mshs band has adopted the phil campbell band as our philanthropy for 2011 2012 n.
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MSHS Band has adopted the Phil Campbell Band as our Philanthropy for 2011-2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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MSHS Band has adopted the Phil Campbell Band as our Philanthropy for 2011-2012

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MSHS Band has adopted the Phil Campbell Band as our Philanthropy for 2011-2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MSHS Band has adopted the Phil Campbell Band as our Philanthropy for 2011-2012. If you would like to help with their needs, read the powerpoint and respond as you feel lead.

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mshs band has adopted the phil campbell band as our philanthropy for 2011 2012

MSHS Band has adopted the Phil Campbell Band as our Philanthropy for 2011-2012

If you would like to help with their needs, read the powerpoint and respond as you feel lead.


The Phil Campbell band room was destroyed by an F-5 Tornado on April 27, 2011.Many instruments, much equipment and other classroom items were damaged or destroyed.


The roof was taken off the building and an entire wall collapsed into the main area of the band room.

tornado recovery assistance needed1
Tornado Recovery Assistance Needed
  • Phil Campbell High School Band
  • P.O. Box 849
  • Phil Campbell, AL 35581
  • (256) 331-2156
  • Bobby Patrick, Director
  • Email:
  • Cell: (256) 412-7981
a letter from their director bobby p atrick
A letter from their director, Bobby Patrick
  • 05/09/2011
  • Dear friends and family of the Phil Campbell Band Program,
  • The last few weeks have been a difficult time for our school family as we have begun to deal with the after effects of the tornado that ripped through our town. Members of our band family have lost parents, siblings, loved ones, neighbors and friends, much less their homes and other belongings. Our hearts and prayers are with each and every member of our band family.

The band program suffered many material losses that day. Our band room is destroyed along with our football concession stands and a huge amount of equipment. Since the tragedy of April 27th, many individuals and groups have asked what they could do to help our band program. We have been working to compile a list from our inventory of equipment of individuals and the school equipment that has been damaged or destroyed. As of today, we have a better understanding of the immediate needs of our program. However, in discussions with school officials, band parents and other concerned individuals, we’re in agreement that our needs are in three groups: 1) Immediate, 2) Short Term (1 year) and 3) Long Term (2 years +). With this community devastation, in order to see our music program continue, our needs are much larger than one may anticipate, which weighs heavily on my heart. Below is a “Starting Point” for the needs of our students of the Phil Campbell Band Program.



    • Student owned instruments destroyed.
      • 5 trumpets
      • 1 flute
      • 1 alto saxophone
      • 4 trombones
      • 2 clarinets

School owned instruments destroyed.

    • 2 silver plated Conn sousaphones
    • 1 brass 4 valve Holton concert tuba
    • 2 Holton F-Horns
    • 3 4 valve silver plate concert euphoniums
    • 1 4 valve concert baritone
    • 1 Orchestral bells
    • 1 Marching aluminum bells
    • bari sax
    • temple block set
    • piano, upright
    • bass clarinet case
    • 2 flugelhorn cases

School owned instruments damaged.

    • marching baritones
    • 36” concert bass drum (heads and rims)
    • concert bass clarinet (mouthpiece broken, neck, bell and some keys bent)
    • 4 valve concert euphonium (slight bend in bell)
    • flugelhorn
    • marimba (frame busted, cracked keys, metal frame warped)
    • alto sax (damage to upper area of horn and case damaged beyond repair)
    • 26” Adams timpani (less than a month old) broken head, dents
    • 29” Adams timpani (broken head, bearing rim severely dented, tuning lugs
    • bent.)
    • vibraphone (keys dented, frame broken)

School owned equipment destroyed.

    • 3 computer speaker sets
    • 1 conductor stand
    • 3 teacher desks
    • 1 percussion trap table/equipment cabinet
    • 1 megaphone
    • 6 microphones
    • 1 Long Ranger portable sound system
    • 1 metronome (Boss DB88)
    • metronome (BossDB90)
    • 46 music stands
    • popcorn poppers
    • 1 8 channel sound board
    • 1 Peterson strobotuner
    • 1 35” color tv
    • 32 student chairs
    • 2 desk chairs
    • 12 6’ plastic folding tables
    • 1 trophy case
    • tv utility cart
    • laptop computers
    • desktop computer
    • 2 natural gas grills

School owned equipment damaged

    • Crown PA amplifier
    • Yamaha PA speakers
    • 1 Funnel cake fryer
    • 1 ATV 4 wheeler
    • 1 band equipment truck
  • Various amp and mic cords, music (our music library was flooded and leaked on, so the disposition of the music is unknown at this time) and a lot of stuff I’m sure I have forgotten.

One area we have not been able to evaluate yet is our marching percussion equipment. We know drum heads and wooden bass drum rims took a beating, but we won’t know the extent of the damage to the shells until we get an opportunity to pull them apart and check internally.


Short and Long term needs: These needs are based on our prediction of the continuing socioeconomic impact of this storm.

  • Beginner band instruments – Students who will be in the beginning program for the next few years will need assistance getting an instrument. Phil Campbell schools are already in a high poverty area, but with the destruction, we estimate that this percentage will rise. Any beginner line instruments available will help us to take the financial part of the puzzle out of the equation for the short term.

Rebuilding of football concessions and replacement of concession equipment: Our concessions were able to cover the travel expenses of the band program. Currently, that capability is nonexistent as our concession stands were completely destroyed.


Operational funds for the band program. Our program is fully funded on the backs of our parents and students, especially through fundraising. Fundraisers will not be viable within the community for some time. We’re currently estimating it will take approximately 2 years before we will hopefully see a return to normalcy. Our students are usually responsible for raising $400 a year for band camp instruction and to help with the operations cost throughout the year. If at all possible, we have to not only take this burden off their backs, but also the other incidental expenses we take for granted: Marching shoes, flip folders and lyres, etc. Our 2010-2011 operations budget was easily in excess of $25,000.


How to help:

  • Instrument donations can be dropped off at Counts Brothers Music in Muscle Shoals, at Phil Campbell Elementary School, can be mailed to P.O. Box 849, 65 School Street, Phil Campbell, AL 35581 or you can call me to arrange for a pick up. PLEASE include your name, address, telephone number and whether you need a receipt mailed to you for your donation.

Monetary donations should be mailed to:

    • Franklin County Board of Education
    • Attn: Phil Campbell Band Program
    • C/O Carla Knight
    • P.O. Box 610
    • Russellville, Alabama 35653
  • Please be sure the check or money order is made out to the Phil Campbell Band. Any checks that are made to PCHS will go straight into the school’s general fund.

In addition, please email or mail the following information to me: (Email:, Mailing Address: PCHS Band, Attn: Bobby Patrick, P.O. Box 849, Phil Campbell, AL 35581)

  • Name
  • Organization
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone #
  • Amount of donation
  • Our goal is a simple one: To not only save the music program at Phil Campbell, but to help it thrive for the students of today and tomorrow. On behalf of the students, parents and friends of the Phil Campbell Band Program, thank you and God bless you all.

If you would like to help with their needs, please respond as you feel lead.Contact Pat Stegall at MSHS for additional information