geography and its effects n.
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Geography and its Effects PowerPoint Presentation
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Geography and its Effects

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Geography and its Effects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Geography and its Effects
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  1. Geography and its Effects • Bell Ringer: • Grab a Unit Table of Contents at the front of the room. • Fill it in to match the “Binder Contents” info on the board to your left. • On a separate sheet of paper, create a “Unit 1 Essential Vocabulary” list. • Include the terms on the board with 3 lines of space b/w each term. • Agenda: • Bell ringer: set up your binder • Free-hand map of the U.S. • Getting to know NC

  2. Unit 1 Table of Contents • Table of contents goes at the front of the “Current Unit” Section of your Binder. • Keep up with it! You will have binder checks (surprise!) Organization is KEY!

  3. Unit 1 Essential Vocabulary • Each Unit will have vocabulary. • The list will usually be #2 in your binder. • All terms WILL be on tests and quizzes. • Definitions are up to you!

  4. How’s YOUR Geography Memory?! • On a blank sheet of typing paper, draw the United States from memory. • Include the following: • All countries that border the U.S. • Major bodies of water (2 oceans, a gulf, a big river, and a “group of lakes”) • Cities: New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. • Draw the outline of North Carolina within the U.S.

  5. Physical Map of the U.S. Were you even close?!

  6. Major Cities of the U.S. Were you even close?!

  7. Getting to Know N.C. • Work with your partner to find @ least 2 important bullet points that you can include for each category in each of the different regions of North Carolina. • Work with assigned partners only. • Partners’ work is a privilege. • If you abuse it, you will lose it.

  8. Geographic Regions Of North Carolina Finish for Homework!!!

  9. NC Geography: Day 2 • Bell Ringer: • Have your signed Procedures sheet and your finished NC Chart out on your Desk. • Grade scale: • Both = 100 • Only 1 = 50 • Neither = 0 • Agenda: • Bell Ringer • Win, Lose, or Draw! • Answering the Essential Question

  10. Essential Vocabulary: Personal Definitions • Based on the information that you have in your chart, come up with a 1-2 COMPLETE SENTENCE definition for each of the first 3 terms. Use this time to be sure that your essential vocabulary is updated.

  11. Win, Lose or Draw • In small (assigned)groups, you will illustrate one of the 3 regions of our state using the descriptions that I’ve given you. • All members of the group must add to the drawing. • You will “present” the drawing to the class, and if the class can figure it out, you win! • You CANNOT use words on your drawing. • You CANNOT describe the drawing using the following words: Mountain, ocean, coast, beach, river,

  12. Ticket out the Door (You Can’t leave without turning it in!) What are 1major advantage, and 1 major challenge of EARLY life in each region? EXPLAINthis in complete sentences. Put your name, date, and period in the upper right corner