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Succession. Primary Succession. The establishment and development of an ecosystem in an area that was previously uninhabited. Lichens and mosses. Grasses And small shrubs. Large shrubs and small trees. Large trees. Surtsey : A Case Study.

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primary succession
Primary Succession
  • The establishment and development of an ecosystem in an area that was previously uninhabited






small shrubs

Large shrubs and

small trees

Large trees

surtsey a case study
Surtsey: A Case Study
  • The island of Surtsey formed by volcanic eruption off of the coast of Iceland during the period from 1963 - 1967
secondary succession
Secondary Succession
  • The recovery of a damaged ecosystem in an area where the soil was left intact


Sequoia seedling

case study yellowstone national park
Case Study: Yellowstone National Park

1988 – Devastating forest fires burn much of Yellowstone National Park.

Photo: National Parks Service

yellowstone national park
Yellowstone National Park

1988 – Park map

showing areas

(1.6 million acres)

burned by the

series of fires.

yellowstone national park9
Yellowstone National Park

1988 fires – The immediate aftermath.

Photo: National Parks Service

yellowstone national park10
Yellowstone National Park
  • One year after the fires
  • Note the appearance of fireweed

Photo: National Parks Service

yellowstone national park11
Yellowstone National Park
  • Ten years after the fires (1998)

Photo: National Parks Service

yellowstone national park12
Yellowstone National Park
  • Twenty years after the fires (2008)
case study chernobyl
Case Study - Chernobyl
  • In April, 1986, a nuclear power plant in the former USSR experienced a core meltdown and a catastrophic release of radioactivity into the environment.
  • Surrounding towns and villages had to be immediately, permanently abandoned.
chernobyl twenty years later17
Chernobyl – Twenty Years Later

Pripyat Soccer Stadium opened in 1986.