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Test-Taking Tips. By: Mr. Burkett. Why is it important to have good test-taking tips?. It is important to know how to take tests well because you can: Use your time wisely Reduce stressful situations Be prepared Be more successful Feel more confident taking tests in the future.

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Test taking tips

Test-Taking Tips

By: Mr. Burkett

Why is it important to have good test taking tips
Why is it important to have good test-taking tips?

  • It is important to know how to take tests well because you can:

    • Use your time wisely

    • Reduce stressful situations

    • Be prepared

    • Be more successful

    • Feel more confident taking tests in the future

Before the test
Before the Test

  • Get a good night’s sleep- go to bed on time or early

  • Eat a healthy and hearty breakfast so you will not get hungry during the test

  • Eat a snack before the test if you are allowed

  • Use the restroom in advance

  • Keep a water bottle on the floor if your teacher allows it

  • Prepare an outfit with many layers so you can take off a layer if you get hot or put one back on if you get cold

Before the test cont
Before the Test, cont

  • Be prepared: study for a few nights before the test, don’t cram the night before! This is too stressful and you are less likely to remember the information

  • Get materials: sharpen at least 2 pencils, have a reliable eraser, make sure your highlighter works, make sure your calculator works, etc.

  • Ask Questions if you have any before the test is handed out

During the test
During the Test

  • Read through the directions carefully before solving any problems. Understand the directions fully!!

  • Ask for clarification if you don’t understand what you are being asked to do

  • Pace yourself- know how much time you have and don’t rush!

  • Take a deep breath before you begin and again periodically through the test to help you relax.

During the test cont
During the Test, cont

  • Solve the questions you feel confident about first.

  • Come back to ones you are not sure about.

  • Don’t spend too much time on any one problem- come back to it at the end

  • Use scratch paper… that’s what it’s there for!!

Multiple choice items
Multiple Choice Items

  • Understand the Question

  • Look back at the story (if the question is about a story)

  • Eliminate wrong choices and narrow your choices down

  • Choose the best answer

Filling in the blanks
Filling In The Blanks

  • Understand the sentence- notice key words

  • Look back at the selection (if there is one to refer back to)

  • Narrow your choices down

  • Choose the best word you can think of or use from the word box

  • Example: I felt _______ in school.

Open ended response
Open-Ended Response

  • Understand the Question

  • Get Ready to Write- brainstorm ideas, use a web, or create a list

  • Write your Answer- rewrite the question, use your brainstorming ideas in your response, write clear, concise sentences- include a concluding sentence or paragraph

  • Read through your work- check for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes.

True false items
True-False Items

  • Read the directions- you may be asked to change false sentences and make them true… don’t forget!!

  • Read each statement carefully

  • Notice words such as always, never, every time, no, not, etc. These words are often clue words.

After the test
After the Test

  • Double check your work.

  • Ask yourself:

    • Did you answer all the problems?

    • Did you do your best work?

    • Is your name on your test??

  • You made it!! Celebrate all of your hard work and preparation!!

  • Think about what you did well and what you need to work on for future tests.