our school melissa jones elementary school n.
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Our School Melissa Jones Elementary School PowerPoint Presentation
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Our School Melissa Jones Elementary School

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Our School Melissa Jones Elementary School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our School Melissa Jones Elementary School. Our Town Guilford, Connecticut. Melissa Jones School. Guilford Town Hall. We have lots of fun in our classroom. Our class has work stations. We do research, work on the computer, play word games, and have a puppet theater. By Kaitlyn and Cory.

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Our School Melissa Jones Elementary School

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our school melissa jones elementary school
Our School Melissa Jones Elementary School

Our Town

Guilford, Connecticut

Melissa Jones School

Guilford Town Hall


We have lots of fun in our classroom. Our class has work stations. We do research, work on the computer, play word games, and have a puppet theater. By Kaitlyn and Cory

Computer Station

Our Class with our teacher, Mrs. Havrda

Research Station

We have plays in our Puppet Theater


We like to work with our partners. We do Math together. We love to read together and do plays. We had fun measuring the weight, height, and circumference of our pumpkins. We practice teamwork. By Cory and Kaitlyn

Measuring Pumpkins

Puppet Theater

Working with a Partner

Working With Geoboards


We have a great Art teacher. She teaches us how to paint with watercolors, and ink paint. We made a long snake to hang in the Art Room. Our teacher made the face. By Alexa & Michaella

Our Art Teacher

Using Ink Paint

The Art Room Snake

Shadow Cut-Out with Watercolors


We go to the Library once a week. We have fun in Library because we read and listen to stories. Our library teacher is great. She reads us good stories. Our class likes non-fiction books about cars, reptiles, and animals. By Damien and Andrew

We are listening to a story.

This is our Library teacher.

Picking out books

Our books are getting checked out.


We go to the music room every week. We have a great music teacher. We sing and dance and play instruments. We also play matching games. By Caleb and Jared

Our Music teacher is in the middle.

We made a match.

Trying to get a match.

Waiting our turn


We have Physical Education (Gym) twice a week. We play hockey, soccer, flag tag and sprout ball. This is how we play sprout ball. The person throws the ball and if you get hit by the ball you sit down where you got hit. You are out. If the person that got you out gets hit you can stand back up. By Anthony and Sean

Playing Sprout Ball

Dodging the Ball

Our Gym Teacher

Playing Packman


We have a very nice playground. The nice things on the playground are the tire ladders, the tire swings and the tunnel. We also have a nice swing set and a big field to play soccer, football and tag. By Nicholas and Ryan

We are running around the field.

Here we are on the tire swing.

We are climbing the tire ladder.

Here are lots of the boys.


Our cafeteria serves the best chicken. The second best food is pizza. We also like the pretzels and great bagels. Some days they have other good food like hot dogs and baked beans.By Jonathan and Michael

Here we are at our table eating.

We are getting our lunch.

We are getting our milk.

Here we all are eating.

the guilford green
The Guilford Green

In the early days the Green was used for grazing cattle, burying the dead, and drilling the militia. The Green had a whipping post.

In the year 1877 the statue honoring the Guilford soldiers who fought in the American Civil War was placed in the center of the Green above the cemetery.

By Heavenly

guilford free library town hall
Guilford Free Library& Town Hall

In the Town Hall there are different offices of the Guilford workers who help serve the people of the town.

The Guilford Free Library has been near the Green for more than seventy years.

By Katelyn

churches around the green
Churches Around the Green

St. George Roman Catholic Church was built in 1963.

The First Congregational Church was built in 1830.

Since 1951 this has been the Christian Science Church. In 1933 it was the Chapel Playhouse and was used for theater productions.

Christ Episcopal Church was built in 1838.

By Abby

christmas tree on the green
Christmas Tree on the Green

In December people sit in front of the lit Christmas tree. They listen to Christmas carols as they have done since 1917.

By Cate

stores around the green
Stores Around the Green

Chocolate Shop and Guilford Food Center

Page’s Hardware Store

Some of the stores are in old buildings. There used to be a striped pole right in front of the chocolate shop because then it was a barber shop. The Guilford Food Center used to be the First National (FINAST) grocery store.

By Andrea

new shopping center
New Shopping Center

Walmart is a famous store in Guilford. In Walmart you can buy food, clothes, cooking utensils, and toys.

Big Y is a store where you can buy lots and lots of food. You can also buy pizza, ice cream and jewelry in other stores there.

By Heavenly and Katelyn

guilford marina and harbor
Guilford Marina and Harbor

For more than 300 years boats have come to the the Guilford Harbor. Ships carried people, lumber, fish, vegetables, hay and fish oil. Today there are some fishing boats and many family boats.

By Hannah

the old stone house
The Old Stone House

The Old Stone House was built in 1639 with walls made out of rocks two feet thick. Henry Whitfield was the leader of the first people who came from England. His house was used for meetings and church. By Hannah

dudley farm
Dudley Farm

The farmhouse and barn were built in the 1840s. The farm was worked on for 150 years. Today it is a museum.

By Cate

bishop s orchards
Bishop’s Orchards

Since 1871 people of the Bishop family have been growing fruits and vegetables. Apples are grown on most of the Bishop land. Since 1910 there has been a market selling fruit and vegetables. The big “red apple” is a landmark.

Apple tree orchard during the winter.

Big “red apple” in front of the farm market.

By Abby, Andrea, Cate, Hannah, Heavenly and Katelyn