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Scottish Modern and Higher Level Apprenticeships

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Scottish Modern and Higher Level Apprenticeships - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scottish Modern and Higher Level Apprenticeships . Presenter. What is a Modern or Higher Level Apprenticeship?. What is a Scottish Modern or Higher Level Apprenticeship?. Apprenticeships are available at a range of levels, from SCQF Level 5- 11, in a wide range of sectors.

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what is a scottish modern or higher level apprenticeship
What is a Scottish Modern or Higher Level Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are available at a range of levels, from SCQF Level 5- 11, in a wide range of sectors.

An apprenticeship is:

  • A package of learning, training and practical work experience gained while employed.
  • Work based, designed around the needs of employers
  • Core Qualification for Modern Apprenticeships is based on National Occupational Standards (NOS) at SCQF Levels 5 and 6/7

An apprenticeship gives an individual practical skills developed in the workplace and leads to a nationally (and industry) recognised qualification.

levels of apprenticeships in scotland
Levels of Apprenticeships in Scotland
  • Level 2 MA – SCQF level 5 (Standard Grade Credit Level)
  • Level 3 MA – SCQF level 6/7 (Highers/ HNCs)
  • Level 4 Technical Apprenticeship – SCQF level 8/9 (HND - Ordinary Degree)
  • Level 5 Professional Apprenticeship – SCQF level 10+ (Honours Degree - Masters Degree)

Over 80 frameworks in diverse industries, everything from Construction to Sea Fishing to Youth Work

content of a higher level apprenticeship in scotland
Content of a Higher Level Apprenticeship in Scotland

New Higher Level Apprenticeships are slightly different:





what role does sds play in mas
What role does SDS play in MAs?

Considers demand evidence for Apprenticeships using:

  • SSC engagement
  • Information and intelligence from industry, employers and training providers
  • Government information and policy direction

Prepares Contracting Strategy to reflect funding priorities

  • Procures MA places
    • Uses Public Contracts Scotland to publish Contracting Strategy
    • Accepts bids, evaluates bids and makes allocations

Disburses public funding

  • Makes financial contribution towards training
    • Standard contribution table based on complexity of framework and contribution to the Scottish economy

Ensures that Apprenticeships are delivered in a quality manner and that individuals can successfully complete their Apprenticeship.

contributions review
Contributions review
  • Part of MA continuous improvement plan
    • Respond to SDS Board and SG priorities
    • Create a more transparent pricing system
    • Reflect differential inputs/requirements within MAs
    • Examine return on public investment and ensure VfM and quality delivery
    • Public funding is a contribution to the overall cost of training
    • Joint investment - employers make the largest investment – MA wages, supervision costs etc.

“Public funding should represent the minimum contribution necessary to

encourage the provision of training “

(Parliamentary Audit Committee Review of MA/ Skillseekers 2000

contributions review1
Contributions review

Core elements

  • Administration
  • Formal taught learning as per the MA Framework
  • Assessment
  • Core skills/career skills

Other factors relating to Govt priorities

  • Age at start, prioritising younger participants
  • Level of MA framework
  • Sector – key/growth
future challenges
Future Challenges
  • Increase awareness of Apprenticeships to smaller employers and encourage greater uptake
  • Promote Apprenticeships to BME individuals and employers
  • Uptake for people with disabilities is low
  • Gender uptake – and occupational segregation
  • Future skills needs?
commission for developing scotland s young workforce
Commission for Developing Scotland's Young Workforce
  • MAs should be aligned with the skills required for economic growth
  • Potential for new employer- designed models of apprenticeships
  • Focus on progression opportunities
  • Industry-led quality improvement regime
  • Potential to increase MA starts focused on Level 3 and above
  • (new target of 30,000 starts by 2020)
  • Opportunity to deliver vocational qualifications in senior phase, including of-the-job components for MAs