Collaborative exploration for a more interesting world
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Collaborative exploration for a more interesting world. Wanderlust. Vince: Manager. Dave: Design. Carolyn: Testing. Jim: Documentation. Josiah: Development. Overview. Problem & Solution Contextual Inquiry Task Analysis Results Representative Tasks Sketches.

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Collaborative exploration for a more interesting world

Collaborative exploration for a more interesting world








Problem & Solution

Contextual Inquiry

Task Analysis Results

Representative Tasks


An app to find and share nearby events and points of interest in real-time.

Formerly known as“Smell the Roses”


Apply Geo-tagging techniques to large data repositories to present customers with data about nearby events and locations

Problem Solution

Finding interesting places "in the field" is difficult

Twitter et al. provide real time information, but difficult

to filter by relevance

Contextual inquiry
Contextual Inquiry

Two environments:

In the field - Pike Place, Olympia farmer's market, etc

  • Preliminary research - finding hiking trails, plan trip to Canada/San Francisco

  • Mainly locals, "simulated" tourism

Contextual inquiry results
Contextual Inquiry Results

Talking to friends/locals popular, but not always reliable.

Conversely, Websites have too much data; difficult to filter by location, especially in the field

Services like Twitter useful for real-time information, but again, no set way to filter out relevant info

No good way to share interesting places - either lost in the noise or no real audience.

Many tools too unwieldy to use in-situ

Contextual inquiry tasks conclusions
Contextual Inquiry - Tasks/Conclusions

Access more reliable information - larger resource pool

Limit information by location

Needs to be fast and easy

What's going on right now

Quickly and easily share information

with friends and strangers

Must be accessible for both parties

Task analysis results
Task Analysis Results

Researching at home not an issue - many resources available, no major time constraint

Desired tasks:

-Sharing events in real time

-Find nearby locations easily

Audience: Tourists, Locals,

and everyone else

Task analysis cont d
Task Analysis cont'd

Information gathering usually results in too much or not enough information

Websites = 1000's of opinions

Locals = only 1 or 2

Need availability of internetcombined with personalizationof local experts

Task analysis cont d1
Task Analysis cont'd

Time constraints and problems:

Limited decision time prevents extensive searches - may move on and miss opportunities

Inaccurate directions major problem - increase size of resource pool to eliminate mistakes

Task 1 find nearby points of interest
Task 1:Find nearby points of interest

People willing to post/share information about locations, but difficult to filter by location - especially while mobile

Filter available data by location - only nearby POIs are shown to user

Useful data is easily available to user, noise is filtered out

Task 2 create mark a point of interest
Task 2:Create/Mark a point of interest

Remembering/sharing interesting locations has problems:

Lost in noise and/or forgotten before creation

Users submit interesting locations

-Build up database of POIs

for users to search

Automatically geotagged

Mainly power users - 80:20 rule

Task 3 ping presence of event in real time
Task 3:Ping presence of event in real time

Cool stuff gets missed because events expire before people can be notified

Prioritize events happening right now.

Help users find nearby events before they end


Users need a way to filter relevant data about their immediate area

Mobile solutions are scarce

Wanderlust helps people find and share interesting locations without digging through half the internet to get there