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Vocabulario de “Crecer” Por Gary Soto

Vocabulario de “Crecer” Por Gary Soto. Por Clinton. acordarse. To remember. afanosamente. eagerly. agobiar. To weigh down. alterado. agitated. alzar. To raise. aniñada. girly. apostar. To bet. arriar. To lower. aspereza. roughness. Aspersor de riego. sprinkler. asustar.

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Vocabulario de “Crecer” Por Gary Soto

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  1. Vocabulario de “Crecer” Por Gary Soto Por Clinton

  2. acordarse To remember

  3. afanosamente eagerly

  4. agobiar To weigh down

  5. alterado agitated

  6. alzar To raise

  7. aniñada girly

  8. apostar To bet

  9. arriar To lower

  10. aspereza roughness

  11. Aspersor de riego sprinkler

  12. asustar To frighten

  13. atroz atrocious

  14. brazalete bracelet

  15. bromear To joke

  16. Buque (de guerra) Ship (warship)

  17. caída fall

  18. capataz foreman

  19. carcomer To eat away

  20. chancletear To wear slipper-like shoes

  21. chapotear To splash

  22. chuchería trinket

  23. cicatriz scar

  24. clavar To insert something

  25. Consentir To allow

  26. coquetear To flirt

  27. corroer To corrode

  28. cuneta ditch

  29. derramar To spill

  30. Des(doblar) To unfold

  31. emborracharse To get drunk

  32. empapar To soak

  33. encerrar To lock up

  34. encoger To shrug

  35. espaldera trellis

  36. estallar To burst

  37. estremecer To shudder

  38. fingir To fake

  39. globo balloon

  40. hartarse To become fed up

  41. jalar To pull

  42. latir To beat

  43. Llave de agua Tap, faucet

  44. lograr To achieve

  45. malecón Sea front

  46. manguera hose

  47. manosear To handle

  48. mecedora Rocking chair

  49. oleada wave

  50. ostra oyster

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