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Cosylab: Your Professional ACS Partner

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Cosylab: Your Professional ACS Partner - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cosylab: Your Professional ACS Partner. Klemen Žagar. Overview. Cosylab – who we are and what we do Role in ACS development Services Consulting Training Support Development Student internships New Service Model Products microIOC. Cosylab.

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Presentation Transcript
cosylab your professional acs partner

Cosylab:Your ProfessionalACS Partner

Klemen Žagar

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

  • Cosylab – who we are and what we do
    • Role in ACS development
  • Services
    • Consulting
    • Training
    • Support
    • Development
    • Student internships
    • New Service Model
  • Products
    • microIOC

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

  • Established in 2001
    • Spin-off of the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI)
    • Research-grade competence with a professional attitude
  • Field of work:
    • Control systems for (large) experimental physics facilities
    • Geographical information systems (GIS)
    • Telecommunications
    • Automotive electronics

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

  • Employees:
    • From 6 in 2001 to 29 in 2006
    • Graduates in physics, computing and electronics
    • Approximately 50 talented and motivated students sharpening their skills through our internship programs
  • ISO 9001 quality management system
    • Paper-free, distributed and flexible (project) management

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

control systems
Control systems …

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

… telecommunications …

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

project management tools
… project management tools …

Web and e-mail access: anytime, anywhere.

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

project management tools1
… project management tools

Project management, reporting and analysis.

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

cosylab and acs
Cosylab and ACS
  • JSI developed a control system for ANKA synchrotron
    • 1996-1999
    • CORBA-based
    • Runs on standard PCs
    • Use of Java for the user interface
  • Gianluca (ESO) and Mark Pleško (JSI) met at ICALEPCS’99
  • Management subsystem
    • ACS Manager, container/component model
    • Configuration database (CDB)
    • Architecture, design, implementation and maintenance
  • Basic Access and Control Interface (BACI)
    • Properties, monitors, characteristics, asynchronous/synchronous semantics
  • Archiving and logging
    • Design, implementation
  • Abeans/CosyBeans
  • Applications
    • Object Explorer, jLog

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

cosylab s services to users of acs
Cosylab’s Services to Users of ACS
  • Consulting
    • Need help figuring out how to start an ACS project?
    • Wonder if you are on the right track?
    • Having trouble and don’t see a way out?
    • Have an unanswered question?
  • Training
    • Starting a project – got the fingers, need the knowledge.
  • Custom development
    • Too much work, too little time.
    • Tough problem that needs to be solved well and quick.
  • Support
    • Support of ACS core.
    • Support of Cosylab’s or other code.
    • Additional pair of hands during commissioning.

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

student internships
Student internships
  • Cosylab and JSI have contact with students that:

… are motivated,

… talented,

… need experience,

… and are eager to see new places.

  • Why not let them help you on your project, at your site, while they learn?
  • Option:
    • Cosylab provides a mentor to supervise student’s work.

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

the new service model
The New Service Model
  • The idea:
    • keep one person permanently at your site to collect requests and make quick fixes,
    • keep a larger team at Cosylab to provide expertise on all possible aspects,
    • pay one, get many. 
  • We are working on long-term partnership with customers and equipment suppliers.
  • We believe we can deliver extra value to in-house development: “do what you do best and leave to us the rest”

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

the right way to outsourcing rightsourcing
The Right Way to Outsourcing: Rightsourcing
  • Start with smaller projects (2-4 person-weeks)
  • Regular visits or work on-site
  • Between “in-sourcing” and “out-sourcing”:
    • 1 person on-site (gather requirements, communicate with customers, organize, support, service…)
    • expert team at home, professionally organized and managed
  • Benefits
    • pay onlyone person, get an expert in every area
    • retain the established work practice:
      • (almost) no specs
      • creative academic environment
      • ask and get (almost) the next day
    • value for money
      • efficiently managed
      • optimized procedures
      • no cure, no pay!
    • Lifetime support

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

  • IOC: Input/Output Controller
  • Signals in, ACS out
  • Variety of I/O:
    • Serial communication (RS-232, RS-485, USB, …)
    • Analog/digital input/output
    • Motion controller
    • Oscilloscope
    • Signal generator
    • Delay generator
    • USB camera (with image analysis)

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching


Dual Ethernet

8 serial ports


Compact Flash

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

  • The microIOCis a black box for installation:
    • with built-in ACS container
    • preconfigured components
  • Made of standard components:
    • a reliable power supply (55 years MTBF)
    • an PC104(+) bus
    • Intel-compatible processor
    • Linux or RTEMS operating system
    • Off-the-shelf parts easy to replace
      • No moving parts (fan, disk) to break in first place

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

integrate devices into acs
Integrate Devices into ACS


RS 232/422/485

USB/Ethernet camera

Analog/digital I/O

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

possible applications
Possible Applications
  • Diskless booting – reduce boot-up time
  • Large distributed systems (e.g., an array of telescopes)
  • Integrate a few signals here and there (utilities)
  • Integrate PLCs into ACS
  • Protocol converter: eg. Modbus - EPICS
  • Isolate device Ethernet network from other IOCs
  • Allows equipment vendors to integrate ACS
  • Office desktop ACS development/test system
  • ACS course hardware
  • Replacement contracts
    • 24h replacement shipping

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

the microioc family
The microIOC Family
  • Small 9”
  • Display 13”
  • Rack mount 19”

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

thanks to
Thanks to …

Gianluca Chiozzi

  • Organization of this workshop.
  • Showed us how to manage a complex software development project (ACS).
  • Letting me have this presentation.
  • Cosylab’s first customer. 

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching

how to reach us
How to reach us …

Ljubljana, Slovenia

3rd ACS Workshop, Garching