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Group Members :. *Kellen George *Rasheeda Melville *Maurica Roachford *Leeana Trim *Corey Bowen. What are Coral Reefs?.

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  1. Group Members : *Kellen George *Rasheeda Melville *Maurica Roachford *Leeana Trim *Corey Bowen

  2. What are Coral Reefs? Coral reefs are large strips of wave-resistant coral rocks built up by carbonate organisms lying close to the surface of the sea and even sometimes rising above the sea level. They are breeding grounds for fish and provide barriers to destructive waves and are tourist attraction in most Caribbean islands. The main frame of the reef is built up by coral polyps. • Coral Polyps- these are small, soft bodied creatures which use the calcium carbonate dissolved in sea water to build up a casing of limestone to protect themselves. These tiny polyps live in colonies or large groups. Each species of polyps build a colony with a distinctive shape known as the Barrier reef, Fringing reef and Allot reef.

  3. Three Types of Coral Reefs: • Barrier Reef: this is separated from land by a lagoon. It comprises of massive corals canyons, ridges and tunnels..e.g. Belize and Australia. The longest barrier reef in the world is known as the Great Barrier it is off the coast of Australia.

  4. Barrier Reef

  5. Fringing Reef These are low patterns of corals lying close to the shore of an island or contential shelf but separated by narrow lagoons, its outer edge descends sharply into the sea. The Buccoo reef in Tobago in an example

  6. Atoll Reefs These are coral islands oval or almost circular built around a lagoon. They are formed by the growth of corals on top on sinking volcanoes.

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