safeguard your family with locks4guns n.
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Safeguard your family with Locks4Guns PowerPoint Presentation
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Safeguard your family with Locks4Guns

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Safeguard your family with Locks4Guns - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Locks4Guns is indisputably one of the reliable and authentic gun stores which guarantee safety and protection.

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Presentation Transcript
locks4gun is an online gun store and a home

Locks4Gun is an online gun store and a home security

company located at New York City in New York. The

company deals in gun locks which are foolproof and

designed thereby catering to the gun safety needs of the

gun owners. They are well-equipped with fire-arm

security systems which are safe and easy to use. Those

who are scouting around the internet for Buy Gun

Safety may browse through the official website of

Locks4Gun and place their orders online.

Locks4Guns offers three different varieties of Gun locks

which is best suited for the gun owners. Out of which

Noble Guard Double Security Cable Gun Lock is one of

the popular and preferred gun accessories by most of

the gun owners. It is a unique fire-arm security system

which can be easily paired with any types of fire-arms. It

is quite simple to detach and lock the rubber pads

prevent any sorts of scratches or marks.

the ng 910 wall mounted gun lock is the second

The NG- 910 Wall-Mounted Gun Lock is the second best

fire-arm security systems available at Locks4Guns. They

are specially designed offering easy accessibility along

with unmatched safety and theft protection. The

installation process is very quick by simply fixing or

placing it against the wall or even on hard surfaces.

Since this product comes with a bolt and two sections, it

can be seamlessly installed which suits any types of fire

arms. This fire-arm security system allows you to lock

the weapon's trigger at one end and the barrel is

blocked at the same time. As a result, it secures your

portable gun at both the ends.

How to install and detach the portable gun's security


Installation and unlocking features in a fire-arm

security system is very simple at first

security system is very simple. At first, the gun owners

are required to place the key and a slight touch would

automatically detach the trigger lock. By tightly holding

the handle of the portable gun, pull the gun out from

the barrel guard. Now the weapon can be accessed.

Locks4Guns is indisputably one of the reliable and

authentic gun stores which guarantee safety and


contact locks 4 guns llc p o box 230280 new york


Locks 4 Guns, LLC

P.O Box 230280

New York, NY 10023

Phone: (201) 972-5358

Fax: (212) 877-3712