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“The Smyrnean Age” 01 PowerPoint Presentation
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“The Smyrnean Age” 01

“The Smyrnean Age” 01

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“The Smyrnean Age” 01

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  1. “The Smyrnean Age” 01 THE.SMYRNAEAN.CHURCH.AGE_ JEFF.IN ROJC 185-227 TUESDAY_ 60-1206 1 Most glorious Father, we are so glad tonight to know that we have in our beings Immortal Life. The Life of our God separated by tongues of fire and set upon each of them, and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and begin to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. O Father, how we thank Thee that Thou did divide Thyself amongst the church. No wonder our Lord said, "That day you'll know that I am in the Father, and the Father in Me, I in you, and you in Me." How the God of heaven dwells among His people: "A little while and the world won't see Me no more, yet you shall see Me,

  2. “The Smyrnean Age” 01 THE.SMYRNAEAN.CHURCH.AGE_ JEFF.IN ROJC 185-227 TUESDAY_ 60-1206 2 Lord, seeing the--seeing the climax of all ages, time is fixing to run out and eternity sets in. Father God, we are so glad to know that we're living in that remnant today, watching our lives and seeing the kind of objectives we have, the motives we have, and seeing that the Holy Spirit has took over.

  3. “The Smyrnean Age” 01 SUPER.SIGN_ S.GATE.CA SUNDAY_ 62-0624 E-66 Now, that super sign was a virgin-born Child that was to last forever, an eternal Sign. And that Child is not dead. He... They killed Him. He died, certainly. The stinger of death killed Him, but God raised Him up again. And here He is after two thousand years of all the hardships, and locusts, and palmerworms a-eating on it. There is still a remnant of people that believe God and keep His Word. There'll be a bride. Just as certain as I'm standing in this pulpit; there'll be a bride that's washed in the Blood of that Lamb. And that Lamb will be living among them, showing super signs of His resurrection, after two thousand years the same thing He did when He was here on earth. I believe that. Amen.

  4. “The Smyrnean Age” 01 THE.FOURTH.SEAL_ JEFF.IN THURSDAY_ 63-0321 322-3 {312} Now, in Revelations 19, not only is he getting ready, but Christ is getting ready to meet him. The battle's going to be hot and heavy. Christ, in Revelations 19... Christ is gathering His, not from the four corners of the earth,because there's going to be a little bitty remnant. What's He doing? He's gathering them from the four corners of heaven (We'll get them souls under the altar tomorrow night, and you'll see whether it's right or not.)--four corners of heaven on a snow white horse. He also has a name, not death, but the Word of God, Life. Amen. Got it wrote right on His thigh here: The Word of God. That's the only Life because God is the only source of Eternal Life there is: Zoe. Is that right?

  5. “The Smyrnean Age” 01 THE.TOKEN_ SHREVEPORT.LA V-17 N-6 THURSDAY_ 63-1128E 94 Israel coming out, as I said, is a type like the Church coming out, or the Bride coming out of the church. The Bride will be the remnant, will be the little group, the selected, the predestinated. 95 When a woman lays out a piece of goods, lays her pattern upon it, the way she is going to cut it, and she has got her own way of making a choice. But what is left out of that pattern is the same kind of goods that was in the pattern, but it was ordained for her to take this. She fixed it herself. 96 God did the same. "And the remnant of the woman's seed that was left upon the earth." Today is the calling-out of the Bride out of the church, the exodus, for the Rapture.

  6. “The Smyrnean Age” 01 THE.VOICE.OF.THE.SIGN_ BEAUMONT.TX FRIDAY_ 64-0313 22-25 …And when the time of the promise drew nigh, that's when God put Moses on the scene. Moses, in his absolute failure, had went into the wilderness. Now the type here, there is a wonderful type that we sure don't want to miss. See? Typed, God was bringing Israel, His people, out, a nation, a nation out of a nation.A Nation out of a nation, a beautiful type of today, that God is calling His Bride out of a church, Christian Bride out of a Christian church, a Bride Church out of a church, which is called, in the Bible, referred to. I've got several notes and Scriptures written down here, on this lesson tonight. It's called, sometimes, "The Chosen, the Elected, or the Remnant of the woman's seed." It was called, "the Bride," what God, by His foreknowledge, ordained to be. That is, the Bride comes out of the church. See, the whole thing is a church, but God takes a people out of that church, as a Bride. He said He would. And He did it.

  7. “The Smyrnean Age” 01 113-2    SMYRNAEAN.CHURCH.AGE  - CHURCH.AGE.BOOK CPT.4 When Israel entered into unlawful alliances with the world, and formed fellowships by marriage, the day finally came when the world took over and Babylon carried away the people of God into captivity. Now when they went into captivity they went in having a priesthood, a temple and the Word. But when they came back they had rabbis, a theological order of Pharisees, a synagogue, and the Talmud. And when Jesus came they were so corrupt that He called them of their father, the devil, and this in spite of the fact they were of Abraham according to the flesh. In this age we see the same thing happening. However, as 'all Israel ' is not Israel, but a little group were the true Spiritual Israelites, so there would always be a little group of true Christians, the bride of Christ, until He came for His own.

  8. “The Smyrnean Age” 01 THE.SMYRNAEAN.CHURCH.AGE_ JEFF.IN ROJC 185-227 TUESDAY_ 60-1206 15 There's a way made, and God has a way. God has the way for His church, for His people. And He never did intend it to be controlled by popes, cardinals, archbishop, or general overseers.The Holy Spirit is the Tutor of the church of the living God, to raise it. And all the holiness don't go to a cardinal or a priest, to make him a holy man in the--in the church anything. The laity is just as right--much right to the Holy Spirit as any preacher, pastor, deacon, trustee, whatevermore.

  9. “The Smyrnean Age” 01 THE.SMYRNAEAN.CHURCH.AGE_ JEFF.IN ROJC 185-227 TUESDAY_ 60-1206 19 God never intendedthe church to be run by men.God runs His church, and He runs it through gifts of the Spirit. The gifts of the Spirit is in the church to correct the spirit. He's got five ministerial offices in His church. ….All right. Apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, pastors, now, that's the elected offices of God to His church. Then in each local church there's nine spiritual gifts that come among the people, that is, knowledge, wisdom, gifts of healing, working of miracles, speaking with tongues, interpretation of tongues. And all these things go in each local body.And every person in the church has an individual ministry, and that individual ministry goes together with the rest of the ministry to edify the Body of Jesus Christ. And never...

  10. “The Smyrnean Age” 01 THE.SMYRNAEAN.CHURCH.AGE_ JEFF.IN ROJC 185-227 TUESDAY_ 60-1206 53 Just exactly like that day, they burned them, they... I stood there in that arena, wept like a baby when I'd look up there where the gladiators would set in that old arena there. And--and see them things, and know that many of my Christian brethren was eaten by lions, and--and tore to pieces on the ground there, and women and little children and things. I think, if they all went down in faith, would I let them down now? No, sir, brother. God, let me stand for the faith that was once delivered to the saints, that same thing, no matter how unpopular.

  11. “The Smyrnean Age” 01 THE.SMYRNAEAN.CHURCH.AGE_ JEFF.IN ROJC 185-227 TUESDAY_ 60-1206 54 Somebody's always wanting to say, "Well..." Someone said not long ago... Oh, how many great ministers on the field has called me and said, "Brother Branham, if you don't stop that, every organization will be against you." "Why," I said, "there's One that won't be, that's the One that's in heaven. That's the One I'm looking for." See? Now, I love people in every organization. Sure. But have I ever told you anything that the Lord--in the Name of the Lord, didn't come to pass? See? Has everything been said and been done right? Have I ever begged you for money? Then stay out of the organizations. You stay free in Christ; let the Holy Spirit always move in and out the church.

  12. “The Smyrnean Age” 01 THE.SMYRNAEAN.CHURCH.AGE_ JEFF.IN ROJC 185-227 TUESDAY_ 60-1206 59 Israel, the Pentecost of that day. Now, they had been brought up out of Egypt. God had blessed them, give them all kinds of great signs and wonders, and delivered them. And when they stood upon that bank and had a Pentecostal meeting... They did. Now, listen. Moses sang in the Spirit, and Miriam took a tambourine and run down the bank, beating this tambourine, dancing in the Spirit; and the daughters of Israel followed her, dancing in the Spirit. And if that ain't a Pentecostal meeting, I never seen one. Little did they believe that the--the promised land was forty years ahead of them. It was only about forty miles. But it take them forty years to get forty miles is because they chose the wrong thing. They chose to have a law instead of letting the Holy Spirit lead them, the Pillar of Fire take them on through and lead them. They wanted to have something to do themselves; they wanted to have certain priests, and certain dignitaries, and a little theology they could fuss about, instead of just going on and letting the Holy Ghost lead them.They were in the Spirit; God had provided everything; but they had to have something to do into it.

  13. “The Smyrnean Age” 01 THE.SMYRNAEAN.CHURCH.AGE_ JEFF.IN ROJC 185-227 TUESDAY_ 60-1206 91 The Body of Jesus Christ is not, is not an organization. The Body of Jesus Christ is a mystical Body; it is a Body of--and a Kingdom that's a spiritual Kingdom that's set upon the earth by Jesus Christ being the King of this Kingdom,the High Priest to offer sacrifices for the wayfaring in this Kingdom. He's the Prophet, the Word that preaches the Truth and brings the Light of God in this Kingdom; and He is both Prophet, Priest, and King in this Kingdom. And how do we get in this Kingdom? By the denomination? by letter? by handshaking? But by one Spirit we are all baptized into one Body which is the mystical Body of Jesus Christ, and we're baptized in there, not by water, not by sprinkling, not by pouring, not by any kind of water baptism, but by one Spirit, Holy Spirit, we are all baptized into one Body: I Corinthians 12. Yes, we are baptized into this Body by one Spirit, Holy Spirit; then we don't run to anything but Christ. You are Christ's. It's a mystical Kingdom of God that's set up, that we come into it by Holy Spirit baptism. I love that.

  14. “The Smyrnean Age” 01 A.GREATER.WITNESS_ OWENSBORO.KY SATURDAY_ 53-1121 E-17 I want to say is this: that don't wait for a healing campaign in your city, to be healed. Your pastor or your neighbor that's a Christian, has just as much legal rights from God to pray for you as anybody on the face of the earth. It don't have to wait till somebody comes along with a healing campaign. Those men are--just stimulate faith. God never intended all these great--these campaigns sweeping across the nation. He expected that to be in every church, every pastor.

  15. “The Smyrnean Age” 01 WHAT.DOES.IT.TAKE.TO.MAKE.A.CHRISTIAN.LIFE_ CHICAGO.IL SUNDAY_ 57-0113 E-11 God never intended Christianity to be governed by denominations, neither by creeds, or He... If God only allowed or intended for the church to be governed and carried on by creeds and denominations and intellectuals, then we do not need the Holy Spirit in the church. Our church then should... It's success would be largely placed upon the intellectuals of the best of us. That would be what our church would have, would... The better intellectuals we would have in our church, the more progressive our--our church would be.

  16. “The Smyrnean Age” 01 THIRSTING.FOR.LIFE_ PHOENIX.AZ FRIDAY_ 60-0304 E-24 God never intended any man to be a slave. God made man; man made slaves. They're trying to make it tonight, not only over the colored race, but the races of the world, every man in every nation trying to take the rest of them in slavery. God made man free, a free creature under God, to worship Him.