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NorCal OAUG: eCommerce & the Oracle Applications

NorCal OAUG: eCommerce & the Oracle Applications. Jeffrey Hutchins Senior Principal Product Manager: eCommerce Strategy SOA Suite Product Management. Agenda eCommerce. Oracle's Vision What does a gateway provide? What is Oracle B2B? What is missing from the equation?

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NorCal OAUG: eCommerce & the Oracle Applications

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  1. NorCal OAUG: eCommerce & the Oracle Applications Jeffrey Hutchins Senior Principal Product Manager: eCommerce Strategy SOA Suite Product Management

  2. AgendaeCommerce • Oracle's Vision • What does a gateway provide? • What is Oracle B2B? • What is missing from the equation? • How does Oracle addresses eCommerce ? • Putting it all into context

  3. eCommerceWhat is Oracle’s Vision ? • The success of any value chain is that It is driven by the business requirements not the technology • The focus must be Business Process Management • It is an integral component of an enterprises integration strategy • It is the entire business process, not the gateway • The gateway software is becoming a commodity

  4. eCommerceWhat does a gateway provide? • A transaction set is a single document over the internet • There are 6 components. The concepts are no more difficult then sending a packaged via DHL, FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service

  5. Oracle B2BThe Gateway Healthcare: HL7 over MLLP eBusiness Suite Healthcare: HIPAA over FTP PeopleSoft Logistics: XML over ebMS Seibel Retail: X12 over AS2 Legacy High Technology: RosettaNet over RNIF 3rd Party Application Data Synchronization: 1Sync: UCCnet over AS2 Composite Application • Comprehensive Document Mgmt and Trading Partner Mgmt • Extensive B2B protocol support • Secure & reliable message exchange • Enabling complete end-to-end processes with all assets

  6. Oracle B2BDocument Management Powered by EDIFECSTM EDIFECSTM • Provides a robust translation & validation engine as an integral part of Oracle B2B. • The development platform for GS1 EDI This solution provides: • A library of ALL EDIFACT, X12, X12N, HL7, HIPAA, EANCOM, NCPDP Script transaction sets • Data file validation • Data Migration • Tests data generation • De-Identification • Dictionary generation • Batching

  7. Certified eBusinessReady™ for AS2 Certified eBusinessReady™ for ebMS Oracle B2BTransports / Messaging Systems • Transports • File Transport Protocol (FTP / FTPs / sFTP) • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP / HTTPs) • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) • Minimum Lower Layer Protocol (MLLP) • Messaging Systems (Automatic generation / consumption of acknowledgment) • Applicability Statement 1 (AS1) • Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) • ebXML Messaging System (ebMS) • RosettaNet Implementation Framework (RNIF)

  8. Oracle B2BTrading Partner Management • Trading Partner Profiles • Defining Trading Partner capabilities: Identification, supported standards, transports, exchanges, .. • Trading Partner Agreements • Customizable configurations for each agreements • Standards based protocols: • Encryption, Compression, Non-Repudiation, Digital Certificates, Secure Transports, .. • Service Level settings: • Time to Perform, Time to Acknowledge, Retry Counts, ..

  9. Business Activity Monitoring Monitor state of messages Monitor BPEL and B2B processes throughput and execution times. Details through hierarchy & time based sliding views. B2B Runtime Reports Wire Messages Business Messages Collaborations Errors Application Server Control Modify properties View log files Manage components Oracle B2BManagement and Reporting

  10. eCommerceWhat is missing from the equation? • The barriers between A2A, C2A, and B2B integration are disappearing. We have endpoints and require business process integration. You must: • Orchestrate processes • Mitigate errors • Define a canonical • Translate / transform data • Address: Security / Compliance / Visibility / Management

  11. Metadata Repository How Oracle addresses eCommerceOracle BPM Business Solutions Process Templates Industry specific A/R, A/P, T&E, HR, 2-layer BPM, imaging solutions Process Portal (Web center) Optimization BPA Suite Process Analytics Alerts Process Dashboards Collaboration (forums, wiki..) Office E-Forms Model, Simulate & Publish SOA Suite JDeveloper BPEL Human WF Rules OWSM BAM B2B Implement Processes & services Enterprise Service Buss (ESB) Legacy systems Messaging ECM systems Packaged apps Content/Image Servers Packaged apps, external services User, Role directory

  12. How does this apply to you? A platform that enables your business requirements • Integrated Composition Platform • Process Driven Design Methodology- Top Down • Re-Usable Enterprise Business Services • Service Repository to Provision, Deploy & Manage • Integrated Analytics to track and re-act • Business User Toolkit to configure, extend & optimize • A Governance model to support change & control

  13. Putting it all into context Use Case: Outbound Purchase Order

  14. Business Process integrationUse Case: Outbound Purchase Order • E-Business Suite (eBiz) • Purchase Order process initiated • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) • Gets PO from E-Business Suite • Adapter validates & Translates to XML • Transforms to target (XSLT) • Converts codes • Routes message to BPEL PM • BPEL Process Manager (BPEL) • Receives PO • Executes Business Processes • Human Workflow • Business Rules • Error Handing • Sends PO to ESB • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) • Receives PO • Validates & Transforms to target (XSLT) • Converts codes • Routes message to B2B • Oracle B2B (B2B) • Receives PO • Translates to EDI native format • Manages interaction with Trading Partner • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Trading Partner E-Biz Adapter B2B Protocol

  15. ApplicationIntegration Repository - Local and Hosted • Catalog of all E-Business Suite Integration Points • Source of truth for all integration projects for • Customers • Consultants & Integrators • Assurance that you are using public supported and certified interfaces • Powerful UI for searching and viewing available Interfaces • Better planning • Lower integration costs http://Irep.oracle.com

  16. Connectivity: eBusiness Suite Adapter - Service enables Oracle Applications • Version Awareness • Interfaces with Integration Repository • Integrates via Open Interfaces and Stored Procedures for inserting data into Oracle Applications. • Bi-directional XML integration with XML and EDI Gateway for exchanging OAG based XML/EDI documents. EDI Gateway Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter XML Gateway Workflow BES Interface Tables, Concurrent Mgr Stored Procedures

  17. Connectivity: Web Service Provider • Web Service Provider is an engine which enables Service Beans & XML Gateway to be exposed as Web Services. • Admin utility to create and deploy Web Service • Run time Web Service engine • Integrated into Repository for Service discovery • Enables any eBusiness Suite Web Service to participate in a BPEL process • WS-I compliant, • XML Schema 1.0 • SOAP 1.1(inbound and outbound attachments) • WSDL 1.1 • WS-Security • XML Gateway Web Services • Available as a WS-I compliant Web Service from 11i.10

  18. ConnectivityDeployment • Step 1: Discover • Pull up the Java Service Interface in Integration Repository • Step 2: Deploy • Use the Web Service Tab to generate bindings and deploy the Web Service • Step 3: Secure • Grant access on a method to a User or a Group • Step 4: Advertise • Deploy the WSDL to any UDDI compliant platform

  19. Service Oriented Architecture Components • Orchestrate processes, Mitigate errors, Define a canonical, Translate / transform data, Address: Security / Compliance / Visibility / Management • Business Activity Monitoring • Monitor & Optimize • Business Process Manager • Orchestrate Processes. Human Workflow, Business Rules • Web Services Manager • Manage & Govern Services • Oracle B2B • Manage Trading Partner • Enterprise Service Bus • Connectivity, Transformation, translation & Route

  20. A Service Oriented ArchitectureOrchestrate processes, Mitigate errors, Define a canonical, Translate / transform data, Address: Security / Compliance / Visibility / Management Trading Partner B2B Protocols Web Services eBiz Suite Adapter Web Service Provider Siebel Adapter PSFT Adapter SAP Adapter Legacy

  21. AS11gR1Oracle B2B • A component of the SOA Suite • eCommerce BPM opens vertical requirements • Healthcare • Retail • Automotive • Public Sector • High Tech • Chemical • Petroleum

  22. B2B UI: Next Generation

  23. Oracle B2BFeatures • E-Business Suite Integration • Support for XML Gateway attributes • Support for e-Commerce Gateway attributes • Complete functionality support for XML & eCommerce Gateways • Enhanced OAG standard support • Richer User Interface • B2B Document Editor – all versions of EDI X12, EDIFACT, HL7, HIPAA, VICS, RN, VDA, Odette • ADF/DHTML based UI framework • Partner Self Service • Protocol based metadata management • Partner specific Reporting • Core Platform Integration • B2B runtime – j2EE component • MDS Integration – B2B metadata • RCU – Integration • MaD Integration • JMX - MBean Support • SOA Mesh Integration • Trading Partner (TP) Mgmt • Partner specific document definitions • Partner specific message/ack processing • Document auto retry • Document re-submission • Large Document Support • Security Integration • OSDT Integration for S/MIME, XML Dsig, XML Encrypt, Zlib Compression • Partner Certificates in common store • SSO Support • B2B users in App Server security store – LDAP, VD,…etc • Role based authorization for Users • New Protocol Support • Healthcare standards support • ebXML CPP/CPA Import/Export

  24. Q & A

  25. For more information Business Process Management http://www.oracle.com/technologies/bpm/index.html Fusion Middleware http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/middleware/index.html Service-Oriented Architecture http://www.oracle.com/technologies/soa/index.html Oracle B2B http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/integration/b2b/index.html

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