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Health & Weight Loss Presentation

Health & Weight Loss Presentation

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Health & Weight Loss Presentation

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  1. Health & Weight LossPresentation These materials have been produced by an Arbonne Independent Consultant and are not official materials prepared or provided by Arbonne International, LLC. Arbonne makes no promises or guarantees that any consultant will be financially successful, as each consultant’s results are dependant upon his or her own skills and effort. Actual financial results of all Arbonne’s Independent consultants for the preceding year are contained in Arbonne’s ICCS on Arbonne’s official website.

  2. What to bring to this party? • Fiber shake • Dixie cups • Protein shakes in all flavors • Chews in all flavors • Detox tea • GO3 Fizzing tablets • Antioxidant & Immunity Booster • Hybrid power pack/Kids & teens • Omega 3 • Digestion Plus • 7 day Body Cleanse • Client profile sheets, hostess info • RE9 samples or demo kits to use for those not already on Arbonne skincare • Invites to discover arbonne recorded call • Arbonne Essentials Pamphlet • Ways to Save Sheets

  3. Why They Are Here • Give guests a sample of the detox tea as they enter so it is warm • Their why: you are here today b/c you are looking to lose weight or to just become healthier…good for you because it does take effort to do this in our society today

  4. The Arbonne Difference • Once you use our products you will see & feel the difference. • Our company was established in 1980 • Our health & wellness products are all: • Botanically-based • Never tested on animals • Formulated without animal products or by-products • Formulated without dyes or chemical fragrances • Researched on people • Certified vegan • Certified Kosher • Made w/o glutens, no dairy, cholesterol, saturated or trans fats • All Arbonne products come with a 45 day money back guarantee • Sweetened without artificial sweeteners, Arbonne uses Stevia & Lo Han

  5. Why Healthy? • Explain toxins: we are all exposed to toxins on a daily basis: foods we eat, environment, household cleaners, etc. In our bodies, when toxins come in at a faster rate than our bodies can process them, our body pulls those toxins away from our vital organs and holds them in fat stores. When we decrease our toxic load, we feel better and also are able to lose fat weight – especially lower belly, hips and thigh fat. • This is why some people can eat less, exercise more and still not lose weight. Our bodies will release fat stores only when we clear out the toxins. With an overload it can lead to a range of health problems such as diabetes, skin irritations, heart disease, chronic pain, digestive problems, fatigue, depression

  6. Why Healthy - Cont • When we eliminate toxins from our bodies, we can see improvements in weight loss, increased energy, improved skin and health! • We do this by eating whole foods (things you grow, good things from the earth), which gives our bodies a rest from digesting the processed foods that our bodies were not designed to take in. • Maybe you are here to make some changes in your health, or have some weight loss goals. Just think, you could earn extra income by helping others institute a healthier lifestyle

  7. Detox Tea • This herbal caffeine free tea cleanses & detoxifies for optimum health. • Supports liver, kidney and blood – milk thistle is a major support to the liver it detoxifies by secreting medications, alcohol, and toxins. Metabolizes fats and carbs. • Skipping this step in good health & weight loss is like never cleaning your face & expecting your skin to look like a million bucks. • Each can contains 20 tea bags, 1-2 cups of tea/day Show can to audience. Can be used hot or cold.

  8. Fiber Shakes • Perfect for everyone, even those not needing to lose weight. Myth – not just for old or constipated people and it does not cause loose stools. • 90% of Americans get less than ½ the fiber they need on a daily basis • Fiber helps to control blood sugar levels by pulling sugars through the digestive tract. This helps to keep the sugar from being stored as fat. • We recommend fiber in your protein shakes and you can even mix it in with your meals. (spaghetti sauce)

  9. Daily Essentials • For those of you who might not eat as well as you should. Promotes complete nutrition with 20 essential vitamins and minerals • Essential minerals & nutrients to support healthy bone tissue • Gender specific • Adequate calcium and vit D with well balanced diet • Supports a healthy immune system • Supports eye health • Promotes energy, vitality and longevity • Extreme anti-oxidant protection • Promotes nutrient uptake and absorption • 1 pack, once a day • Show sample power pack.

  10. GO3 Fizzing Tablet • You have seen people walking around or at work drinking energy drinks or shots • Full of B vitamins which give us energy. Stress depletes our Vitamin B so the Fizzie tabs can help replace. • No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners • (serve sample to guests over ice in Dixie cups), show guests packaging • This is a tablet that you dissolve in room temperature water & can then pour over ice. (will break to fit in water bottle) Cost - $1.40 retail/drink. Less expensive • 3 purposes in one easy to use drink • Increases energy with use of herbs, green tea & natural caffeine • Helps to control hunger & appetite • Clinically proven ingredients help to boost metabolism

  11. Antioxidant & Immunity Booster • Delicious 3 oz drink shot of juices from pomegranate, blueberry, acai, grape, cranberry and other superfruits • Delivers a gentle boost of energy • Promotes healthy immune system • Provides antioxidants to defend against free radical damage • Supports the body’s natural defense system • Compare ours! It knocks the socks off others.

  12. Immune Booster Cont • YOU WOULD NEED: • 1 ½ oranges to = Vitamin C • 16 oz of milk to = Vitamin D • 1 cup of almonds to = riboflavin • 10 eggs to = B12 • 2 cups of lima beans to = zinc • 3.5 cups white rice to = selenium • Plus the antioxidant level (ORAC value) of 3 apricots, 5 zucchini, 1 kiwi, 1 cup watermelon, 1 cup of cucumber to = 1 shot of our Immune Booster

  13. Protein Shakes • Contains: • 20 vitamins and minerals • 20 grams protein – pea, cranberry and rice. No Glutens, dairy or soy…Arbonne is not Whey protein. Whey is from dairy, harder to digest, can be allergenic and we don’t know the source (How the cows are raised) • 170 calories, no cholesterol, 15 carbs • contains no animal products/ by-products (vegetarian). • Contains flax seed, a healthy fat • Alfalfa and kelp help convert carbs and fat to energy • Recommend to mix with water – can start with Almond Milk – Also add your favorite frozen fruits • Available in powder or ready to drink formula • Retail Cost is $1.86 powder/$2.75 ready made • Pass out samples

  14. 7 Day Detox Cleanse • Our Seasource Detox Cleanse has 7 small bottles. 1 for each day. • You mix it with water (can add a fizzie) and drink it throughout the day • This is key in helping to eliminate toxins from your lungs, kidneys, liver, blood and digestive system.

  15. Digestion Support • Enzymes help support digestion • Supports extensive digestion of carbs, fats, proteins, fiber and lactose • Minimizes gas and bloating • Supports nutrient uptake for the foods we eat • Does not contain fat

  16. Snacks • What to do between meals? • Have a healthy snack such as a green apple and almonds or • Weight loss chews…great alternative to candy or junk food. • If you like dessert, eat after a meal to curb the craving • each chew contains 30 calories and gives a gentle boost of energy • Keep them with you at work, in the car & at home. Never leave home without them. • One bag contains 30 chews

  17. Why will this system work when others have failed? • . Why will this work when others have failed? • You don’t get as hungry- due to our herbal ingredients • You won’t feel tired- due to our energy drink & supplements • Works to keep your blood sugars level- peaks and valleys cause hunger • Are you willing to change your health in 30 days? You can do anything for 30 days. I invite you to embark with me in a life changing program for you and your family

  18. Skincare • We have talked about some healthy changes for the inside - • We want to share with you Arbonne’s anti-aging skincare the RE9 Advanced which will help you look and feel better • Who here has used or sampled our NEW RE9 Advanced skincare? • I will give you this opportunity tonight. • (During order process offer those who have not used a sample or the ability to demo a kit in the privacy of their own home) • (Making sure to set up an appt to pick up your demo or talk to them about their experience) • Go through your favorites (pick 2-3)

  19. Opportunity • I will teach you in a minute how to get a discount on Arbonne’s amazing products. First I want to share with you why I am a part of this company (Your Why Story) • We are a network marketing company which is said to be the business of the 21st century. It is a distribution system or a form of marketing, which channels goods or services from the manufacturer to the consumer through a “network” of independent consultants. This cuts out the middlemen in most industries. • All our products are consumable. Which means repeat sales and profits.

  20. Opportunity - Continued • Some of the Benefits of Arbonne include: Work alongside your current job Free leadership, training, and coaching Earn while you learn Minimal start up costs Mercedes Benz program FREE vacations Unlimited income potential - add income or replace and income.

  21. Opportunity – Continued(pick 2 or 3 of these to target your audience) • Would additional income make a difference in your life? • Needing extra cash to pay off debit, save for retirement or pay for college? • Do you hate that feeling you get when Sunday evening rolls around? • Would you like more flexibility in your life? • Is your job creating too much stress in your life? • Want to be your own boss & create your own income potential?

  22. Opportunity – Continued • If you would like to replace an income or earn an additional income by working an average of 10 hrs/week, see me afterwards and I will give you a packet like this (hold up sponsoring packet) to review. • I know some of you are thinking “I can’t afford to add this to my budget”. • How many of here go to Starbucks or Sonic? • How many times per week? As I shared with you, a healthy protein shake meal at home is less than a latte at Starbucks.

  23. 3 ways to win with Arbonne • 1) Client- pay retail & get exceptional customer service • 2) Preferred Client - sign-up for $29 & have your own 20% discount on all of Arbonne’s products for 1 year • 3) Business Builder- and receive all the things mentioned earlier

  24. Client Profile sheet • Please take out your client profile sheet & mark a 1, 2 or a 3 at the top. • 1 if you are interested in products • 2 if you are curious about the business and would like some more information • 3 if you get it & are ready to start a business with Arbonne • Go over packet of Healthy Living information • Play booking game

  25. Close with 4 square close • Hand out the “Ways to Save” Sheet • Go over each option, letting them know these can be changed as needed but are some of the most popular packages • Then tell them while they are sampling products & grabbing a bite to eat you would now like to meet with each person individually to go over what works best to meet their goals & budget.