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SC Agenda – 14 th Mar 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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SC Agenda – 14 th Mar 2012

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SC Agenda – 14 th Mar 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Opening & Introductions Minutes of the meeting 29 th February, including action points Developments in last weeks a. Update NDMA b. Updates from the districts c. Update from the Protection Cluster - Housing Land and Property Sub Cluster

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sc agenda 14 th mar 2012

Opening & Introductions

    • Minutes of the meeting 29th February, including action points
    • Developments in last weeks
      • a. Update NDMA
      • b. Updates from the districts
      • c. Update from the Protection Cluster - Housing Land and Property Sub Cluster
    • 4. Save the Children – Post Distribution Evaluations
    • 5. Information Management
    • Emergency
    • 3Ws and emergency distribution updates
    • Remaining Emergency Needs by UC
    • Recovery
    • Update on Commitments for ER Programmes
    • Update of the UC ranking exercise in Sindh.
    • Updated - Overview of current Material prices in the districts
    • 6. TSSU: Update on the Returns assessment
  • 7. TWIG Update
    • a. DRR measures and outreach campaign
    • 8. Updates from Organizations
    • 9. HERWG Updates
    • a. Updates from HERWG
    • 10. HERWG Updates

SC Agenda – 14th Mar 2012

action points
Action Points
  • Disseminate key ‘save shelter’ and ‘sanitation’ (WASH) messages through education.

UPDATE– Ongoing, will become part of the outreach strategy.

  • Shelter / wash drafting a policy paper on coordination / integration of activities.

UPDATE- Ongoing

  • SC organize TWIG for adaptation of the recovery posters + Organizations share their materials with SC for consideration of dissemination. (UN-Habitat to share a new poster that they have been developing over the last month)

UPDATE- Ongoing

  • Technical Shelter Training material should be available by end March.

UPDATE– Ongoing

  • The DRR Key Messages questionnaire will be shared with the Shelter Cluster. (16-Feb)

UPDATE– Initial results will be available this week

  • Try to acquire UC level emergency distribution data from PDMA and NDMA. (16-Feb)

UPDATE - Ongoing

  • Shelter Cluster to send out the link to the OCHA UC Ranking information
  • All Organisations conducting trainings should fill this information out in the 3W matrix and also provide a description of the content of these trainings, in e.g. a word document.
  • All Organisations with Technical Shelter experience are urged to attend the TWIG meetings that are planned in ISB and Karachi in March.
  • UN-Habitat to send out a web link to the report and presentations from the Lessons Learned 2010 Conference that took place on the 23rd February.
  • Shelter Cluster – update the CESVI information in the 3W matrix
  • UN-Habitat to look into whether or not the Housing Land and Property group in the protection cluster are still operating.
  • Shelter Cluster – Ask the RC to confirm the new Cluster Coordination organisation in Balochistan
  • NRC – implement and maintain 3W matrix and contact list for Balochistan – aim to complete by the end of March.
district updates
District updates

Common Issues

  • Remaining emergency distributions to be organized in return areas as well;
  • People have limited resources to rebuild by themselves, sell livestock and personal belongings; Assistanceneeded to support self-recovery initiatives ( shelter/roofing kits, material, cash and technical training)
  • Increase of requests for technical guidance from organizations; perception that introduction of DRR components is critical
  • Agencies also asking for guidance to better respond to needs of most vulnerable communities (landless, nomad communities), so shelter response can be adapted to needs; attention to be paid to protection issues
districts updates
Districts Updates


  • Standing Waterin small pockets of TalukaJuhdo, Sindhri and KotGulham Khan;
  • On going distributions by HANDS, IOM; CESVI;
  • On-going early recovery shelter assistance by HANDS, SALBWS, RDF, PVDP, Goth Singhar Foundation; 
  • Planned: IOM, Save the Children, ACTED, Cesvi;
  • SEEWA planning a training on DRR for communities.
districts updates1
Districts Updates


  • On-going emergency distributions by IOM/DDAT, SRSP, Rotary Club;
  • On-going ER shelter activities;
  • Fires in houses are common issues in the district - safety measures & recommendations required from humanitarian community, including from agencies helping shelter reconstruction


  • On-going activities by HANDS, Sead Organization;
  • Planned ER shelter activities by Arche Nova;
  • Perception that mud houses seen as being too fragile to resist to new floods - need further guidance on the construction; 
districts updates2
Districts Updates

Tando Muhammad Khan

  • On going distributions by ASWA, UNHABITAT;
  • ER activities by UN-HABITAT, HANDS;
  • Shelter kits identified as a key need to support self-recovery.

Tando Allah Yar

  • On-going distributions of ER shelters by IOM with the support of Nari organization;
  • District authorities identified needs for emergency support in in the border UC DinghanoBozdarnear Matiyari District 
districts updates3
Districts Updates


  • On going emergency distributions by IOM, PU/AMI,
  • Identification of remaining needs in UC Khori, Sarari, Rhonjo, Shah Sikanderabad;
  • ER activities by HANDS, VDO, RDF. 

S. Benazirbad

  • Completion of distributions by Shah Sachal Sami Foundation, and IOM;
  • Solidaritesimplements WASH activities, planning to combine them with Shelter activities
district focal points
District Focal Points

SC Proposing 4 Key areas for focal points:

  • Mirpurkhas and Umerkot;
  • Badin, TAY and TMK
  • Sanghar, ShaheedBenezirabad and Matiari
  • Tharparkar
housing land and property update
Housing Land and Property Update
  • Identification of the most vulnerable beneficiaries for early recovery support is the priority.
  • Very few issues with land reported from the 2010 floods. Numbers of TSSU respondents reporting land related issues are also very low (<200 families). Agreement from landlords / forced migration is the biggest issue identified so far.
  • District reports indicate that landlords do not perceive the Katcha houses with DRR as permanent shelters
  • SC coordinating and collecting feedback from organisations active in SE Sindh from 2010 and 2011 through the District meetings
  • Recommendation 1: Continue to monitor and refer any specific reports of land issues from TSSU and DFP to the relevant organisations / authorities.
  • Recommendation 2: HLP experts to present at a SC TWIG session before the next SC meeting with the aim to develop joint guidelines on land issues for approval from the cluster.
sc update distributions

SC Update – Distributions

Total distributions (Sindh and Balochistan) so far (figures in brackets are the change so far during this month):

sc er update

SC ER-Update

Total Commitments (Sindh and Balochistan) so far (figures in brackets are the change so far during this month):

ocha uc ranking update
OCHA - UC Ranking - Update
  • Final results will be provided by OCHA today
  • Once received, SC will map the results and compare these with the UC Prioritisation information as well as the flood inundation data from FAO.

Returns assessment update

twig outreach
TWIG Outreach

DRR Messaging

HLP Session – date tbc

next meeting
Next meeting
  • 28th March 2012