Parallel ray tracing system
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Parallel Ray Tracing System. By: Mason Cree Ryan McDonough. mac6650/cg2/index.html. Project Background. For this project our team will expand upon the ray tracer we are developing for the assignments.

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Parallel ray tracing system

Parallel Ray Tracing System

By: Mason Cree

Ryan McDonough

Parallel ray tracing system

Project Background

  • For this project our team will expand upon the ray tracer we are developing for the assignments.

  • Given how slow ray tracing can take to draw a photorealistic scene, we will be parallelizing our ray tracer to reduce the time required to draw complex images.

  • Our 3D scene will be an improved adaptation of the scene from our assignments.

  • We will utilize a graphics object loader to place complex objects in the scene to be ray traced.

  • In terms of the image synthesis pipeline, our parallel ray tracing system addresses the projection of 3D eye coordinates to 2D eye coordinates.

Parallel ray tracing system


  • Fully implemented ray tracer

  • Add complex graphics object loader

  • Full parallelization of ray tracer

Parallel ray tracing system

Systems & Software

  • Hardware:

    • Windows computers with dual and quad core processors and ample secondary memory (i.e. Vista, 64-bit, dual core, 4GB RAM).

  • Software:

    • In terms of software, our project will be coded using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and will be written in C#.

    • We will also incorporate an advanced graphics loader with our project to allow us to load complex objects into our scene.

Parallel ray tracing system

Components & Algorithms

  • GUI

  • Ray Tracing algorithm

  • Parallelization algorithm

  • Complex Object loader

Parallel ray tracing system

Project Timeline

  • January 4th – Complete research on parallelization & bump mapping.

  • January 20th – Add complex graphics object loader, begin parallelization, and submit mid-term update.

  • February 22nd – Complete parallelization.

  • February 24th – Submit team evaluations.

Parallel ray tracing system

Final Presentation

For our final presentation we will show several images produced by our parallel ray tracing system along with accompanying draw times to demonstrate the optimization resulting from parallelization. We will also demonstrate the parallel ray tracing in real time.

Parallel ray tracing system


After parallelizing our ray tracer, should time permit, our team would like to explore adding bump mapping to our graphics project.