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Sample Agenda Slide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sample Agenda Slide. Safe Harbor Statement.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Presentation Transcript
safe harbor statement
Safe Harbor Statement

FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS: This Presentation contains certain statements that may constitute forward-looking statements under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements may include statements regarding future product releases, future functionality, revenues, cash flows, growth prospects, installed base of customers, the launch of new products and other statements that are not historical fact. These forward-looking statements are based on currently available competitive, financial and economic data together with management's views and assumptions regarding future events and business performance at the time the statements are made and are subject to risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from those expressed or implied in the forward-looking statements. Such risks and uncertainties include but are not limited to changes in the demand for Epicor's products; the timely availability and market acceptance of new products and upgrades; the impact of competitive products and pricing; the discovery of undetected software errors; changes in the financial condition of Epicor's customers; and other factors discussed in Epicor's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including Epicor’s S-4 Registration Statement filed on January 11, 2012, as amended on February 10, 2012, our quarterly reports on Form 10-Q, and our annual report on From 10-K for period ending September 30, 2012. As a result of these factors the business or prospects expected by Epicor as part of this announcement may not occur.

Epicor undertakes no obligation to revise or update publicly any forward-looking statements.

headline text calibri 32pt
Headline Text Calibri 32pt.
  • Bullet text Calibri 28pt.
    • Bullet text Calibri 24pt.
      • Bullet text Arial 20pt.
column chart without data labels
Column Chart without Data Labels
  • Use this slide when you need extra space for content, like screen shots.
    • Screen shots and clips do not need to have the same formatting as other graphics.
  • Another bullet.
polling slide
Polling Slide

How often do you use Excel to arrange, analyze, or augment financial information?

  • Several times per day
  • Once per day
  • A few times per week
  • Once per week
  • Infrequently
pop quiz
Pop Quiz

What are some of the primary reasons to deploy an automated procurement system?

Save money by…

Reduce maverick spending

Aggregating spend with preferred suppliers

Better negotiations based on better data

Better tracking and spending relative to the budget

Reduce process time and effort

Faster search/selection process

Faster approval process

Faster AP matching process

More accurate POs and invoices

presentation color choices
Presentation Color Choices
  • Calibri 32pt
    • Calibri 24 pt
      • Calibri 22 pt

R 128G 195B 66

R 25G 68B 122

R 145G 56B 112

R 0G 0B 0

R 0G 135B 152

R 88G 85B 85

powerpoint best practices
PowerPoint Best Practices
  • Keep bullet slides to a minimum. If you use bullet slides, keep the number of bullets to 3-5, and the content of each bullet brief – key phrases rather than sentences.
  • Image slides work great for a lot of content. A picture or just a picture with a couple of words in extremely large font will reinforce your story better than repeating what you are saying on a slide. You want the audience to listen to you tell the story, rather than read the slides. If they are reading the slides, they aren’t listening to you.
powerpoint best practices1
PowerPoint Best Practices
  • Don’t try and say too much on a slide. Keep it simple, and uncluttered. You don’t have to have a graphic representation for everything you are saying.
  • Do not use clip art.
  • Do not use a font smaller than 24, but ideally 28-30 is best.
  • Be consistent. Use only one kind of font in your presentation.
  • Be consistent. Use only the colors in the color palette set up for the template you are using.
powerpoint best practices2
PowerPoint Best Practices
  • Be consistent. Either use a period after every bullet point or not, but keep it the same throughout.
  • Be consistent. Use title-style capitalization for slide titles and sentence-style capitalization for bullets.
  • Treat images the same in the entire presentation. If you put a tan line around an image, with a shadow, do that for all images.
  • Don’t overuse “bells and whistles”, such as animation. Remember…content is King! If you are using animation, be consistent with the type you are using – less is more.
  • Do not use clip art. It’s worth saying twice.
merging an old slide with the new
Merging an Old Slide with the New


  • In the home ribbon, click “new slide.”
  • Click “reuse slides.”
  • Browse for the file to be inserted.
  • Don’t click the “keep source formatting” box. You want the slides to “transform” to the target deck’s design theme. In other words, “Use Destination Theme.”




merging an old slide with the new1
Merging an Old Slide with the New

Quick Command Version:

  • In the old presentation, on the view options on the base of the application, click on the “Slide Sorter” view option.
  • Select specific slides or click [Ctrl]+[A] to select all of the slides.
  • Press [Ctrl]+[C] to copy the slides.
  • Open the new (target) presentation, and press [Ctrl]+[V] to paste the contents to the final presentation.
  • Don’t click the “keep source formatting” box. You want the slides to “transform” to the target deck’s design theme. In other words, “Use Destination Theme.”
using format painter to copy an image s tyle
Using Format Painter to Copy an Image Style
  • Click on the source image so that white anchor points are visible.
  • With image selected, click on “Format Painter” in on the home ribbon.
  • Click on destination image. The formatting of the source image will be applied.

Source image




Destination image

how to change text colors
How to Change Text Colors







Holding down left button on mouse, drag mouse from upper left to lower right of text so that text boxes are selected.

In the home ribbon, click on the down arrow next to the large “A” symbol.

Select a new color from the drop-down menu.



how to insert smartart
How to Insert SmartArt

Click “SmartArt” button on insert ribbon.

Click category on left of pop-up box to select SmartArt type.

Select a SmartArt graphic within that category.

Click “OK” button.

Click in box at left of inserted SmartArt graphic and begin typing to add text to the segment.

Repeat with each bullet point until each segment is labeled.

Delete a segment by using the backspace key to delete the bullet.






editing smartart colors
Editing SmartArt Colors
  • Click on SmartArt graphic to activate the SmartArt Tools menus.
  • Click on design ribbon, then click on “Change Colors” button.
  • Pick a color combination from drop-down menu. The selected colors will be applied to the SmartArt.

Stick with the colors in the presentation’s design theme. There are many options to choose from within that theme.




Presentation Title

Presenter Name


this is how a quote would fit into the bubble the type will shrink to fit the space as needed
“This is how a quote would fit into the bubble. The type will shrink to fit the space as needed.”
helpful ppt notes
Helpful PPT Notes
  • SmartArt
    • In short, PPT is not as sophisticated as we would expect an Adobe program to be.
      • If you take a SmartArt diagram from Presentation A and paste it into Presentation B the first step should be to click on the button that appears in the bottom right or left corner and select “keep source formatting” as we saw on the call, that doesn’t always work.
      • The next step would be to select the SmartArt, click on “design” under the SmartArt Tools tab, click on “design” subtab and then bring up the pre-formatted matrix by clicking on “Change Colors.” This will only work if you have set your template colors in the design tab and in the master.
      • The last resort would be to select each individual piece of the smart art, and under the SmartArt Tools tab, click on the “format” subtab and  select your colors from the “Shape Fill”  drop down menu.
      • Another point to note that the colors from Presentation A need to be in the same order as Presentation B for the cut/paste option to work exactly. Accent 1 in both color palettes need to match, etc.
  • Lock Document
    • Once you have gone through all revisions and approvals and you know your colleagues/clients will not need to edit the document you can click on the “Office Button”, from the dropdown menu select “Prepare”, then select “Mark as Final.” The PPT then cannot be modified.
    • Note that this doesn’t keep someone from “save as” a new document that they CAN modify.
  • Ratio 4:3 > 16:9 > 4:3
helpful ppt notes cont
Helpful PPT Notes, cont.
  • Changing the image on this slide:
    • Click on the white space above the title
    • Select “Crop” (top right corner of your screen)
    • Grab the bottom left corner and drag it up a bit to reveal the image below
    • Right click on that image and select “change picture”
    • Select your desired picture
    • Grab the corner that you originally moved to reveal the image and drag it back into place so that the Is and Os make a nice border for the image that you've just placed
additional elements instructions
Additional Elements & Instructions
  • Zeros and Ones Cloud Solid White
    • to be used over full-bleed photo
  • Frame and Banner
    • to be used over full-bleed photo
  • For both effects
      • select a blank background,
      • insert any approved photo you like, then copy and past all of the additional elements over the photo.
      • OR, simply go to the sample and right click the photo and choose “change picture.”