hola bonjour hello n.
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Hola ! Bonjour! Hello! PowerPoint Presentation
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Hola ! Bonjour! Hello!

Hola ! Bonjour! Hello!

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Hola ! Bonjour! Hello!

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  1. Hola! Bonjour! Hello! I’m Christina and I study French and Spanish at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. P.S. I’m also a St. John’s past student. 

  2. ¡Bienvenido a España! Spain has 17 Autonomous Regions (ComunidadesAutonomas). This means that these regions are self-governed. Like Wales. I will be studying in Madrid at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid from September until January. All of my classes (bar one) will be taught in Spanish and I have chosen to study translation and grammer along with French and Spanish. I will also be studying English literature and learning a new language entirely…Portuguese.

  3. Palacio Real - The Royal Palace Madrid • Madrid is the capital and it is the largest city in Spain. • It is the home of the Spanish royal family therefore it is the political centre of Spain. • I have never been to Madrid before but I am looking forward to learning about this beautiful city. El Centro de Madrid (The Centre of Madrid) El Parque de Retiro - Retiro Park

  4. Madrid being the capital means that travelling through out Spain is VERY easy. And I have friends staying in multiple places all over Spain.

  5. Bienvenue en France Angers is 3 hours from Paris, the Capital. For Semester two, I will be studying at the UniversiteCatholique de l’Ouestin Angers from February to June. During this placement, I must not only study but write my dissertation in French. The bonus is that I don’t have to sit any exams. YAY! I’ve visited France before with St. John’s on the French Exchange (the reason I am now studying languages at University – Start nagging for it to make a return. I promise you’ll love it!)

  6. Angers Angers is a city in western France with a population of around 147,305 inhabitants. Angers is the home of blue chocolate (Bizarre, I know, but I will try it). It’s a lot smaller than Madrid but I’m looking forward to the difference in size.

  7. Angers has an airport (l’aéroport) The city is located on the river Maine (La Maine estunerivière française du Maine-et-Loire) CouffonPavot residence universitaire – University Halls named CouffonPavot In Angers, I will be living in the town centre (le centre-ville) in a halls of residence (la residence universitaire). Angers is famous for its towering castle (la château) filled with the extraordinary Apocalypse Tapestry.

  8. As I mentioned, I have classmates and friends already abroad. My year abroad is going to be full of travels. Including a three week long Interrail across Europe in July. Berlin Amsterdam Belgium Prague Paris Vienna Mulhouse Orleans Budapest Geneva Venice Bucharest Florence Carcassonne Sofia Rome Barcelona Valencia Lisbon Alicante Seville Malaga

  9. ¡ HastaLuego! Á bientôt! I’m looking forward to sharing my year abroad experiences with you over the next year. Hopefully, you will experience the same enthusiasm for French that I felt after attending the year abroad.