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NEES. George E. Brown, Jr. N etwork for E arthquake E ngineering S imulation NSF-Funded Consortium of 15 University Labs That Provide Shared-Use Access to Facilities …. Nees Overview.

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George E. Brown, Jr.

Network for

Earthquake Engineering


NSF-Funded Consortium of 15 University Labs

That Provide Shared-Use Access to Facilities …

Nees overview
Nees Overview


Earthquakes remain an important national hazard to life and property 4 6b yr
Earthquakes Remain An Important National Hazard to Life And Property ($4-6B/Yr)



    • Kobe Earthquake - Japan

Nees experimental infrastructure

[Operated by NEESinc] Social Fabric

NEES Experimental Infrastructure

Organization of nees pieces

Researchers Social Fabric



NSF Sponsors

(Washington DC)



MOM Support

for Infrastructure





(San Diego)

NEES Shared Use Infrastructure[Operated by NEESinc]

Organization of NEES’ Pieces

Example research 06 gc on ports

Liquefiable fill soils Social Fabric(NEES@UTexas andNEES@UCDavis)

Container crane response(NEES@Buffalo)

Wharf response


Example Research: ‘06 GC on Ports

  • Multi-disciplinary problem of national and international importance

  • Multi-site, multi-partner team (engineering, logistics, social sciences)

  • Buy-in and involvement from community from proposal stage

  • Systems approach that emphasizes implementation

Risk Framework: Probability of Berth Downtime

Socio-Economic Impact & Decision Support

Neesinc mission 1 innovation
NEESinc Mission 1: Innovation Social Fabric

Revolutionize earthquake engineering research and education by:

  • Providing access to the world's largest and most advanced experimental facilities

  • Operating an IT infrastructure capable of integrating lab experiments with computer models

  • Motivating the research community to collaborate using a shared, web-based environment

  • Fostering the open exchange of data and information among researchers and practicing engineers

  • Creating active programs of education and outreach committed to improving seismic safety

Neesinc mission 2 earthquake risk mitigation
NEESinc Mission 2: Earthquake Risk Mitigation Social Fabric

  • Engineering/Construction of Resilient Infrastructure is Best Strategy:

    • Complements land use, earthquake preparedness, and emergency response

    • Great strides have been made but Cost-Effectiveness is still an issue

    • From prescriptive codes to performance-based design

  • Success Requires:

    • Effective Design Tools for Hazard ID Coordination

    • Cost-Effective Engineering Solutions Research

    • Political Skill and Will Leadership

    • Good Construction/Maintenance Practices Partnership


Courtesy of Amit Kanvinde Social Fabric


Materials Testing atShared-Use Facility

Structural system performance combined loading of concrete t wall

Courtesy of Prof. Cathy French, University of Minnesota Social Fabric

Structural System Performance Combined Loading of Concrete T-Wall

Remote participation in bridge test
Remote Participation Social Fabric in Bridge Test

Courtesy of Prof. Mehdi Saiidi, University of Nevada - Reno


Fast-Hybrid Component Test Social Fabric(Colorado)

Dynamic Frame-System Test(Buffalo)

Simultaneous Substructure Test(Berkeley)

Static Frame-System Test(GaTech)

Multi-Site & Hybrid Testing of Zipper Frame

Courtesy of Prof. Roberto Leon, Georgia Tech.


Industry-Sponsored Social FabricTest of 7-Story RC Building

Courtesy of Prof. Jose Restrepo University of California at San Diego

Tsunami research simulating wave run up
Tsunami Social Fabric Research: Simulating Wave Run-Up

International partnering

NEESinc – NIED MOU Social Fabric

International Partnering

International collaborations e defense japan
International Collaborations: Social FabricE-Defense (Japan)

Getting involved in nees website Social Fabric

NEES Site Activities Monitor

Getting Involved in NEES: Website

Other interesting tests
Other Interesting Tests.. Social Fabric





  • Social Fabric

    • Japan Building Failure


    • Wooden House – Shake Table


    • Adobe house – Shake table


    • 7 story disp/time