david fordham s ais jeopardy game http cob jmu edu fordham aecm1 htm l.
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David Fordham’s AIS Jeopardy Game cob.jmu/fordham/AECM1.htm PowerPoint Presentation
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David Fordham’s AIS Jeopardy Game cob.jmu/fordham/AECM1.htm

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David Fordham’s AIS Jeopardy Game cob.jmu/fordham/AECM1.htm - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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David Fordham’s AIS Jeopardy Game http://cob.jmu.edu/fordham/AECM1.htm.

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David Fordham’s AIS Jeopardy Game cob.jmu/fordham/AECM1.htm

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. David Fordham’s AIS Jeopardy Gamehttp://cob.jmu.edu/fordham/AECM1.htm One of the simplest, yet most unusual, applications I use for PowerPoint is my own parody of the Jeopardy game. If you download it and try it, I think you'll have to agree it is ultra-simple, downright embarrassingly so, yet the students get a kick out of it, since it is so unlike any PowerPoint session they've ever seen. Class participation a la mode! Not a lot of new learning takes place on the day I play the game, but the students have a good time! I use Snickers bars for the winners, and a homework review sheet for the losers!There’s also a Double Jeopardy Version!

    2. ACTG 313 November 17, 2006 Professor David Fordham James Madison University Jeopardy Game PowerPoint Files can be downloaded from http://cob.jmu.edu/fordham/AECM1.htm

    3. ACTG 313 Jeopardy…

    4. Today’s Categories… • Transaction Cycles • Internal Control • Information Security • Connectors • Flowcharting • Miscellaneous

    5. Trans’nCycles InternalControl Info Security Con-nectors Flow Chart Misc $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500

    6. Transaction Cycles $100 Check-writing is a major activity towards the end of this cycle. What is the Purchasing/Payables/Disbursements cycle? Back to Board

    7. Transaction Cycles $200 Preparation of a Deposit Slip is an activity towards the end of this transaction cycle. What is the Sales/Billing/Cash-Receipts cycle? Back to Board

    8. Transaction Cycles $300 This form is a legal document creating a bailment giving a third-party transportation company permission to be in possession of your company’s merchandise (or that of your customer) for the purpose of delivery. What is a Bill of Lading? Back to Board

    9. Transaction Cycles $400 Although not necessarily a true “transaction” in that it does not involve parties outside a company, this is generally referred to as one of the common “transaction cycles” because of its complexity and the large number of information-related activities often taking place in its course. What is the Manufacturing Cycle? Back to Board

    10. Transaction Cycles $500 This is a major accounting activity, typically done monthly, and comprising an extremely important internal control towards the end of BOTH the purchasing AND the sales cycles. What is the Bank Reconciliation? Back to Board

    11. Internal Control -- $100 This is the formal name of the group whose initials are C.O.S.O. What is the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations? Back to Board

    12. Internal Control -- $200 The three functions of controls are Correction, Detection, and this. What is Prevention? Back to Board

    13. Internal Control -- $300 SAS number 78 is addressed to this audience. Who are Financial (or Independent) Auditors? Back to Board

    14. Internal Control -- $400 This classic piece of Congressional legislation was the first to specifically state that management of all publicly-held companies is responsible for implementing “internal control” in corporate reporting systems. What is the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? Back to Board

    15. Internal Control -- $500 The names of the two U.S. Congressmen who sponsored the federal legislation addressing corporate governance, and mandating the personal responsibility of management for the review of the internal control system. Who are Sarbanes and Oxley? Back to Board

    16. Information Security $100 This is the third Information Security pillar, along with Data Confidentiality and Data Integrity. What is Data Availability? Back to Board

    17. Information Security $200 A smoke alarm is an example of this kind of countermeasure. What are Detective Countermeasures? Back to Board

    18. Information Security $300 DAILY DOUBLE!!!

    19. Information Security $400 The “Triad” of Information Security pillars share this acronym with a internationally famous (or infamous) U.S. government agency. What is C.I.A.? Back to Board

    20. Information Security $500 To avoid reduce the likelihood of modification to computer programs, a good SDLC team will use this kind of programming language in their development project. What is a “compiled” language? Back to Board

    21. Connectors $100 What is an HP Power Connector? Back to Board

    22. Connectors $200 What is a Phone plug? Back to Board

    23. Connectors $300 What is an RCA or “phono” plug? Back to Board

    24. Connectors $400 8 contacts per plug What is an RJ-45 plug? Back to Board

    25. Connectors $500 What is a DB-9 connector? Back to Board

    26. Flowcharting $100 What is the symbol for Data Storage, or a Data File? Back to Board

    27. Flowcharting $200 What is the symbol for a manual process? Back to Board

    28. Flowcharting $300 What is the symbol for an off-page connector? Back to Board

    29. Flowcharting $400 What is the symbol for a PREDEFINED process? Back to Board

    30. Flowcharting $500 What is the symbol for computer Input/Output? Back to Board

    31. Miscellaneous $100 The gender of this connector. What is “female”? Back to Board

    32. Miscellaneous $200 The three-letter acronym representing the field of study addressing the concepts, design, and evaluation of comprehensive information systems which gather, store, analyze, and report accounting and financial data. What is AIS? Back to Board

    33. Miscellaneous $300 The full name of the 15th-century Venetian (1445-1517) who in 1494 published his influential treatise “Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita” describing double-entry bookkeeping, including debits, credits, journals, ledgers, and financial statements. (He later became a Franciscan monk.) Who is Luca Pacioli? Back to Board

    34. Miscellaneous $400 Bill McCarthy’s “REA” model was based on George Sorter’s “Events Approach” to accounting, and incorporates this concept from Theoretical Philosophy, which refers to the use of symbols to represent real world entities, events, and processes. What is “Semantic Modeling”? Back to Board

    35. Miscellaneous $500 Under the COSO 1992 framework, this is the fifth component of Internal Control, the other four being Control Environment, Risk Analysis, Control Activities, and Information/ Communication. What is Monitoring? Back to Board

    36. Information Security --- Specify your wager…

    37. Information Security When these two match up and get together, an incident occurs, not necessarily a loss. What are a “Threat and Vulnerability”? Back to Board

    38. Information Security -- Specify your wager…

    39. Information Security --- ***** What are Authentication and Non-Repudiation? Back to Board

    40. Final Jeopardy… The category is “IT Auditing”

    41. IT Auditing… Specify your Wagers…

    42. IT Auditing… The two primary assessment activities found in an IT audit.