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Tips for Improvement Planning: Lessons Learned PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips for Improvement Planning: Lessons Learned

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Tips for Improvement Planning: Lessons Learned - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tips for Improvement Planning: Lessons Learned. ISBE Innovation and Improvement . Resources. The Resource Manual Innovation and Improvement Division 217-524-4832 The Interactive Illinois Report Card (815) 753-0978.

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Tips for Improvement Planning: Lessons Learned

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tips for improvement planning lessons learned

Tips for Improvement Planning: Lessons Learned

ISBE Innovation and Improvement


The Resource Manual

Innovation and Improvement Division


The Interactive Illinois Report Card

(815) 753-0978

center on innovation and improvement www centerii org
Center on Innovation and Improvement

The Mega System: Handbook for Continuous School Improvement Sam Redding

Handbook on Restructuring and Substantial School Improvement Herbert J. Walberg

Exploring the Pathway to Rapid District Improvement Brett Lane

district improvement plans submission date
District Improvement Plans Submission Date

90 days following initial notification of status at IWAS

school improvement plan submission date
School Improvement Plan Submission date

135 days after the initial IWAS notification to district superintendent









Action Plan

Key Factors

tools for a specific end
Less Red Tape and More Learning

Minimized hoop-jumping

Focused planning on

key audience

overall “good sense”

Toolsfor a Specific End
harsh realities
Harsh Realities

“Perfect” plans ≠ improved student achievement

Plans are required by NCLB and state law

Clear and critical need to focus on learning

winning plans
“Winning” Plans


Implemented with fidelity


Focused on what works

the interactive illinois report card http iirc niu edu passwords gbuoy@isbe net
The Interactive Illinois Report Cardhttp://iirc.niu.edupasswords:

Sample login screen

district involvement in school planning
District Involvementin School Planning



Increasing assistance

with planning as school does not make AYP


lessons learned from the best
Foster little doubt about implementation

Build a strong relationship between data, strategies/activities, and monitoring

Detail roles, responsibilities, expectations

Plan critical changes in classroom practice

Lessons Learned from the Best
plan implementation is the huge assumption
Plan implementation is the Huge Assumption-

What do plan users have to know to implement the plan with fidelity and monitor progress?

tip 1 write for the right audience
The primary audience for the plan is the user—those who will implement this plan.Tip 1: Write for the Right Audience

Don’t write the plan primarily

for other audiences.

tip 3 take care to consider the factors contributing to achievement
Tip 3: Take Care to Consider the Factors Contributing to Achievement

What’s contributing to your progress?

Are these factors internal or external?

Are you blaming the kids?


What’s preventing students from learning?

How do you know?

School culture doesn’t foster shared responsibility for all kids’ learning

Supplemental support is weak or not rigorous

Failure to use the intended curriculum by all staff for all kids

Teachers need

ELL training

School culture doesn’t reflect “rigor, relevance, relationship”

Insufficient teacher learning/team time

Coarse and fine grain

internal factors

Teachers do not have adequate coaching or support to implement strategies

Instruction doesn’t span cognitive levels

“Mile wide and inch deep curriculum”

Teachers aren’t clear about what’s expected in classrooms

Kids don’t have equitable access to the curriculum

Kids aren’t in the least restrictive educational environment





What Matters

Doing What Works

Indicators of Effective Practice

tip 4 be specific and thorough
Is the plan specific enough?Tip 4: Be Specific and Thorough

Is the action plan sufficient?

Is it clear how you will track progress?

Objective: While the current achievement in math for students with disabilities subgroup is 66.5% meeting/exceeding for ISAT, this subgroup will make AYP of at least 85% in 2011 and 92.5% for 2012 or Safe Harbor.


1 double block math instruction

2 coaching for math staff

3 student and staff review of student work

4 beef up test taking skills

5 progress monitoring to drive instruction

sample plans
Sample Plans

While noplanisperfect, planners can learn lots from models and we have lots of them to share. Time will tell how good….

Contact your ROE/ISC for samples.

for assistance
For assistance

Contact your ROE/ISC

The Interactive Illinois Report Card

(815) 753-0978

Carol Diedrichsen