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BAD ADS. This is a better ad because it catches your eye it has colour and it gives you more information. $ 5 concerts. Hannah Montana Black eye peas Taylor swift Beyonce Sharkira Jonas brothers Food fighters. $ 5 concerts.

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This is a better ad because it catches your eye it has colour and it gives you more information




Hannah Montana

Black eye peas

Taylor swift



Jonas brothers

Food fighters




This ad I don’t like A-it hardly has colour in it B-it doesn't catch your eye and C-it doesn't tell you what types of concert tickets it sells.

The target audience would have to be teenagers because teenagers are still young and can still move their hips. But it could be adults.


How would a light bulb help change the world I might ask you? The light bulb will still use power and you will still need to spend money and what is money made out of? 25% cotton and 75% linen. So what happens when the world makes to much money they will leave it on the streets and since it is made out of cotton and linen it will take even longer then wood to disintegrate.

The target audience is problem adults that have a house because they are using light bulbs and kids don’t find that interesting


This one I think it is targeted at everyone because everyone ages 5+ can get depressed and need help.

depression is serious

This ad I don’t like a lot because I am not depressed I am very happy and it doesn't appeal to me at all


This one is aimed at people that need or can buy insurance even though it has kids on it.

This one isn’t that bad it has got colour and laughing children. But it still doesn't appeal I mean it doesn't tell you what company you are calling and it doesn't tell you how much it would cost.


This one is aimed at people that own their own company or working or even people looking for work.

This is an okay ad as well it has got colour but its the wrong colour. It has got books but it needs more and last it doesn't have a cost so over all I don’t like it


This ad I like because it has got different colours of green to indicate that its fresh and it has got types of food it sells.

This ad is targeted at various people like kids, teens and adults


Everyone loves a good 50% off sale... Well all the girls at least. It is a fantastic ad because it has gig letters and bright colours and that should catch someone's eye

This one is targeted at girls or woman of all ages because every girl or woman loves a 50% off sale =]


‘all that glimmers gold only shooting stars breaks that mould’

Wow! 30 to 50% of gold jewellery I must be in heaven

This is targeted at woman around 25-40 year old woman because they have jobs and can afford it also woman really like gold.


This is an awesome ad. It shows you what you could win it shows you what you have to do to win and it shows you the logo

This is targeted at teens or kids and encourages adults to buy it too. Because of how you can win a car or a phone or a laptop or money or a visa debit card or $500 worth of burger king


$20,00!!! Wow this ad has everything money, colour and a spotlight card!

This ad is targeted mostly at existing costemers