outdoors were nobody loves to go to. Where do you go to see the land like it was?

  24. THE END!