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Motor Skillz

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Motor Skillz
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Motor Skillz

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  1. Motor Skillz Be Your Own Challenge A Marketing Plan: by Alex Schwartz, Duane Swanson, and Katie Brugger

  2. Mission Statement • Motor Skillz mission is to provide a safe and interactive fun park for those with young hearts. • Motor Skillz wants to promote active lifestyles while having fun with friends and family. • Motor Skillz is motivated to provide a facility to engage young minds to explore and grow in a safe environment.

  3. Goals

  4. SWOT Strengths Only one in the area Customer Loyalty Applies to any age Keeps youth off the streets Opportunities Creates Jobs Helps the community Creates revenue for the city Helps to lower crime rate Weaknesses High- Cost of operation Lack of Initial Customers Potentially Bad Location Lack of Investors Threats Bad Economy More Competition Too Many Lawsuits Lack of Interest

  5. Purchase Behavior/ Decision Process • Purchase from local suppliers • Get dirt bikes from dealers at reasonable rates • Sign long time contracts with suppliers and/or dealerships for minimum of 2 years

  6. Product Strategy • Interactive activities such as go-karts, a dirt bike track, laser tag, paintball course, arcade, and food court. • bright, vibrant colors to theme the building, and its promotional products. • “Be Your Own Challenge” • Events hosted by Motor Skillz • Motor Skillz sponsorships

  7. Promotion Strategy • Motor Skillz is based off young minds that are active and full of energy; our promotional plan will express the same amount of energy and enthusiasm. Communication will be wide spread by mediums of new technology, old technology, and along with on site advertising. • The colors, logo, and slogan associated with Motor Skillz will come straight from the consumers • Our sponsors will show our logo in their shops, and at their events, as we will for them. • Banners and stickers of Motor Skillz will be hung and distributed in other local arcades, gaming shops, motocross gear shops, and community centers. • The company will also rely on digital technology for a large sum of the Motor Skillz promotions strategies. An official website will be developed . • Motor Skillz a mailing list with regular emails being sent to those signed up.

  8. Product Offering • The product we are offering is a place for people to spend time doing the activities they love but can’t find in a steady availability. • Indoor locations for dirt biking, paintball, go carting, skateboarding, and a fully stocked arcade. • A food court on the second level of the building with viewing platforms to watch their favorite activities while they’re not in the game, at the moment. • The paintball court is stocked with co2 tanks for refilling your paintball markers, and gear for lending. • The dirt bike track will be fully ventilated, has a port for customers to bring their own dirt bikes to the track, gear for lend, and weekly tournaments • The food court will be open every hour the building is open to the public, and will host cleanly, fair-priced, and will have a healthy option for cautious minded customers.

  9. Value Proposition/Benefits • We intend our facility to become a veritable hub of social interaction for people who want to be active and have no real means to find a paintball court, dirt bike track, or skate park in the area that feels safe and secure in an indoor environment. • Our benefit to the cash flow of our company would be that we would pay fairly for entry, use of equipment, and consumables during their varied stays within our facility.(That means essentially, the customer would be paying their way into enjoyment with our help as providers. ) • None of the businesses in the area we are looking for have all what we have to offer in one easy to locate area, and Motor Skillz will strive to offer the best to our customers and endorsers.

  10. Prices & Memberships Pay at the Door • $5.00 for 3 hours • $10.00 for 6 hours • $20.00 all day Memberships • Grinder: ( Skate-park and arcade) $90.00 a month • Tagger: (Laser tag and arcade) $100.00 a month • Speed racer: (Go karts and arcade) $100.00 a month • Painter: (Paintball and arcade) $120 a month • Gunslinger: (Laser tag, Paintball and arcade) $150.00 a month • Motor head: (Go karts, Dirt Biking, and arcade) $200.00 a month • Challenger: (All activities) $550 a month

  11. Expenses • Building Cost $10,000 a month • Food Cost $15,000 a month • Lights $ 5,000 a month • Heat/AC $ 5,000 a month • Insurance $10,000 a month • Internet/ Cable/ Phone $100.00 a month • Advertising $7,000 a month • Labor Varied • Fix Bikes/ games Varied • Gas/ Oil Varied