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Work Session on Statistical Dissemination and Communication

Moving into the 21 st Century: The IMF’s Transition to the to Web Disseminate Its Statistical Databases. Work Session on Statistical Dissemination and Communication Conference of European Statisticians Washington, D.C. September 12-14, 2006. The Current Situation.

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Work Session on Statistical Dissemination and Communication

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  1. Moving into the 21st Century:The IMF’s Transition to the toWeb Disseminate Its Statistical Databases Work Session on Statistical Dissemination and Communication Conference of European StatisticiansWashington, D.C. September 12-14, 2006

  2. The Current Situation “Traditional” products in print & CD-ROM Balance of Payments Statistics Direction of Trade Statistics Government Finance Statistics International Financial Statistics Online products, different formats IFS (à la the CD-ROM) International Reserves (static tables) Coordinated Portfolio Investment Statistics (static tables)

  3. First Steps... Spring 2005: Studies Commissioned ♦ Qualitative Usership Research of traditional products (by Research Perspectives) ♦ Review of Best Practices for Web Dissemination of Data (by Sabatier Consulting) • Fall 2005: studies completed and results presented to IMF staff Usership Research Indicated: ♦ Highly user unfriendly ♦ Difficult to search and navigate ♦ Lack of definitions and information on changes ♦ Print publications required to understand data

  4. Next Steps... Through Summer 2006: ♦ Statistics Department retreat to consider strategies ♦ Introduction of StatisticsQuery@imf.org to respond to content questions ♦ Adoption of Remedy to assign and track queries ♦ Creation of a library of responses to ensure consistency of message and reduce resource requirements ♦ Preparation of a design for an interface based upon best practices of many statistical sites ♦ Selection of tools

  5. Next Steps... Tasks That Remain: ♦ Designing a user-friendly web site ♦ Determining the extent of metadata ♦ Ensuring effective user support ♦ Selecting a delivery technology ♦ Developing marketing and pricing strategies

  6. National Sources ICS National Sources ICS Statistics IFS Area Depts 10+ countries Research WEO A Vision for the Economic Data Warehouse and Future Dissemination DATAWAREHOUSE EXISTING DATA & METADATA Plus additional metadata DATA SEARCH & ELABORATION Rationalized Databases, Gaps Identified Web Access to Data Warehouse Data (disseminate as appropriate) IMF.ORG Statistics Portal Validated Data Metadata • Searchable by: • Topic • Country • Source • Reports Publications External Data OECDMEI INTLINE CD ROM Metadata

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