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Pluto Prevails

Pluto Prevails

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Pluto Prevails

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  1. Written By: Katie Lucken Pluto Prevails

  2. “Though the Queen Alina is no longer with us, she has chosen our next ruler well! Long live Queen Jilliette Lutunia!” The royal announcer boomed. Jilliette walked up the steps, “Oh, thank you Pluto! I will make this planet proud!” She stepped of the platform and curtsied. That was sixty years ago. During the year 2030 on the planet Pluto, things couldn’t have been better. Katrina, Queen Jilliette, and Queen Jilliette’s adopted son Jonathan Ilkit hurried down to the safety chamber. The threesome then settled down to a dark and uncomfortable night among the shadowsnot knowing what had happened. “Ms. Queen Jilliette?” Katrina said, “Did you hear the commotion? The royal guards said to get down to the Royal Safety Chamber right away.” “Oh my, get Jonathan please.”

  3. The next day the news arrived with the messenger boy that an explosion had blown up one of the farms on the other side of the planet. The farms covered a large region on the other side of the planet from where the palace was. Jonathan was in charge of supervising everything involving the farms. That was the food supply to the entire planet, which admittedly, was quite small. Jilliette and Jonathan lived in a grand palace with beautiful gardens and a gorgeous scenery. They lived in the capital city Ashklon, and most of the trade from other cities to other cities happened here.

  4. It was also here that the special arts were headquartered. The technology and tools were led by Rachel, (it’s just “Rachel”) and Jacquelyn Wica along with Christopher Bittinpo. Each person had an apprentice and Rachel created new technology and tools while Jacquelyn created new technology and Christopher created new tools. All new tools and inventions and patents went through them before being certified.

  5. The arts and architecture arts department was led by Beth Willis and GessetteSharlittin. Also Will Toppletin and Nathaniel Ordinig. Beth was an artist and a sculptor while Gessette was an architect and an interior designer. Both Will and Nathaniel worked on everything. Everyone had an apprentice. Every blueprint went through them as well as paintings for museums and other things such as sculptures.

  6. The communication was entirely English. Lille communicated with messengers and cities and planets and galaxies solely with the Queen. The special arts were very important. The Writing system was run by Lille Russenompol and her apprentices. The writing system was a version of English writing but with only lowercase letters and plain letters. Form of Writing

  7. The same day, Queen Jilliette was highly troubled by the bombing of the farms. “Help!” Jilliette screamed before looking into the eyes of Jane Marsa.Jane had kidnapped the queen from her bedroom. Jane tied Jilliette to a fence post and wound a rope all around her body. A white flying machine zoomed to the alley, and out hopped royal guards and the special arts leaders. Jane was imprisoned at the palace and Jilliette healed quickly after to coming to consciousness from fainting, due to lack of blood circulation in her body with the rope tightly wound.

  8. The guards had gotten out of Jane that she was going to suffocate Jilliette and control the food supply with Prince Jonathan turned evil. She would also make the Plutanians her servants. She told them that she was going to make everyone worship evil shadow gods, and study the religion Jorgon. Jilliette let anyone worship any kind of religion. There was a main religion though, and it was Catoran, and in that religion you worshipped good gods. All turned out well that day. Some laws did need to be made after the rebellion of Jane, like obey and respect the queen. No crossing city lines without your transport papers. If you are caught practicing an evil religion, you are to be thrown in jail. No stealing food from the warehouses. Everyone has a right to their food, clothing, shelter, and paid for property.

  9. Jilliette and Jonathan, Lille Russenompol, Rachel, and Beth Willis, the leaders of the special arts are all very high social figures. They also are the court, and lawmakers. The commoners, are the farmers, fishers, and all the rest of the special arts, they are content with their rank in the population, because they are certainly a large part of it. The maids, butlers, and servants are still present, but treated well and their number in the population is diminishing quickly. All and all the social structure is well developed and everyone is happy on the planet Pluto. Jilliette, Jonathan, Lille, Rachel, Beth Social Structure Visual Pyramid Farmer, Fishers, The rest of the special arts, hunters, and Wives and Children Maids, Butlers, Servants

  10. So now you know the story of Pluto. Well, Jilliette never thought she would become a legend. She was certainly the best Pluto had ever had, or ever will have. She’s gone now by about forty years, and I only have one last thing to tell you, AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER, the end

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