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Labyrinth Theater Company was founded in the nineties by some actors looking for a way of engaging in different , out of the ordinary theatrical exercises . These artistic exercises are designed to involve the individual in a journey to his own self by means of sensorial stimuli: sound, lights, images, perfumes and so on. Each actor is given the opportunity and support not only to act, but to write, direct, produce, paint, hang lights, etcetera. The exploration of new aspects of theater remains one of the primary goals of Labyrinth.


This type of experience usually involves one spectator who is audience as well as actor. Since our project implies more participants and is meant to creat bounds between nations we thought of taking part in such an experience together with people of other nationalities. Work then together in discovering the meaning of the play would facilitate the discovery of similarities and differences .


We changed the original concept of watching the acts in a chronological order and chose this way of watching them randomly.This thing allows spectators more freedom in associating ideas and finding meanings.The concept of turning the play into a puzzle can’t be found in the original version of the Labyrinth theatre. Our idea of making it a puzzle was also meant to give more freedom to interpretation.


Some of the symbols in our play are:

Darkness- symbolizes the fact that although we are surrounded by human fellows the most important things in life are done by ourselves, that we have to discover our own solutions without anybody’s help. On the other hand very often we are not able to see much of what is around us.


The Rope- represents our connections with the others, whether we see them or not, they are there experiencing the same instances of life, maybe feeling the same although they are different from us.This may be Ariadne’s clew (thread) to help the hero get out of the labyrinth

and finding his own identity.

the guide may be our own consciousness pinocchio s cricket scrooge s christmas spirit
The guide- may be our own consciousness: Pinocchio’s cricket, Scrooge’s Christmas spirit,
Other symbols: -the light hangers -the doorkeepers -the dinosaurs/the manifestants -the infinity -mother Earth -dancing together