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Corona High School Home of the Panthers Class of 2017. Who Is My Guidance Counselor?. Mr. Pruett…………....A-C Mrs. Halfhill ………….D-Ho Mrs. Martin…………..Hu- Ol Dr. Schneider………Or-Rosas Ms. Babin …………....Puente Mrs. Ferrara………... Rosato -S & AVID Ms. Osterkamp ……...T-Z & Special Ed

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Corona High School

Home of the Panthers

Class of 2017

Who is my guidance counselor
Who Is My Guidance Counselor?

Mr. Pruett…………....A-C

Mrs. Halfhill………….D-Ho

Mrs. Martin…………..Hu-Ol

Dr. Schneider………Or-Rosas

Ms. Babin…………....Puente

Mrs. Ferrara………... Rosato-S & AVID

Ms. Osterkamp……...T-Z & Special Ed

Mrs. Aguiar…….English Language Learners

Find your counselor
Find Your Counselor

Mrs. Aguiar

Ms. Babin

Mrs. Ferrara

Mrs. Halfhill

Dr. Schneider

Mrs. Martin

Ms. Osterkamp

Mr. Pruett

What does a guidance counselor do
What Does a Guidance Counselor Do?

  • Preparing to graduate from high school

  • Preparing for college and career choices

  • Selecting the appropriate coursework

  • Interpreting and explaining testing programs

  • Learning good study habits

  • Personal and social issues


How do i make an appointment to see my guidance counselor
How Do I Make An Appointment To See My Guidance Counselor?

Room J-1 (The College and Career Center)

Ask Mrs. Larson for a

“Counselor Appointment Request Form”

Who is mrs larson
Who Is Mrs. Larson?

Mrs. Larson runs the College and Career Center and she is one of the best resources we have at Corona High School.

Complete Internet Access

Room J-1

Quick test
Quick Test

Who is Mrs. Larson?

Mrs. Larson runs the College and Career Center (Room J-1)

How do I make an appointment to see my counselor?

Ask Mrs. Larson for a

“Counselor Appointment Request Form”.

Who is dr schneider
Who is Dr. Schneider?

Dr. Schneider is the Safety and Violence Counselor. She assists in coordinating support groups to help students with a variety of issues.

  • Drug and Alcohol Counseling

  • Anger Management

  • Grief and Loss

  • Family Support

  • Teen Parents

You Can Find Dr.. Schneider in

The Counseling Office

Is attendance important
Is Attendance Important?

  • Attendance is directly related to school success

  • If you’re not at school, you can’t learn and you will fail classes

  • Students with attendance problems will be placed on a SART contract


Why should i do my homework
Why Should I Do My Homework?

Homework Completion is Often

50% of Your Grade

  • Homework is practice for what you’ve learned in school

  • Homework may be a continuation of classwork

  • Many teachers do not accept late homework


Academic success
Academic Success

  • Use Your Student Planner

  • Take Good Notes and Review Them Daily

  • Make Flash Cards

  • Obtain Weekly Progress Reports

  • Parent/Student Portal Available to View Grades Online

  • Join a Club or Participate in a Sport

Login: Student I.D. #

Password: First initial of first & last name, month, day and year of birthday

Example: MM261996

What s my most important goal in 9 th grade
What’s My Most Important Goal in 9th Grade?

Good Attendance

+ Completing All Homework

+ Studying For Tests


= The Key to Academic Success in High School

Earning A’s, B’s and C’s

In all Coursework

Graduation requirements
Graduation Requirements

  • Pass all required courses

  • Complete a minimum of 220 credits

  • Pass both portions of the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) with a minimum score of 350

Students Must

Quick test1
Quick Test

How many credits do you need to graduate from high school?


What is the passing score on the CAHSEE

in order to graduate from high school?


What are credits
What Are Credits?

Each class is worth 5 credits a semester.

Students take 6 classes each semester, which equals 30 credits a semester.

This means, students should earn 60 credits a year.

1 Semester Course = 5 Credits

1 Semester = 30 Credits

1 Year = 60 Credits

Quick test2
Quick Test

How many credits should you earn

in one academic year?


What is a required class
What Is A Required Class?

Required Classes = No F’s

Language Arts 40 Semester Credits

Social Science 30 Semester Credits

Science 20 Semester Credits

Math 20 Semester Credits

Physical Education 20 Semester Credits

Fine Arts or/ 10 Semester Credits

World Language

Health 5 Semester Credits



5 Credits

145 Required Credits

+ 75 Elective Credits

220 Credits Needed To Meet Graduation Requirements

Quick Test

What is the lowest passing grade?



What s an a g course
What’s An “a-g’ Course?

These are courses a student must pass in order to be eligible for a 4 year university.

a = History/Social Science—2 years

b = English—4 years

c= Mathematics—3 years required, 4 years recommended

d = Laboratory Science—2 year s required, 3 years recommended

e = Language other than English—2 years required, 3 years rec.

f= Visual and Performing Arts (VPA)—1 year required

g= College Preparatory Electives—1 year required

NO D’s

Quick Test

What are “a-g” courses?

Courses that I must take and pass in order to be eligible for a 4 –year university.

Can I earn a “D” in an “a-g” course?



Four year college requirements
Four Year College Requirements

  • Complete “a-g” with C- or better

  • Take SAT and/or ACT exams in the spring of 11th grade

  • Meeting these two requirements makes you eligible to apply to a four-year university






4 year colleges universities
4 Year Colleges & Universities

  • California State Universities (CSU)

    • 23 Different Campuses

    • Local Schools

      • Cal State Fullerton

      • Cal State San Bernardino

      • Cal Poly Pomona

  • University of California (UC)

    • 10 Different Campuses

    • Local Schools

      • University of California, Riverside (UCR)

      • University of California, Irvine (UCI)

  • Private Schools

  • Out-of-State Schools



Career Center

What is a transfer student from a community college
What Is a Transfer Student from a Community College?

4-Year University2-Year Community College

1st Year (General Education) 1st Year (General Education)

2nd Year (General Education) 2nd Year (General Education)


3rd Year (Major)

4th Year (Major)

Year 1 & 2 = General Education

…………….TRANSFER …………

Year 3 & 4 = Classes in Your Major

Post high school options
Post High School Options


  • 4-Year Universities

  • 2-Year Community Colleges

  • Trade Schools

  • Military

  • Work


What if i forget some information
What if I Forget Some Information?

This PowerPoint presentation can be found

on our Corona High School Website.

Click on the guidance tab at the top of the page

Look in the 9th Grade Folder

Quick Test

Where can I find the list of guidance programs offered at Corona High School, as well as college and testing information?

The Corona High School Website

Click on the guidance tab at the top of the homepage

Thank You!

Best of Luck to You!

We invite you to make appointments to see your counselor if you have any questions.

We will now work on your

Four Year Plan

9 th grade
9th Grade

  • Language Arts: LA 1A/1B Honors LA 1A/1B

  • Math:Alg 1A/1B Geo 1A/1B H Geo 1A/1B Alg 2 1A/1B H Alg 2 1A/1B

  • Science :Nat Sci 1A/1B Biology 1A/1B H Biology

  • Physical Education: PE NJROTC* Marching Band Sport

  • Elective:Health/Computer Other:

  • Elective:World Language Other:

    Recommended Electives: Health/Computers (each course is 1 semester), Fine/Performing Arts or World Language (must have a GPA of 3.0 or above to enroll in F.L.)

    *Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training

10 th grade
10th Grade

  • Language Arts: LA 2A/2B Honors LA 2A/2B

  • Math:Geo 1A/1B Alg 2 1A/1B H Alg 2 1A/1B Pre Cal 1A/1B H Pre Cal 1A/1B

  • World History: WH 1A/1B H WH 1A/1B Euro AP 1A/1B

  • Physical Education: PE, NJROTC or Marching Band

  • Science: Bio 1A/1B Ocean 1A/1B Chem 1A/1B H Chem 1A/1B

  • Elective:World Language Other

    Recommended Electives: Continue/Begin World Language, Fine/Performing Art or other elective.

11th grade
11th Grade

  • Language Arts: LA 3A/3B AP comp 1A/1B

  • U.S. History: US History 1A/1B AP US History 1A/1B

  • Math:

  • Science:

  • Elective: World Language Other

  • Elective: Fine Art Other

    Recommended Electives for College Bound Students: Continue Math, Science and World Language, & College Prep Electives

12th grade
12th Grade

  • Language Arts: ERWC 1A/1B AP Lit 1A/1B

  • Government/Economics:Gov/Econ 1A/1B AP Gov/Econ 1A/1B

  • Math:

  • Science:

  • Elective:

  • Elective:

    Recommended Electives For College Bound Students: Continue Math, Science and World Languages & College Prep Electives