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ODNR Officer Support Team

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ODNR Officer Support Team. ODNR Officer Support Team. Purpose

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odnr officer support team1
ODNR Officer Support Team


The ODNR Support Program is a service for ODNR officers and their families. The program provides confidential assistance with personal problems, including relationships, substance abuse, occupational issues and work related situations. The program also offers assistance to an officer after a stressful or traumatic situation.

odnr officer support team2
ODNR Officer Support Team


  • The use of professional psychological services to support personnel is widely accepted by law enforcement agencies nationwide.
  • However many law enforcement employees who experience problems are not likely to seek professional help. In many cases, resistance to seeking professional help stems from the employee’s stereotyped beliefs that people who seek help are seriously ill, out of control, or unfit for work.
  • However, since law enforcement agencies tend toward a high cohesive “in group” feeling among its employees, it is common for persons experiencing personal problems to feel more comfortable and trusting in discussing matters with a fellow employee.
odnr officer support team3
ODNR Officer Support Team

Guiding Principles

ODNR officers are human beings that do their best to cope with a career that is highly stressful. Like any other person, they may run into personal or professional problems. Since they sacrifice so much of themselves for the good of the public, they deserve and are entitled to the highest quality of assistance.

odnr officer support team4
ODNR Officer Support Team

Guiding Principles cont.

We believe seeking help from someone, whether it be peer support, or in-house assistance is not a sign of weakness but a way to maintain strength

Personnel who seek assistance are placing their trust in fellow officer support. To honor this trust, ALL COMMUNICATION between the person seeking help and the support officer is CONFIDENTIAL.

odnr officer support team5
ODNR Officer Support Team

Program Objectives

  • To provide a readily accessible support network of ODNR officers willing to be of service to other officers who express a need for assistance.
  • To promote trust and appropriate anonymity and confidentiality for employees participating in peer assistance.
  • To develop employee ability to anticipate personal conflicts and general awareness of available alternatives for self-help.
odnr officer support team6
ODNR Officer Support Team


- All information shall be considered privileged and will not be available to the Department for disciplinary or other proceedings

- No member of the support team will discuss any fact or aspect of an individual’s participation unless specifically authorized in writing by the participant.

- There will be no record of names, problems, session content, including notes about an employee seeking assistance.

odnr officer support team7
ODNR Officer Support Team

Referral Process

  • The intent of the program is to provide a 24-hour availability of support officers. Supervisory personnel may remind employees of the program, but may not require participation.
  • If the issues raised by an employee go beyond the training of the team, a referral will be made to a mental health professional and/or outside professional agency.
  • No Department employee is required to participate in the program. Employees may contact any trained member at any time. An employee may also contact the Program Coordinator to obtain information at any time.
odnr officer support team8
ODNR Officer Support Team

Automatic Call Out

  • Line of duty death
  • Serious line of duty injury
  • Multi-casualty accident
  • Law enforcement shooting that ends with injury or death
odnr officer support team9
ODNR Officer Support Team

Should Require Call Out

  • Death or violence to a child
  • A prolonged event with negative results
  • Incident with extensive media attention
  • Knowing the victim of an event
  • Incident charged with profound emotion
odnr officer support team10
ODNR Officer Support Team



odnr officer support team11
ODNR Officer Support Team

Should you become involved in a critical incident or traumatic event we are here to help you with:

  • Stabilization
  • Symptom reduction
  • Returning to adaptive functioning
  • Providing other resources for you
  • Confidential Peer Support
odnr officer support team12
ODNR Officer Support Team

If you experience a traumatic event or a critical incident it may cause you to exhibit unusually strong emotional and physical reactions.

These reactions may interfere with your ability to function at the scene or later.

Even after the event is over it is very common, in fact quite normal, for people to experience emotional and physical stress symptoms after they have experienced a stressful event.

odnr officer support team13
ODNR Officer Support Team

Normal reaction,

to an

abnormal situation.

Remember you are experiencing a………..

odnr officer support team14
ODNR Officer Support Team

Within the first 24-48 hours

  • Talk to people – reach out, other people do care
  • Get physical exercise
  • Structure your time
  • Don’t make major life changes
  • Don’t numb the pain with drugs or alcohol
  • Get plenty of rest and continue eating healthy
  • Do things that you enjoy
odnr officer support team15
ODNR Officer Support Team

Within 48 to 72 hours

Our team may conduct a critical incident stress debriefing

  • Confidentiality is our highest priority
  • It is not group therapy
  • It is not to critique you
  • It is not a discussion of your performance
odnr officer support team16
ODNR Officer Support Team

After 72 hours




odnr officer support team17
ODNR Officer Support Team

Normal reaction,

to an

abnormal situation.

Remember you are experiencing a………..

odnr officer support team18
ODNR Officer Support Team

Please look over the Department Directive when you have time




odnr officer support team19
ODNR Officer Support Team

Thank You For Your Time And remember We Are Here for YOU!