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Conversation – In a restaurant

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Conversation – In a restaurant - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Conversation – In a restaurant. Střední odborná škola Otrokovice. Autorem materiálu a všech jeho částí, není-li uvedeno jinak, je Ing. Alena Čechová

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Conversation – In a restaurant

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conversation in a restaurant

Conversation– In a restaurant

Střední odborná škola Otrokovice

Autorem materiálu a všech jeho částí, není-li uvedeno jinak, je Ing. Alena Čechová

Dostupné z Metodického portálu, ISSN: 1802-4785, financovaného z ESF a státního rozpočtu ČR. Provozováno Výzkumným ústavem pedagogickým v Praze.

conversation in a restaurant1


Conversation – In a restaurant

1. Druhy restauračních zařízení

Definování a příklady stravování

2. Rozhovor v restauraci

Praktické příklady konverzace

3. Slovní zásoba k tématu

Vhodná slovní zásoba a praktické příklady

4. Praktická cvičení v konverzaci

Praktické příklady a cvičení

druhy restaura n ch za zen

Café – youcanhave a cup ofteaorcoffee and snackthere (= somethingsmall to eatlike a sandwichorcake)

Restaurant – you go therefor a full meal, more expensivethan a café

Fast-food restaurant – youcanget a quick hot mealthere, forexampleburger and chips

Self-service restaurant – youtakewhatyouwant, payforit and carryit to your table

Bar/pub– bars and pubs serve alkohol and soft drinks (=non-alkoholicdrinkslikefruitjuice and lemonade)

Druhy restauračních zařízení

rozhovor v restauraci 1

Joe: Thisis a nice place, isn´tit?

Jane: Yes. Thewaiterisfriendly and restaurant looks very clean.

Joe: Whatwouldyoulike to drink?

Jane: I´dlikesomemineralwater.

Joe: Shallwehave a bottleofwine?

Jane: Not forme, thankyou. I´vegotthe car.

Joe: Oh, allright. (To thewaiter) Twomineralwaters, please.

Jane: Here´sour food. Enjoyyourmeal!

Joe: Thistastesdelicious. How´syourfish?

Jane: Very nice, thanks. Thesauceisgood. Wouldyoulike to taste it?

Joe: Yes, please, I would. Oh, it´s very nice.

Jane: Havewegot a timefordessert?

Joe: No, I don´tthink so. I don´twant to belateforthe concert. Shallwehave a cup ofcoffee?

Jane: Yes, good idea. Thedessertslook nice. I´dlike to taste one.

Joe: Well, wecancomehereagainanotherday.

Jane: Yes, wecan.

Rozhovor v restauraci [1]

rozhovor v restauraci 11

Joe: This a good place for Czech food. Wouldyoulike to try „svíčková“?

Jane: Oh, I don´tknow. What´sitlike?

Joe: Well, it´spiecesofpork in a creamyvegetablesauce and it´sservedwithdumplings. It´s very taste. I thinkyou´regoing to enjoyit.

Jane: Thatsoundsgood. I musttry a beer, too! What are youhaving?

Joe: I fancythebeefcutlet and salad, with a mineralwater.


Jane: Mmm, this „svíčková“ istasty. How´syourmeal?

Jo: Very nice, thanks. Pleasewouldyoupassthe salt?

Jane: Hereyou are.

Jo: Thanks.

What are youhaving? Co si dáte?

I fancy… Chtěl bych…

Please, wouldyoupassthe salt? Podejte mi prosím sůl.

Hereyou are. Prosím.

Rozhovor v restauraci [1]

ordering food

Waiter: Are youready to order?

Customer: Ye, I´dliketomatosoup and steak, please.

Waiter: Wouldyoulikethe steak withchipsornewpotatoes? And howwouldyoulikeyour steak – rare, medium orwell- done?

Customer: Rare, please. And withnewpotatoes.

Waiter: And whatwouldyoulike to drink?

Waiter: Iseverythingallright?

Customer: Thankyou, it´s very nice.

Ordering food

Otázka: Whatdon´teatvegetarians?

Theydon´teat …………….

slovn z soba k t matu

Starters: tomatosoup, melon, orangejuice…

Maincourse:roastbeef, green peas, carrots and roastpotatoes


steak, mashedpotatoes and mixedvegetables

fish and chips

cheese or ham omelette

Dessert: icecream, strawberries, fruitsalad…

Kindsofmeat: beef hovězí

veal telecí

pork vepřové

chicken kuřecí

lamb jehněčí

Slovní zásoba k tématu

praktick cvi en v konverzaci

1. Uspořádetej do věty: the dog/eat/did/food/all/ the?

2. Přeložte: Podej mi prosím sůl.

Chtěl bych ochutnat nějaké víno.

3. Whichoftheplaceswouldyou go to ifyou…

- want a romanticdinnerfortwo?

- havethreesmallchildrenwithyou?

- are very thirsty?

4. Doplňte: Youcanhavevegetable ………… start. 1. steak

Wouldyoulike a cheese………….? 2. potatoes

Do youlikeyour ………well-done? 3. soup

I´dlikesomeroast …………… 4. omelette

Praktická cvičení v konverzaci

praktick cvi en v konverzaci1

There are somemistakes in thisdialogue. Correctthemistakes:

Waiter: Are youreadyfororder?

Customer: Yes, I likevegetablesoup and steake, please.

Waiter: Whatwouldyoulikeyour steak? Rare, medium or done good?

Customer: Rare, please.

Waiter: Whatyouwouldlike to drink?

Customer: A orangejuice, please.

Uspořádejte rozhovor:[1]

No, thanks, that´sall.

Hello. Can I helpyou?

Wouldyoulikesomething to drink?

A smallCoke, please, diet Coke.

Yes, I´dlike a cheesburger and chips.

Hereyou are. Anythingelse?

Praktická cvičení v konverzaci

  • Whatwouldyoulike to eat?
  • Whatwouldyoulike to drink?
  • Do youknow „Enjoyyourmeal!“ and „Bon appetit!“?
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