Kooskia national fish hatchery
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Kooskia National Fish Hatchery. Recirculation incubation chiller system. Well water make up column. Reuse water aeration column. Reservoir. 1,000 gal. Input well water. Recirculation pumps. Two stage chiller unit. Controller for the two 7 1/2 hp motors. Flow meter.

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Kooskia national fish hatchery

Kooskia National Fish Hatchery

Recirculation incubation chiller system

Kooskia national fish hatchery

Well water make up column

Reuse water aeration column


1,000 gal

Input well water

Recirculation pumps

Two stage chiller unit

Kooskia national fish hatchery

Controller for the two 7 1/2 hp motors

Flow meter

Kooskia national fish hatchery

Average cost per month to operate the large chiller and hatchery power is


Average cost per month to operate the small chiller and hatchery power is


The Difference in cost per month is $7,657.91

The large chiller is operated four months of the year by itself and three months

in conjunction with the small chiller. The small chiller is operated five months

of the year by itself.

  • Cost saving calculated by Avista Power

  • Monthly energy savings with new system 94,107 kW hr/month

  • Monthly demand savings with new system 129 kW/month

  • Monthly energy cost Savings $5,866/month

  • Monthly demand cost savings $612/month

  • Based on the Avista cost savings estimations, the new system saves us

  • approximately……..


Kooskia national fish hatchery

First year of full incubation at Kooskia National Fish Hatchery

Total eggs on station 764,546

Total eyed-eggs on station 729,476 Percent eye-up 95.4

Total hatch 716,077 Percent hatch 93.66

  • Advantages

  • Water is recirculated

  • Only 10 gallons/min is added into the system at all times

  • Going to a smaller chiller system has saved us $$$$$

  • Ability to control water temperature to the Heath stacks

  • Disadvantages

  • Having to be more diligent in making sure that chemicals are discharged

  • out of the system

  • More time consuming for personnel to perform egg treatments

  • Inability to adjust individual stack temperatures