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Florida Tech Procurement Card

Florida Tech Procurement Card. RULES. Rule 1. The Monthly Billing/Reconciling Cycle: From the 5 th of each month until the 4 th of the following month for posted transactions. Each 5 th of the month your credit limit is reinstated. Unused balances will not carry over

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Florida Tech Procurement Card

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  1. Florida TechProcurement Card RULES

  2. Rule 1 • The Monthly Billing/Reconciling Cycle: • From the 5th of each month until the 4th of the following month for posted transactions. • Each 5th of the month your credit limit is reinstated. • Unused balances will not carry over • For available balances, you may contact Purchasing or Bank of America

  3. Rule 2 • Split Transactions: • You cannot have a purchase rung up as more than one transaction per card or with multiple cards as to circumvent the $1499.00 per transaction rule. • You can submit a Purchase Requisition through Purchasing. • Flights & Lodging are open ended

  4. Rule 3 • Business Only: • NO Personal Purchases allowed. • If a personal purchase is made in error, inform your Department Head and the Purchasing Department immediately so that you may reimburse the University.

  5. Rule 4 • Contact Info: • If your PCard has been compromised, lost or stolen contact Bank of America immediately and the Purchasing Department: • BOA 24 hr: 888/449-2273 • Purchasing: 321/674-8155 •

  6. Rule 5 • Detailed Receipts: • Please submit all detailed receipts to your Reconciler/Account Manager promptly. • Charges for monthly billing cycle must be reconciled by a specific due date. • Detailed receipts should include the breakdown of the purchase. Please add notes to receipts such as attendees, purpose, etc. • If you don’t have a receipt you must fill out the “missing receipt” form available. • This form should also include all the above.

  7. Rule 6 • Florida State Tax: • Do not pay FST in the State of Florida. • Please provide the Vendor with Florida Tech’s Certificate of Exemption number from the card provided by the Purchasing Department. • Exemption Cards are available thru Purchasing.

  8. Rule 7 • Cash Advances: • The PCard will not work at an ATM. No cash back on purchases or returns. • Request that your card be credited.

  9. Rule 8 • Prohibited Items: • Alcoholic Beverages • Capital Equipment for a single item of $1500 or more • Computers, Ipads, tablets, smartphones, etc. (regardless of cost). See “2014 Addendum”. • These items must be ordered thru Purchase requisition • These items must be tagged and ensure they meet IT specifications and Florida Tech warranty requirements.

  10. Rule 8 (Cont’d) • Prohibited Items: • Chemicals-Hazardous/Radioactive Isotopes/Laser, etc. • Hazardous items must be tracked and logged for Safety with Greg Peebles, Director of Environmental & Regulatory Compliance. • These items must be ordered thru Purchase requisition.

  11. Rule 8 (cont’d) • Prohibited Items: • Construction, Remodeling • Consultants, Speaker Fees • Controlled Substances • Donations • Fines, Parking Tickets • Tuition • Live Animals

  12. Rule 9 • Florida Tech Venues • Do not use your PCard at any Florida Tech food venues on campus. • PCard can be used at Barnes & Noble

  13. Rule 10 • PCard Purchases: • Can be done by phone, online, or in store. • When ordering by phone and on-line please be sure to include your Name and Department on the package.

  14. Rule 11 • Ordered Items: • You may contact the Vendor if an item is delivered damaged, broken, incorrect or does not arrive. • If you have any difficulties you may contact the Purchasing Department for Assistance.

  15. Rule 12 • Disputed Charges: • There is a dispute form on the Purchasing website for transactions billed to you in error. • Please fill out the form and fax to BOA and copy Purchasing. Make sure to follow up. •

  16. REQUIRED • Statement Signature • Please be sure to review your charges and sign your monthly Statement. • Statements must also be signed by your Department Head. • Keep accurate files with your monthly statements, receipts, and all other pertinent information that would assist in a successful Audit .

  17. REQUIRED (Cont’d) • Please Provide Your Signature on the: • Rules Document • Procurement Card Agreement Document • ALL Procurement Card Holders must sign & date both above documents. • You can find the above under Help Topics: Procurement Card:

  18. Department PCard • Each Department should keep an updated list of everyone that is authorized to use the Department Card. • Department Cards should have a log-out/in sheet with: Date, Name, etc. • Department Card Users (that don’t have an Individual card) must sign the “Cardholder Pcard RULES” and the “Card Agreement Form” and forward originals to Purchasing. • Students are not authorized users

  19. Department PCard Pg. 2 • Please Inform The Purchasing Dept. immediately when a “Dept. Card User” is no longer with the Company, so that we may request a replacement Card (to terminate Card Information access). A new application will NOT need to be submitted. • You can use the “Acct. Info. Change Form” on our website:

  20. Note: • Individual and/or Department Cards will be randomly Audited by our Procurement Card Coordinator and/or Florida Tech’s Internal Auditor. • Violation of these “Rules” can result in disciplinary action and card privileges revoked. • If you suspect fraud, or have questions or concerns, please contact the Purchasing Department.

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