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Professional Medical Equipment Maintenance Service to Hire at Competitive Pricing PowerPoint Presentation
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Professional Medical Equipment Maintenance Service to Hire at Competitive Pricing

Professional Medical Equipment Maintenance Service to Hire at Competitive Pricing

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Professional Medical Equipment Maintenance Service to Hire at Competitive Pricing

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  2. Planned Preventive Medical Equipment Maintenance: Most Competitive Strategy for Healthcare Industry Global health care pressure is triggering many hospitals to manage and keep eye on the available competitive advantages of maintenance strategies. Planned preventive medical equipment maintenance is one of them considered as most competitive strategy for maintenance in the hospitals. It is a fact that biomedical equipments are one of the fundamental source elements for the deliverance of health services in recent day. In addition, the major contribution in healthcare service in recent time is of equipments beside with drugs or other services, in last 100years health care system have seen rapid progress. Being basic need of healthcare in recent time biomedical equipments are repeatedly being installed to increase the treatment capacities for the primary healthcare.

  3. The huge deployment of medical equipments like x-ray, ultrasound and lab units is over exceeding, due to this increase in deployment equipments are not receiving proper attention in terms of planning, maintenance and management. Thus, preventive and scheduled based medical equipment maintenance is implemented widely in recent time; most of the developed countries hospitals are using these strategies and are captivating advantages of these maintenance based strategies. But in developing countries these strategies and their effective tool and techniques are far to be used in proper manner, means these techniques of preventive based medical equipment maintenance are not used efficiently and effectively in the hospitals, engineers are not seeking any benefit of them, yet a few numbers of technicians are being exercised and practiced for precise maintenance of performances like we can say power check of equipment, proper programming and heat and light system of the medical equipment, the calibration of equipment is done after a week time but not in proper way without using proper procedure of calibration.

  4. How Medical Equipment Maintenance Services Are Carried Out? Plan the Task: The medical equipment maintenance tasks are placed in daily and weekly checklists. This will help in planning time for them to be carried out. In most cases, for daily tasks the beginning of the working day will be best, but any time will suit as long as the job is done. For weekly tasks, it may be easier to allocate a different day for each type of equipment, in order to spread the load through the week. A simple timetable with the person responsible can be used as a reminder.

  5. Display the Lists: The medical equipment maintenance checklists are designed to fit on a single page per section. This makes it easy to print or copy them and display them near the equipment. The lists will only be useful if they are easy to see, so placing them on the equipment or on a wall nearby will be best. Each page could be covered with plastic laminate or taped inside a plastic wallet. The same could be done with the troubleshooting checklists, or these could be stored nearby for when needed.

  6. Record the Work: It is normally helpful to have some way of recording when medical equipment maintenance has been done. This will tell colleagues or the next shift that the daily check has been carried out, or remind the user themselves that the weekly job has been done. It can also be helpful to show supervisors and patients that care is being taken of equipment.

  7. Medical equipment maintenance is not just a question of repairing broken things. It is an integral part of managing the whole lifecycle of medical equipment. It can be seen that maintenance and repair is just one element. To make the whole cycle work properly, a number of different inputs are required. Contact ERS Medical when you think of carrying out medical equipment maintenance services. They’re the best in the industry to provide high-quality maintenance services.

  8. Contact Details Tony McDaniel Independent Contractor/Consultant at ERS Medical Address: 152 Shea Ct. Tracy CA. 95377 Phone & Fax: 1-209-879-9778 Email: Website: