So you want to do an internship
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So, you want to do an internship…. Eileen Kraemer Feb. 1, 2005. Outline. Why do an internship? Finding an internship The application process The interview process. Why do an internship. Earn money Obtain valuable experience Make contacts that may lead to future full-time employment

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So you want to do an internship

So, you want to do an internship….

Eileen Kraemer

Feb. 1, 2005


  • Why do an internship?

  • Finding an internship

  • The application process

  • The interview process

Why do an internship
Why do an internship

  • Earn money

  • Obtain valuable experience

  • Make contacts that may lead to future full-time employment

  • Fun

Finding an internship
Finding an internship

  • Deadlines

    • January – March, usually 2/15 or 3/15

  • Apply widely …

  • Web Search


  • Other companies and government agencies

Nsf reu

  • National Science Foundation, Research Experiences for undergraduates.

  • To search for a program:

    • Programs in Alaska, Florida, California, Idaho, & more

    • Supercomputing, Robotics, Computer Vision, Human Technology Interaction, & more

    • Some at UGA in biology, physics, etc. -- CS students are welcome to apply

  • Don’t limit yourself strictly to CS programs

  • Some have deadlines this month (2/28) !!!

Other good resources
Other good resources

  • AT&T Bell Labs:

  • ACM listing of internship opportunities:

    • Massive listing of many internship possibilities, plus links to other databases and listings

  • Professional Scientific Organizations:

  • Government Lab Internships:

  • Google it!

The application process
The application process

  • Typically, fill out an application, often online

  • Some may require resume, transcript, etc.

  • Often require letter of recommendation

    • find faculty or employers willing to write a letter

    • supply them with “ammunition” for letter – resume, bulleted list of info about yourself you’d like to see in a letter

  • Start now


  • Not always required

  • Some use phone interview

  • Some may have in-person interview

If you do have an interview
If you do have an interview ….

  • Appearance

  • Before the interview

  • Day of interview

  • During

  • Common mistakes

  • Questions to ask

  • After the interview


  • Make sure clothes are clean, pressed, etc.

  • Well groomed

  • Conservative dress

Before the interview
Before the interview…

  • Research the company

    • You may be asked to talk about the company in the interview. Be prepared.

  • Know about the position.

    • Read the job requirements very carefully.

  • Find out the location of the interview, Don’t be Late!!

  • Decide how you will dress and make sure clothes are in proper condition

  • Practice Questions and Answers to improve your skills.

  • REST!!

Day of interview
Day of Interview

  • Eat before you leave home. An empty stomach or too full stomach is not advisable.

  • Don’t get distracted or too excited.

  • Arrive early

  • Say hello to everyone (guard, receptionist, secretary, etc).

  • Bring any certificates or records you think the interviewer may want to see.

  • Bring extra copies of your resume, reference letter or list.

During the interview
During the Interview

  • Be yourself and smile.

  • Be confident (or feign confidence)

    • Warm smile, firm handshake, eye contact, and good posture all counts

  • Speak clearly and avoid “uh”, “you know”, and slang…

  • Do not argue or try to prove the interviewer is wrong.

  • Avoid answering with “yes” or “no”, elaborate and answer to the point.

  • Stress accomplishments. Do not bore the interviewer with unnecessary details.

  • Don’t bring up bad experiences or weaknesses voluntarily. If asked, answer truthfully but briefly.

Mistakes candidates make
Mistakes Candidates Make…

  • Bad appearance or presentation.

  • Poor expression of thoughts, including incorrect grammar.

  • Not sure about job position or not prepared for the interview.

  • No confidence or lack or interest.

  • “I know everything” or “better than you” attitude.

  • Immature or non-courteous, overaggressive or overbearing.

  • Poor attitude.

  • Failing to listen

  • Inconsistency in answers

  • Arriving late.

  • Too concerned about salary and benefits.

  • Speaking negatively about previous employer or others.

Questions to ask
Questions to Ask…

  • Never say you have nothing to ask!!!

    • May think you are not interested or doesn’t care

  • Ask Questions to show that you did some research about the company

  • Ask about the position, and what is expected from the candidate, etc…

  • If there is one interviewer, ask about his/her position and show genuine interest about what is said.

  • Ask questions to show your interest in the company

  • DO NOT talk about salary or benefits, unless they start.

After the interview
After the interview

  • Thank the interviewers. Shake their hands individually and thank each interviewer by name.

  • Show confidence and interest, no matter how the interview goes.

  • Once you leave, write down all the questions and your answers for future reference.

  • Write down your experience, including all the good points and the bad points for future reference. Write all the information you may need in case they call you for a second interview.

  • Send a thank you note to the interview.