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Student Union & Activities Statistical Analysis of Programs 2008-2009

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Student Union & Activities Statistical Analysis of Programs 2008-2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Student Union & Activities Statistical Analysis of Programs 2008-2009. Student Union & Activities. Assessment Data. Tech Activities Board (TAB) Mission and Values. Our Mission

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tech activities board tab mission and values
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Mission and Values

Our Mission

  • The Tech Activities Board (TAB) is a group of students dedicated to providing educational and social activities, as well as diverse events and programs to enhance the overall Texas Tech University experience.

Our History

  • The Tech Activities Board (TAB) is the largest student programming organization on the Texas Tech University campus and is responsible for planning quality events for the university community. TAB was founded in the early 1950’s as the University Center Programming Board and reinvented in 2006, as TAB, to better serve and identify with the student population. Today, TAB plays a vital role in fostering and developing Red Raider spirit and traditions such as Homecoming, RaiderGate, Arbor Day, and Rock the Plaza and in creating community on the Texas Tech University campus.

Our Values

  • the image of TAB and producing quality events
  • the talents and gifts of our committee members
  • the ability to develop leaders and enhance individual skills
  • the diversity and ideas of all members of the campus community
tech activities board tab evaluation
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Evaluation

Events Assessed

After Hours Open Mic (09/09/08) – SUB North Plaza After Hours Open Mic (01/20/09) – SUB Matador Room

Make Your Own Flip Flops (09/11/08) – SUB Ballroom Mr. Gatti’s Pizza Night (01/22/09) – Mr. Gatti’s Pizza

Bingo/Game Night (09/19/08) – TTU Live Stock Pavilion Same Sex Marriage: Civil Debate (01/29/09) – SUB Allen Theatre

Movie, Under the Same Moon (09/24/08) – SUB Allen Theatre Dive-in Movie: Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist(01/30/09) – Rec Pool

Pimp Your Own Cork Board (09/24/08) – SUB Ballroom Butt Sketch Artist (02/11/09) – SUB Area across from Copy Tech

Mr. Gattis Pizza Night(10/01/08) – Mr. Gatti’s Pizza Comedy Night: Dan Cummins(02/12/09) – SUB Allen Theatre

Movie, Wanted (10/08/08) – SUB Allen Theatre Telluride Film Festival (02/13/09)- SUB Allen Theatre

Movie, Hancock (10/16/08) – SUB Allen Theatre Movie, Changeling (02/20/09)- SUB Allen Theatre

After Hours Open Mic (10/21/08)-SUB Matador Room After Hours: Death from Below (02/24/09)- SUB Matador Room

Capitol Steps (10/22/08)- SUB Allen Theatre Movies, Role Models (03/04/09)- SUB Allen Theatre

Paranormal State (10/29/08)- SUB Allen Theatre Henna Artist (03/11/09)- SUB West Basement

Movie, Pineapple Express (11/05/08)- SUB Allen Theatre Frank Warren: Post Secret (03/11/09)- SUB Allen Theatre

Murder Mystery Dinner (11/07/08)- SUB Ballroom Cookies By Design (03/25/09)- SUB West Basement

Adam Pate Caricatures (11/10/08)- SUB West Info Science Spectrum (03/26/09)- Science Spectrum

Gabriela Medina (Poetry)(11/11/08)- SUB Red Raider Lounge Movie, Quantum of Solace (03/30/09)- SUB Allen Theatre

Movie, Under the Influence (11/19/08)- SUB Allen Theatre Comedy Night: Steve Byrne (04/01/09)- SUB Allen Theatre

Spa Night (12/03/08)-SUB Matador Room Do you think you know the lyrics? (04/02/09)- SUB Allen Theatre

Fire & Ice Festival(01/09/09) – Student Union Building Singer Songwriter Contest (04/14/09)- SUB North Plaza

Movie, The Dark Knight(01/15/09) – SUB Allen Theatre Movie, New Year Baby (04/20/09)- SUB Allen Theatre

Big Chair Photos (04/21/09)- SUB West Plaza

tech activities board tab gender
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Gender

What is your gender?

In the 2008-2009 school year, 950 participants were surveyed at the completion of a TAB event they attend, 355 were male and 571 were female. This equates to a little less than 40% male and roughly 60% female. This past semester, the Tech Activities Board drew in a larger female population than a male population. Last year, the Tech Activities Board reported that approximately 51% of their attendees were female and 45% were male. Approximately 4% of students surveyed last year did not respond to the question.

tech activities board tab ethnicity
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Ethnicity

What is your ethnicity?

The TAB evaluation specifically asks what race participants are to determine if we are appealing to our underrepresented populations. Approximately 13% of the students that attended our events were Hispanic/Latino, 7% were Asian-American and 7% of the surveyed attendees identified as African-American. Last year, about 15% of individuals in attendance at our events were Hispanic, while our African-American and Asian-American populations were 4% and 5% respectively.

tech activities board tab ethnicity1
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Ethnicity

The data for diversity statistics for Tech students in the year 2008 came from the online Texas Tech University Fact Book. Converting these numbers into percentages and comparing them to our own statistics and percentages yielded positive results. The statistical comparisons in percentages show how close TAB and Tech are in their attractiveness to underrepresented populations through programming. Proportionately, TAB attracts a larger percentage of underrepresented populations at their events than Texas Tech has as part of their overall population. Last year, the Tech Activities Board also attracted a higher percentage of underrepresented students than the university population reflected.

tech activities board tab classification
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Classification

What is your classification?

The Tech Activities Board was pleased to see a wide arrays of individuals attend their events this year. Between the results from last year and this year, there were decrease in the percentage of individuals that were Freshmen (-3%), Juniors (-1%), and Seniors (-6%), there was a 4% increase in sophomores in attendance, as well as slight increases in sophomores (4%), Graduate students (4%), Staff (1%), and members of the Lubbock community (2%).

Undergraduates only

tech activities board tab alternative
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Alternative

Did you attend this program as an alternative to doing something else?

There was no significant change between last year’s results and this year’s results when individuals that attended TAB events were surveyed. Both years yielded results that indicated that 36% claimed that they had attended a TAB event as an alternative to doing something else.

tech activities board tab education
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Education

Did you learn something new from this program?

This year yielded a significantly lower percentage of responses that indicate that individuals learned something new by attending a TAB event. Last year, approximately 55% of the participants surveyed indicated that they learned something new, while 43% of the participants this year made that claim.

tech activities board tab class credit
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Class Credit

Are you receiving credit for a class?

The Tech Activities Board often writes letters to departments and instructors of courses that they think could use an event or program as an opportunity to education their students. This year, 5% of the student population claimed that they received class credit for the events that they attended. Last year, 7% of those surveyed reported that they received class credit.

tech activities board tab community
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Community

Did you come to this event with someone?

We can see that a majority of participants attended our events with someone. This is to be expected of the college social scene. The results reported last year and this year both reveal that over three quarters of individuals who attended the events came with another person. Last year, 88% reported that they attended with another person and this year 86% made that claim.

tech activities board tab community1
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Community

Did the program provide you with a sense of community?

One of the goals of the Tech Activities Board is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the student of Texas Tech University. Over three quarters of the students and staff that participated in the event evaluation process felt as though the Tech Activities Board accomplished this goal.

tech activities board tab student organization link
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Student Organization Link

Did you come as part of a student organization function?

The Tech Activities Board makes efforts to create events that student organizations and departments on campus value and have a vested interest in. Many of these relationships often involve co-sponsoring events with organizations, but many student organizations attend the events as a group. Last year, 10% of individuals surveyed reported that they attended the event and part of a student organization function. This year, 9% of those surveyed reported this.

tech activities board tab marketing
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Marketing

How did you find out about this event?

Last year, word-of-mouth was by far our best publicity for events, but this year TechAnnounce seems to have been the most effective form of publicity, followed by word of mouth, posters, the TAB Calendar, and Facebook.Last year, the use of Facebookdid not yield very high results, but it has increased dramatically. Also, individuals who reported “other” has shown a dramatic increase in the past year. This may be related to expectation that the Tech Activities Board utilized unconventional forms of marketing to promote their events.

tech activities board tab publicity
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Publicity


Last year, 29% of the individuals surveyed indicated that the marketing for TAB events was excellent. This year that number has improved to 37%. Another interesting note is that less than 10% of those surveyed indicated that they thought the marketing was below average. Last year, 11% of the sample reported that the publicity was below average or poor.

tech activities board tab venue
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Venue


The venues, although varied, seemed to greatly please the majority of students. Places that were generally utilized to hold events, included the Allen Theater, Matador Room, and SUB West Basement. While most of our events take place in the Student Union, TAB considers itself the programming board for the entire campus and will look to utilize other venues throughout campus. Last year, 50% of the sample indicated that the venue was excellent and this year the number has grown to 59%. It is good to know that 1% of the sample indicated that the venue used was below average or poor.

tech activities board tab time
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Time


Time varies greatly for TAB events. We offer several smaller events during the daytime, many of our larger events after six, and our movie times are inconsistent in order to appeal to as many students as possible. Overall, it would seem that our wide array of times pleases the students. Last year, 49% of the sample indicated that the time selected for the event was excellent and this year the number has grown to 57%. It is good to know that 1% of the sample indicated that the venue used was below average or poor.

tech activities board tab date
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Date


TAB takes into consideration midterms, finals, home athletic games and tries to offer our events at times when students have no other commitments. Last year, 50% of the sample indicated that the date selected for the event was excellent and this year the number has grown to 57%. It is good to know that 1% of the sample indicated that the venue used was below average or poor. Of course, the people surveyed were able to attend the event so they more than likely were pleased with the day of the event.

tech activities board tab quality
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Quality


TAB strives to maintain a high quality of events for students. Last year, 57% of the sample indicated that the time selected for the event was excellent and this year the number has grown to 63%. It is good to know that 1% of the sample indicated that the venue used was below average or poor.

tech activities board tab overall satisfaction
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Overall Satisfaction


This is potentially the most important statistic of the entire evaluation. Many things may make a student disgruntled: venue, date of event, subject matter; however it is the overall feeling after the event that is most important. We want students to leave with a smile on their face thinking, “That was awesome! I love being a Tech student and I love TAB.” Last year, 57% of the sample indicated that the time selected for the event was excellent and this year the number has grown to 62%. It is good to know that 1% of the sample indicated that the venue used was below average or poor.

tech activities board tab future programming
Tech Activities Board (TAB)Future Programming

What events would you like to see in the future?

The most requested events were concerts, followed closely by and comedians. In general, these would be the most entertaining events and as such seemed to be the most popular. Acoustic Music and Hypnotists were the next two highest scoring categories. Last year, the most requested type of event was comedian followed by concerts and movies.

tech activities board paying your tab rewards program
Tech Activities Board“Paying Your TAB” Rewards Program

“Paying your TAB” is a rewards program for students that frequent Tech Activities Board events. Students complete a registration form and are then given a “Paying your TAB” punch card. For every event a student attends in the fall or spring, they receive a punch. Once the student has attended ten (10) events and receives ten (10) punches, they can then turn their card in to be entered in to win prizes. Participation in the “Paying your TAB” program gives the student the opportunity to be on a bi-monthly email newsletter that informs students about upcoming TAB events.

In the 2008-2009 school year, 892 students participated in the Paying Your Tab Rewards program.

student organizations mission and values
Student OrganizationsMission and Values

Getting Involved

As a part of the Texas Tech University community, students have the opportunity to join registered student organizations including service, academic, professional, and religious groups to name a few.

Student organizations impact who students meet at college, the skills they learn, the confidence they build, and the leadership positions they take on. Most successful students join student organizations in their freshman year where they make friends and start to develop support networks. Many organizations provide students with the opportunity to meet and interact with people in the professional career areas they intend to pursue, as well as make life long friends. Being in a student group is a critical part of the college experience and helps determine success in higher education.

Involvement Is Easy

Joining a student organization is the greatest way to get involved on campus and also one of the easiest. There are approximately 400 organizations currently registered at Texas Tech University with over 20,000 members participating in these groups – this is a quick way to get connected on campus. Since there are thirteen categories of student organizations linked to every aspect of campus life, it is very difficult not to be involved.

student organizations total student organizations
Student OrganizationsTotal Student Organizations

Total Student Organizations per Year

  • 2006-2007
    • 394 (+1.0%)
  • 2007-2008
    • 432 (+8.8%)
  • 2008-2009
    • 430 (-0.5%)

Total Student Organizations per Category

  • Academic Professional : 105 (+6.7%)
  • Social Fraternity/Sorority: 51 (+5.9%)
  • Honorary : 23 (-8.0%)
  • International: 14 (-22.2%)
  • Multicultural: 15(-6.3%)
  • Religious/Faith-Based: 33 (+8.3%)
  • Recreation: 36 (+8.3%)
  • Service : 29 (+3.9%)
  • Special Interest : 64 (-3.0%)
  • Spirit: 3 (-62.5%)
  • Residence Hall: 2 (-33.3%)
  • Graduate: 18 (+11.1%)
  • Law School: 37 (0%)
student organizations registration
Student OrganizationsRegistration

Total Registration Meetings

  • 2006-2007
    • 22 (+4.5%)
  • 2007-2008
    • 24 (+8.3%)
  • 2008-2009
    • 35 (+31.4%)

Total Students Attending Registration Meetings

  • 2006-2007
    • 460 (+5.2%)
  • 2007-2008
    • 404 (-12.1%)
  • 2008-2009
    • 476 (+15.1%)
student organizations grounds use and coca cola funds
Student OrganizationsGrounds Use and Coca Cola Funds

Total Grounds Use Forms Processed

  • 2006-2007
    • 674 (-3.2%)
  • 2007-2008
    • 554 (-17.9%)
  • 2008-2009
    • 436 (-32.0%)

Total Funds Allocated from Coca Cola Endowment

  • 2006-2007
    • $5,911.20
  • 2007-2008
    • $4,753.86
  • 2008-2009
    • $1,508.93 (-215.05%)
student organizations student organization academy and student organization workshops
Student OrganizationsStudent Organization Academy and Student Organization Workshops

Total Attendance at Student Organization Academy

  • 2006-2007
    • 95 (-36.7%)
  • 2007-2008
    • 161 (+41.0%)
  • 2008-2009
    • 225 (+6.4%)

Total Student Organization Workshop Presentations: 12

Total Student Organization Workshop Presentation Participants: 507

Total Student Organization Advisor Workshop Presentations: 3

Total Student Organization Advisor Workshop Presentations Participants: 106

Total Attendance at Student Organization Orientations: 111

student organizations student organization awards
Student OrganizationsStudent Organization Awards

Total Student Organization Award Applicants

  • 2006-2007
    • 27 (-3.6%)
  • 2007-2008
    • 31 (+12.9%)
  • 2008-2009
    • 26 (-19.2%)

Total Student Organization Award Winners

  • 2006-2007
    • 18 (-28.0%)
  • 2007-2008
    • 22 (+18.2%)
  • 2008-2009
    • 17 (+4.5%)
student union activities1

Student Union & Activities

Other Notes of Interest

student union activities special activities
Student Union & ActivitiesSpecial Activities

Other Notes of Interest

  • Student Development
    • Graduate Assistants (Deepti Vanguri and D.J. Walch)
    • Fall and Spring Awards Banquets
  • Scholarship
    • Shubert Programming Scholarship: Derek Kelsheimer and Sarah McCall
  • Special Events
    • Chelsea Clinton campaign visit for Hilary Clinton
    • Brad Paisley concert ticket presale
    • Alan Jackson concert ticket presale
    • Jeff Dunham ticket presale
    • Back to School Fiesta
    • Study Nights at the Union
  • Professional Development
    • ACUI Region 12 Director, Matt Ducatt
    • ACUI Region 12 Website Project Team Leader, Zane Reif
    • ACUI Region 12 Graduate Student Project Team Leader, Deepti Vanguri
    • 2009 NACA Central Region Selection Showcase Committee, Jana Vise
    • 2009 NACA Central Region Conference Graduate Intern, D.J. Walch
    • Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity West Texas & Mexico Administrative Assistant, Mike Gunn
student union activities tab yearly awards
Student Union & Activities TAB Yearly Awards

Other Notes of Interest

  • Tech Activities Board (TAB) Yearly Awards
    • Jerry V. Fox, Jr. Award for Outstanding Coordinator: Amanda Cruse
    • James G. Allen Award for Outstanding General Member: Kish Rajput
    • W.B. Rushing Award for Outstanding Contribution to Campus Programs: Derek Kelsheimer
    • Excellence in Marketing: Night Life Committee
    • Program of the Year: Post Secret
student union activities student organization awards
Student Union & Activities Student Organization Awards

Other Notes of Interest

  • Student Organization Awards
    • Student Organization Advisor of the Year (Volunteer): Martha Mourett Sanders, UndiosPor Un MismoIdioma (UMI)
    • Student Organization Advisor of the Year (Assigned): Loni Marie Flores, Double T Health Service Corps
    • New Student Organization of the Year (Professional): Hispanic Business Student Association
    • Overall New Student Organization of the Year: Double T Health Service Corps
    • Most Improved Student Organization of the Year (Professional): Tech Council on Family Relations
    • Most Improved Student Organization of the Year (International): India Student Association
    • Most Improved Student Organization of the Year (Religious): Catholic Student Association
    • Most Improved Student Organization of the Year (Multicultural): UMI
    • Overall Most Improved Student Organization of the Year: Mentor Tech
    • Organization of the Year (Academic): American Chemical Society
    • Organization of the Year (Professional): National Society of Black Engineers
    • Organization of the Year (Sorority): Alpha Chi Omega
    • Organization of the Year (Multicultural): UMI
    • Organization of the Year (International): India Student Association
    • Organization of the Year (Religious): Chi Rho
    • Organization of the Year (Service): Alpha Phi Omega
    • Overall Student Organization of the Year: Catholic Student Association
student union activities marketing awards
Student Union & ActivitiesMarketing Awards

Marketing Awards

  • NACA Central Region Conference
    • First Place Non-Poster Publicity
    • First Place Publicity Campaign
  • ACUI Region 12 2008 Graphics Competition
    • First Place Brochure: Tech Activities Board (TAB)
    • First Place Website: TAB Website
    • First Place Cards/Invitations: Hypnotic Laughs
    • First Place T-Shirts: Student Union-The Adventure Continues
    • Second Place Print Advertisement: Homecoming- Tech on Broadway
    • Second Place Logo/Brand: TAB Logo
    • Second Place Signs/Banners: TAB Banner
    • Third Place T-Shirt: TAB
    • Third Place Calendar: TAB
    • Third Place Cards/Invitations: Homecoming- Tech on Broadway
  • Lubbock Advertising Federation ADDY Awards
    • Gold ADDY for Poster Design: Marijuana Debate
    • Silver ADDY for Poster Design: Paranormal State
    • Sliver ADDY for Logo Design: Homecoming- Tech on Broadway
tech activities board goals 2009 2010
Tech Activities BoardGoals 2009-2010

Tech Activities Board (TAB)

  • Marketing
    • Increase Paying Your TAB


  • Collaboration
    • Student Organizations
    • On-Campus Departments
    • Committee Work
  • Assessment
    • Pre-/Post-Leadership Assessment
    • Comparative Data
  • RaiderGate
    • Continue Partnership with Student

Government Association (SGA)

    • Enhance Atmosphere While Maintaining

A Safe Environment

  • Homecoming
    • Develop Assessment Tools
    • Increase Student Organization Participation
    • Transition Group Into TAB Meetings
student organizations goals 2009 2010
Student OrganizationsGoals 2009-2010

Student Organizations

  • Resource Enhancement
    • Resource Guide
    • OrgSync Upgrades
  • Technology
    • Grounds Use Database
    • Interactive, Online Forms for

Student Organizations

    • Website Development
    • Auditing System to Track

Student Organization


town gown goals 2009 2010
Town & GownGoals 2009-2010

Town & Gown

  • Development
    • Continue Partnerships with Celebrity
    • Attractions, Lubbock Symphony
    • Orchestra, and Lubbock Chamber of
    • Commerce
    • Develop New Relationships for
    • Programs
    • Develop Budget
  • Marketing
    • Brochure
    • Posters
    • Marketing Campaign


Mike Gunn, Assistant Director

Sonia Moore, Coordinator

Christine Petteys, Senior Office Assistant

Zane Reif, Associate Director

D.J. Walch, Graduate Assistant

Deepti Vanguri, Graduate Assistant

Jana Vise, Assistant Director


Data compiled by Deepti Vanguri & D.J. Walch

Graduate Assistants for Student Union & Activities