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Compliance Training Overview

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Compliance Training Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Compliance Training Overview. Principal’s Meeting February 2012. February 10, 2012. Arlington High School 1:00-3:30 pm We will NOT be pulling paraprofessionals. SPED Teachers PreSchool AFS/Functional Skills STEP Resource/CoTeachers APEX Homebound Hearing & Vision Related Services

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compliance training overview

Compliance TrainingOverview

Principal’s Meeting

February 2012

february 10 2012
February 10, 2012
  • Arlington High School
  • 1:00-3:30 pm
  • We will NOT be pulling paraprofessionals.
  • SPED Teachers
    • PreSchool
    • AFS/Functional Skills
    • STEP
    • Resource/CoTeachers
    • APEX
    • Homebound
    • Hearing & Vision
  • Related Services
      • OT/PT/Speech
    • School Psychologists
district corrective action summary iep process
District Corrective Action SummaryIEP Process
  • IEP Revised Annually
  • Parent Received Copy of Written Report Used in This Eligibility
  • Invitation to Meeting
  • Parental Concerns
  • Present Levels of Performance
  • Annual Goal & Short Term Objectives: Address all on Present Levels
  • Annual Goals & Objectives: Measurable
  • Program Participation
  • IEP Composition- Interpreter of Results
  • Informed Parental Consent- Proposed Program in IEP
  • Parent Notification: Transfer of Student Rights
  • Student Notification: Transfer of Rights
  • Date IEP Provided to Parent
  • LEA Person Responsible for Providing IEP, if Parent did not attend
  • IEP Review by Teachers Not in Attendance
iep process 1a iep revised annually
IEP Process 1a: IEP Revised Annually

Accepted 1/27/12

Signatures of IEP Team Required

“DRAFT” must be crossed through on the 1st page and ALL following pages once the IEP team has accepted the document. The team must DATE and SIGN the first page. The remaining pages should be DATED and INITIALED with “DRAFT” crossed out.

iep process 23 parental concerns
IEP Process 23: Parental Concerns
  • During the IEP meeting, ask the parent or student (if age 18) what their main concerns are relating to his/her education. Document their concerns on the IEP. If the parent and/or student does not attend the meeting, gather this information prior to the meeting by phone, conference, or notes from home. Do NOT leave this section incomplete, blank, or use NA.
iep process 60 iep review by teachers not in attendance
IEP Process 60: IEP Review by Teachers Not in Attendance
  • When the review is completed each of the student’s teachers not in attendance at the meeting MUSTsign and date the last page of the IEP.
  • If all teachers responsible for implementing the IEP are present at the meeting, indicate “all teachers were present.”
district corrective action summary cm initial
District Corrective Action SummaryCM Initial
  • Prior Written Notice for Initial Evaluation
  • Prior Written Notice for Initial Placement

Please do not leave anything blank.

-There are ALWAYS options to consider prior to proposal.

-An explanation must be given for any action rejected.

-Be very detailed with listing sources of information used in making proposal.

-If parental concerns are rejected, the IEP team must use the prior written notice + minutes to document response.

district corrective action summary cm reevaluation
District Corrective Action SummaryCM ReEvaluation
  • ReEvaluation Review Process
  • Parent Input for ReEvaluation
  • Procedural Safeguard for Triennial ReEvaluation
  • Parental Consent for Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Prior Written Notice for ReEvaluation
district corrective action summary tcap alt pa participation requirements
District Corrective Action SummaryTCAP-Alt PA: Participation Requirements
  • The student’s TCAP-Alt Participation Requirements are completed and documented in the IEP. The Principal’s signature is required and agreement MUST be indicated by a “yes” check mark.
district corrective action summary secondary transition
District Corrective Action SummarySecondary Transition
  • Transition: Student Invitation to Meeting
summary of the summary
Summary of the Summary
  • Many citations were a result of empty blanks on the IEP
  • Citations suggest that IEP’s and ReEvaluation packets are done at the last minute
required action online testing
Required Action:Online Testing

Training Plan

Additional Technical Support

Summer HELP Sessions: Voluntary

Option for Site-Based Support

  • Clericals: January 30th
  • All SPED Personnel: February 10th and 20th
  • Assistant Principals: February 14th and 16th
  • Who Must Test:
  • Principal, Assistant Principal (SPED), and all SPED Teachers
  • When Will Testing Occur:
  • Module will be open starting in April
  • All must be completed by July 1, 2012
february 20th

February 20th

Southwind HS

Morning Session

training topics
Training Topics
  • State Mandated Testing & Accommodations
  • Manifestation Determinations
  • IEP Placements to Alternative Settings
  • Criteria for Extended School Year
  • Continuum of SPED Services
  • Standards-Based IEPs
  • Present Levels of Performance: Informal Assessments
  • Subject to revision based on feedback from teachers on 2/10
specialized training according to assignment
Specialized Training According to Assignment
  • Preschool
  • FS/AFS
  • OT/PT/Speech
  • Resource/CoTeachers
  • SPED Homebound
  • STEP
  • APEX
state mandated assessment accommodations
State Mandated Assessment & Accommodations
  • TCAP-Alt
  • Accommodations
      • Must be consistently used for all testing to justify need on state mandated assessment.
      • Prompting Upon Request and Read Aloud cannot both be selected for a student.
      • Communicated to Building Testing Coordinator.
manifestation determinations
Manifestation Determinations
  • Attendance & Long-Term Suspension
  • Roles of ALL Participants:
    • To determine if conduct in question has a substantial relationship to conduct in question
    • To establish whether or not the district failed to implement the student’s IEP
  • SPED Teacher
    • Will have the SPED file and “Adverse Effects” from the last psychoeducational report to read to the team to assist in determination
  • Administrator
    • States the conduct in question and disciplinary action taken –or- Provides a summary of attendance history in question
    • Brings to the meeting paperwork for alternative school unless obtained from parent at the time of the suspension
iep placements to alternative settings
IEP Placements to Alternative Settings
    • Alternative Learning Specialist must be invited
    • DEC Specialist for school must be invited
    • DEC Specialist for STEP must be invited
    • Transportation Specialist invited
  • IEP Placements require the agreement of the IEP team members
  • Require evidence of interventions attempted, implementation/revisions to the behavior plan, extensive efforts with progressive discipline and Least Restrictive Environments
criteria for extended school year
Criteria for Extended School Year
  • Student clearly needs services
  • IEP team decision
  • Teachers will be provided detailed criteria for use as a guide to recommendations.
  • ESY meetings held after 2/20 and prior to March 30th in order to ensure teacher training in process.
  • ESY Projections due 3/5/12
  • ESY Paperwork due 4/2/12
continuum of sped services
Continuum of SPED Services
  • Elementary Schools
    • Preschool
    • CoTeaching (4th-5th)
      • Language Arts
      • Math
    • Resource (Tier III)
    • FS/AFS
  • Middle School
    • CoTeaching
      • Language Arts
      • Math
    • Functional Skills
    • Resource Learning Lab (Tier III)
      • “Academic Exploration” used as Direct SPED Service on IEP
      • Taught by SPED teacher
continuum of sped services1
Continuum of SPED Services
  • High School
    • CoTeaching
      • English I, II, III, IV
      • Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Bridge Math
    • Resource
      • Learning Lab
      • Algebra IA/IB
      • Geometry A/B
      • Biology A/B
    • FS/AFS
iep development
IEP Development
  • Standards-Based IEPs
  • Present Levels of Performance
  • Emphasis Preschool-12th Grade:
  • Programming MUST provide student instruction in the content
  • CoTeaching is ESSENTIAL
  • Resource should be considered very carefully after 3rd grade as the RTI Tier III Intervention.
si teams
  • Should be fully functioning