Integrating the healthcare enterprise
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Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise. Access to Radiology Information. Cor Loef Co-chair IHE Radiology Technical Committee. IHE Integration profiles. Access to Radiology Information. Scheduled Workflow. Patient Informa-tion Reconci-liation. Charge Posting. -.

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Integrating the healthcare enterprise

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise

Access to Radiology Information

Cor Loef

Co-chair IHE Radiology Technical Committee

IHE Interoperability Workshop

Ihe integration profiles
IHE Integration profiles

Access to Radiology Information

Scheduled Workflow

Patient Informa-tion Reconci-liation

Charge Posting


Presentation of Grouped Procedures

Reporting Workflow

Post-Processing Workflow

Simple Image and Numeric Reports

Consistent Presentation of Images

Evidence Documents

Key Image Notes

Basic Security

IHE Interoperability Workshop


  • Context

  • Access Transactions

  • Actor Requirements

  • Multiple Sources Option

IHE Interoperability Workshop

Integrating the healthcare enterprise

Emergency Department

Referring Physician

Radiology Department – Images and Reports

Remote Clinics

Other Departments:- Oncology- Surgery- Neurology- Pediatrics- etc.

Electronic Medical Record

Access to Radiology Information Profile

IHE Interoperability Workshop

Integrating the healthcare enterprise

Access to Radiology Information

  • Access to Information Generated in Radiology:

    • Radiological Results ( Reports )

    • Radiological Images

    • Image Presentations ( Display Consistency, Layout, Graphics, ... )

    • Key Image Notes ( Flagged Significant Images, Physician Notes )

  • Providing Easy Access Throughout the Healthcare Enterprise:

    • Internally to Radiology, but also

    • From Other Departments Such As:

      • Cardiology

      • Oncology

      • Operating Room / Surgery

      • ...

  • Consistent Information Access: DICOM Query/Retrieve

  • Provides the Premises for Enabling EMR Solutions( Electronic Medical Record )

IHE Interoperability Workshop

Integrating the healthcare enterprise

Report Reader

Image Display

Query and Retrieve Reports

Query and Retrieve

Key Image Notes

Query and Retrieve


Query and Retrieve


Image Archive

Image Manager

Report Repository

External Report Repository

Access to Radiology Information

IHE Interoperability Workshop

Query retrieve of images
Query Retrieve of Images

C-FIND-RQ (with matching and return keys)

  • Defines Matching keys for response filtering by Image Archive

  • Defines Return keys to be requested by Image Display

  • Defines Returned attributes by Image Archivein query responses

  • Defines Returned attributes required to be displayed on Image Display





C-FIND-RSP (matches with return keys)

IHE Interoperability Workshop

Access to radiology information
Access to Radiology Information

  • The relevant Query Matching and Return key are required to enable an easy search for the pertinent objects in the Radiology domain

  • Access to this Radiology information may also be achieved by means of these DICOM methods from other departments. However, it’s likely that web distribution standards will have an impact here.

  • This IHE Integration Profile is the cost effective solution for finding the pertinent information for the patient in the Radiology domain.

IHE Interoperability Workshop

Multiple sources option
Multiple Sources Option

  • Describes how both Image Displays and Report Readers can query multiple information sources.

  • Allows user access to distributed Radiology information

  • This is not prohibited by current ARI definition, this option just calls out specific support for a particular feature.

IHE Interoperability Workshop


  • Historical tight coupling between Image Displays and Image Manager/Archive

    • Information stored in other systems was either ignored or simply unavailable

      • Ultrasound mini-PACS

      • Cardiology PACS

      • Another Radiology PACS

      • “Legacy” Archive

IHE Interoperability Workshop

Actor requirements
Actor Requirements

  • To claim support for this profile option…

    • Image Display shall be able to query and retrieve from multiple Image Manager / Image Archives.

    • Report Reader shall be able to query and retrieve from multiple Report Repositories.

IHE Interoperability Workshop

Actor requirements cont d
Actor Requirements, cont’d

  • To claim support for this profile option…

    • Image Manager and Report Manager shall support the Patient Information Reconciliation integration profile.

      • This profile option assumes all actors are members of the same ADT domain.

IHE Interoperability Workshop

More information
More information….

  • IHE Web sites:

  • Technical Frameworks:

    • ITI V1.0, RAD V5.5, LAB V1.0

  • Technical Framework Supplements - Trial Implementation

    • May 2004: Radiology

    • August 2004: Cardiology, IT Infrastructure

  • Non-Technical Brochures :

    • Calls for Participation

    • IHE Fact Sheet and FAQ

    • IHE Integration Profiles: Guidelines for Buyers

    • IHE Connect-a-thon Results

    • Vendor Products Integration Statements

  • IHE Interoperability Workshop