focus and strength of character have made daniel assouline the ceo of upclick com hugely successful n.
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Focus and Strength of Character have made Daniel Assouline, the CEO of, Hugely Successful PowerPoint Presentation
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Focus and Strength of Character have made Daniel Assouline, the CEO of, Hugely Successful

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Focus and Strength of Character have made Daniel Assouline, the CEO of, Hugely Successful - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Focus and Strength of Character have made Daniel Assouline, the CEO of, Hugely Successful

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  1. Focus and Strength of Character have made Daniel Assouline, the CEO of, Hugely Successful Daniel Assouline

  2. Time and again it has been proved that the success of an organization is directly related to the competence level of the person heading it. Daniel Assouline is the CEO of • A dynamic, experienced, and result oriented person, he has taken his organization to newer heights in a very short period of time. He loves challenges and is always willing to take responsibility for his actions. • True leadership cannot be appointed or assigned. Leadership must be earned. Leading and managing are not the same things. Leadership is about influencing people. It is about gaining their commitment with the promise of a better tomorrow. • Management is about maintaining systems and disciplines. Mangers ensure that the policies and procedures of the organizations are followed in totality. Employees follow them out of expectation of reward or fear of punishment.

  3. Another myth surrounding leadership is that those who possess higher degrees are leaders. There is no hard and fast rule as to who can be a good CEO. Some successful CEOs have come from top notch colleges and universities while others did not have even a single fancy degree to boast of. • A lot many had deep backgrounds in a single industry while others worked in different sectors and backgrounds. • Nevertheless, there are some key qualities and traits that play important parts in the making of a good leader. We shall look at some of them in detail.

  4. Good Leaders can extract the Best from their Employees • Great leaders are great visionaries. Their vision, however, will be of little value if they cannot gain their subordinates’ commitment to accomplish it. Successful leaders are those that have boundless energy and immense faith in their abilities. • They radiate enthusiasm and ignite the flame of passion towards their work in their employees. They are excellent motivators who inspire enthusiasm and excitement in their employees. • Workers are given autonomy and are encouraged to be innovative. The fear of failure and the accompanying punishment are totally eliminated. This gives employees the liberty of trying different and more efficient approaches towards problem solving and task accomplishment.

  5. How successful (or unsuccessful) an organization is depends to a great extent on the quality of leadership provided by the top management. Innovation, excellent customer service, and surpassing market expectations, among others, are generally exhibited by an organization that has a leader with a unique blend of experience and enthusiasm. • Daniel Assouline, the CEO of fast growing payment processing company, is a leader with unbridled enthusiasm and an unparalleled gift of providing mentorship for the next generation of managers.

  6. Accomplished Leaders keep their fingers on the Pulse of the Marketplace • Eminent leaders have a deep understanding of the marketplace and the opportunities and threats present there. They are well aware of the changing market conditions and evolving consumer tastes and preferences. • A dynamic corporate environment and a globalized world have made it imperative for leaders to pay attention to both micro and macro environments. You can control your microenvironment to a certain extent but macro-economic factors often pose an altogether a different set of challenges.

  7. Leaders who ignore the challenges that the marketplace or the competition poses, economic factors that may have both long term and short term bearing on the organization, and general market conditions, are doomed to fail. • Daniel Assouline, the CEO of Montreal based, is a continuous learner who has made it a point to keep himself abreast of the latest happenings in the sector his organization operates as well as the entire industry.

  8. Good Leaders have the Ability to Mold themselves according to the given situation • Flexibility is an important criterion of success for a modern leader. A rigid leader who goes by the rules book rather than taking the path dictated by circumstances is sure to lead his organization down the disaster road. • Great leaders are constantly in touch with the happenings in the marketplace so that they are better able to cope with the changing situations and circumstances. • Daniel Assouline, the CEO of Montreal based, is a leader who knows how to mold himself according to the given situation. A high degree of flexibility and a spirit of innovation have made him immensely successful right from a very young age.

  9. Conclusion • To succeed in business today, you need to be flexible and have good planning and organizational skills. Successful leaders are often people who do not shy away from taking risks. • It does not imply that they run headlong into any venture without thinking about it and assessing the pros and cons associated with it. They are strategic thinkers who take all the scenarios into account before proceeding. • Calculated risk takers, they are often rewarded by tremendous profits and market prestige.

  10. Good leaders pay as much attention to their competition as much as they do to their organization. Competition breeds the best result. You can learn from your competitor’s weaknesses as well as their strengths. • Focus, consistency, and a spirit of innovation are some factors that have tremendously helped Daniel Assouline, the CEO of A simple and down to earth person, Daniel always tries to give his best to his clients and his organization.