administrator s role in licensure renewal process n.
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Administrator’s Role in Licensure Renewal Process PowerPoint Presentation
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Administrator’s Role in Licensure Renewal Process

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Administrator’s Role in Licensure Renewal Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Administrator’s Role in Licensure Renewal Process. Purpose of Licensure Renewal:. Ensures the commitment to continuous learning and growth in professional knowledge and skill. VDOE Regulation 8 VAC20-22-110. OUTCOMES. Become knowledgeable of the licensure renewal requirements and options.

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purpose of licensure renewal
Purpose of Licensure Renewal:

Ensures the commitment to continuous learning and growth in professional knowledge and skill.

VDOE Regulation 8 VAC20-22-110

  • Become knowledgeable of the licensure renewal requirements and options.
  • Understand the role administrators have in the verification process of license renewal activities.
  • Identify content knowledge based courses and exceptions to content coursework requirements.
who must renew

Individuals who hold the following five-year, renewable licenses:

  • Collegiate Professional
  • Postgraduate Professional
  • Technical Professional
  • Pupil Personnel Services

Note: Provisional Licenses and International Educator Licenses

are not renewable.

new renewal requirements
New Renewal Requirements
  • Emergency First Aid, CPR, AED Training
  • New License Renewal Form(Mar 2014-3 pages-includes 8 questions on criminal history). Expired forms not accepted.
  • Virginia history or state and local government module

More information and training opportunities can be found on certification website:

what are the renewal requirements

License renewal requires 180 professional development points. Renewal points

can be accrued by completion of activities through one or more of the following

eight options within a five year renewal period:

  • College Credit ( A minimum of 90 points in the content endorsement area shall be required of license holders without a master’s degree.)
  • Professional Conference
  • Curriculum Development
  • Publication of Article
  • Publication of Book
  • Mentorship/ Supervision
  • Educational Project
  • Professional Development Activity

License holders can begin earning points for the next renewal period

after the newly updated license has been issued by the VDOE.

training options for cpr aed first aid
Training Options for CPR,AED, First Aid
  • The Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI) has developed an online training program for $12.87 that satisfies licensure requirements.

Locate CPR 703 in the Online Professional Learning Catalog to access the discount code and the detailed instructions for both the First Aid, CPR, and AED training and certification learning opportunities.

  • The online training video Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED Online Part 1 Course # 90-1401 provided by the American Heart Association for approximately $40 is another option to meet this requirement.
va history or state and local government mo dule
Va History or state and local government module

Supt's Memo #053-14  provides information on which license holders are required to complete this module however all license holders are encouraged to take advantage of the no-cost professional development activity and include a certificate of completion with the license renewal packet.The Virginia State and Local Civic Education Module  is found at

verification of renewal activities
Verification of Renewal Activities

Principal/Advisor should do the following:

  • Meet with License holder and verify all supporting documentation for points reflected on license renewal form.
  • Confirm a total of 180 points has been earned using the appropriate license renewal options without exceeding the maximum number of points allowed per option.
  • Initial and date each activity listed on Renewal Form.
  • Sign and date the License Renewal Form on the “Advisor” signature line.
  • Ensure license holder has signed and dated License Renewal Form on the “Applicant’s” signature line.
verification of renewal activities cont
Verification of Renewal Activities Cont.
  • Confirm verification of completion for FirstAid/CPR/AED Training is included in packet.
  • Confirm license holders using Option 1 College Credit has provided an official transcript with a passing grade and credits earned.
  • Confirm license holders without a master’s degree has provided an official transcript reflecting completion of 3 credit semester hours of content knowledge based college coursework.
child abuse recognition and intervention training technology standards
Child Abuse Recognition and Intervention Training Technology Standards

Child Abuse Recognition and Intervention Training and Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel must be completed once. This information is already on file with the Office of Certification and does not need to be submitted again.

supporting documentation
Supporting Documentation

The principal/advisor reviews all supporting documentation for each activity.

Include the following supporting documents in the final packet sent to the PWCS Certification Office:

  • Official Transcript If Option 1: College Credit used
  • FirstAid/CPR/AED Training Certificate of completion.
  • Virginia State and Local Civic Education Module  Certificate of completion.
  • All other supporting documentation (forms/certificates etc.) are returned to the license holder for their records.
license renewal packet what happens after i sign and initial
License Renewal PacketWhat happens after I sign and initial?
  • Return License Renewal Packet to license holder.
  • If Option 1: College Credit is used official transcript reflecting credits earned must be attached to renewal packet (Check for grade and content knowledge based course requirement
  • License holder will copy original for their records. All supporting documentation (certificates , staff development items etc.) used for options 2 through 8 are retained by the license holder.
  • Verification of FirstAid/CPR/AED training must be included in packet
  • Verification of Va History or state and local government if applicable
  • License holder attaches a check, money order, or cashiers check for $25, payable to “Treasurer of VA” – ( Blue or black ink only)
  • License Holder forwards complete packet to the PWCS Certification Office between January 1 and April 1 of the year the license expires.
helpful hints
Helpful Hints
  • Principals/Administrators use “Advisor’s Signature” line on renewal form.
  • Initial each item as you review them for accuracy. Please do not initial until you have seen the official supporting documentation/verification.

Example : You cannot sign off on a course that is not completed or is not reflected on official transcript/s with grade.

  • Option 1: College Credit from a regionally accredited college requires official transcript/s with a stamp or seal reflecting a passing grade.
  • Electronic transcripts such as eSCRIP-SAFE and DocuFide transcripts are not acceptedby the VDOE.
  • The PWCS electronic registrar transcript is accepted to verify Option 8: Professional Development activities.
content courses
  • A content knowledge course is generally found under a specific content course heading (such as HIST, MATH, ENG, BIO, etc. (A content course will generally not be under a course heading of *EDUC, EDCI, EDU, etc.)
  •  Exceptions include education courses that are at least 75% content based and offered through a regionally accredited institute as semester hour credit/s.

*Note: Many course offerings with University of LaVerne are listed under “EDUC” however are content knowledge based.

activity and content course approvals
Activity and Content Course Approvals
  • Advisors/Principals should confirm and assess proposed professional development activities and content course requirements.
  • License Renewal is based on mutual trust between license holder and an advisor/principal.
  • Relationship intended to be one of collaboration for the purpose of professional improvement.
  • License holder should be primary determiner of license renewal activities to meet renewal plan.
exceptions to content course work
Exceptions to Content Course Work
  • Exceptions to content course work should be reserved for rare situations as they are applicable one time only for license holder.
  • Exceptions should be granted only in extreme circumstances and not for reasons involving failure to meet licensure responsibilities.
additional requests
Additional Requests
  • Additional requests may be included with the Licensure Renewal Packet. Examples: name change, adding a degree or endorsement area, etc.
  • License holders should be directed to for the most up-to-date instructions and forms for each licensure request.
most common mistakes
Most Common Mistakes
  • License Renewal Form not up-to-date.
  • Option 1, Content knowledge course work not satisfied.
  • Official Transcripts not provided.
  • Missing signatures: license holder and advisor both required.
  • Payment: not included; not payable to Treasurer of Virginia; incorrect year date.
dates for license renewal
Dates for License Renewal
  • Complete Renewal Packets should be submitted between Jan 1 and April 1 of the year the license expires.
  • Renewal Packets should be sent to the PWCS Office of Certification. Do not send renewal packets to the VDOE.
noncompliance of license renewal at the discretion of the advisor
Noncompliance of License Renewal – at the discretion of the advisor

The Professional Performance Process (PPP) should reflect a planned outline for professional growth to earn renewal points each year.

** License Holders who exceed the April 1 deadline are subject to termination of contract if approved by Advisor, Director of Human Resources and the School Board.

  • Administrator’s Responsibility Checklist
  • License Holders Responsibility Checklist
  • Virginia License Renewal Manual


  • Virginia State and Local Civic Education Module 
contact information
Contact information
  • License Holders with last names A-L

Patricia Bennett: Licensure Specialist 703.791.8903

  • License Holders with last names M-Z

Melanie Moore: Licensure Specialist 703.791.7465

  • Bev Baker : Compliance Officer 703.791.8775