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HP OpenView Enterprise IT Service Management Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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HP OpenView Enterprise IT Service Management Overview

HP OpenView Enterprise IT Service Management Overview

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HP OpenView Enterprise IT Service Management Overview

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  1. AGENDA HP OV Building Block Architecture HP OV IT Service Management: Integrated Network, System and Application Management HP OV Performance Management and Service Reporting HP OV SMART Plug-Ins for out-of-the-box Application Management HP OV Internet Management HP OpenView Enterprise IT Service Management Overview Bo Rimpler Solution ArchitectSoftware & Solutions Organization Northern European Region filename\location

  2. 1.400.000.000 # 5 > 135.000 70 10 67 > 15 > 50 $ in Revenue - licenses and services Software company in the world Installations Worldwide % of Internet Devices Managed of 10 largest U.S.-based ISPs % of U.S. Internet Service Providers Years Enterprise Management Experience % Annual Business Growth HP OpenView Today filename\location

  3. hp openview optimal customer experience hp netaction delivering business agility filename\location

  4. End-to-End Response Time Component Response Time Breakdown Clients Web Server Fire Wall Transaction Server Database Server Legacy App Server ISP Internet T1 / T3 ISP Enterprise Net E-Zone Net ISP HP OpenView End-to-End Service Management filename\location

  5. Application& System Man. Network Man. Config. & Change Man. Storage Man. E-Services Man. OV Operations Performance Reporter SMART Plug-Ins Network Node Manager Problem Diagnosis ServiceDesk IT/Administartins Software Distributor OmniBack II Storage Area Man OmniStorage Inet Services Web Trans Obs Service Info Portal Systems LAN Applications Databases UNIX Mainframe NT NetWare Desktop WAN HP OpenView Building Block Architecture HP OpenView IT Service Management Console HP OpenView Enterprise Console Operations Management ~ 400 HP OpenView Partner Solutions filename\location

  6. Maximise uptimeof all layers composing today’sbusiness critical application services: networks, systems, databases and applications Managed fromone centralised HP OpenView Management system HP OpenView Enterprise Network, Application and System Management filename\location

  7. The HP OpenView Application and System Management Solution Management from HP-UX Management from Sun-Solaris Management from Windows HP OpenView Operations Performance Transaction filename\location

  8. Helpdesk Message Browser Service Views Reporting Management Server Agents Events Performance Automatic Actions Operator Actions LAN Applications Databases WAN Management Architecture filename\location

  9. Network Node Manager De-facto standard for Network Management Autodiscovery and mapping SNMP device health monitoring and configuration Customizable maps with background graphics Built-in event correlation Out-of-the-box reporting Seamlesly integrated with HP OV Operations Integration platform for leading 3rd Party applications (i.e. CiscoWorks, Optivity, Transcend etc.) HP OpenView Network Management filename\location

  10. HP OpenView Operations Management • Constant proactive monitoring • Business-driven management • Guided root cause analysis • Intelligent agents, automatic actions • Integrated operator instructions and annotations • Minimun network traffic • Sophisticated Event Correlation • Operator and administrator roles and responsabilities • Flexible management concepts: Manager-of-Manager, Follow-the-Sun, Competence Centers • Secure and reliable Manager-Agent Communication filename\location

  11. Administrator Set up users with defined responsibilities and user rights Nodes can be added or deleted Configuration of monitoring parameters Operators View messages and set-up user specific browser filters Run pre-configured actions on messages, e.g. acknowledge, own/disown, perform action,… Control assigned nodes with pre-defined applications HP OpenView Operations User Roles Administrator Operators Managed nodes filename\location

  12. ITO Administrators Configure Task Delegation, Escalation Paths, and Monitoring Parameters Windows NT IBM Sun HP Operator 1 Building 1 Internet Server Novell Sinix HP Expert Responsibility for the Entire Enterprise Building 2 Operator 2 Networks Performance Databases HP OpenView Operations User Roles and Responsabilities filename\location

  13. HP OpenView Operations Traditional Operator GUI filename\location

  14. HP OpenView OperationsBusiness Service Views filename\location

  15. Service Views filename\location

  16. OpenView Service Management Service Views filename\location

  17. Distributed Intelligence Across Multi-Vendor Platforms Collecting SNMP Traps & Variables Application and System Logfiles Customer Variables Threshold Monitoring NT Event Log Processing Event filtering, prioritizing and grouping Sophisticated event correlation Acting Buffering of messages Forwarding messages to predefined Management Systems Performing automatic or operator initiated actions HP OpenViewOperations Agent features Systems Networks Applications Databases Internet filename\location

  18. HP OpenView Operations Agent Features Distribution and Configuration from one point Templates Agents filename\location

  19. HP OpenView Operations Template Concepts multiple template administrators • ability to have multiple Administrators logged into the management server, specifically for template creation and modification template grouping • distribution of template to node group • distribution of template group to node • distribution of template group to node group simplified template generation • ability to create one template for monitoring multiple variables (e.g., monitoring disk threshold levels at 70%, 80%, and 90%) • multiple Templates per source (opcmsg, trap) • ability to evaluate individual source information (e.g. encapsulated logfiles) to multiple templates (e.g. security and operating system) filename\location

  20. HP OpenView Operations Communication Concepts OVO management server System Security • ITO Management Server installable on C2 secured system Port Security • Management through firewalls Network Security • DCE Security Services based on Kerberos technology • encryption, authorization, authentication Advanced Network Security Extension • where DCE is not available OVO managed node secure DCE-RPCs secret key encryption firewall OVO managed node filename\location

  21. managing the enterprisescalability for large environments • flexible management concept • flexible management concept • build up world-wide management hierarchies • rotate management responsibility based on “follow the sun operations shifts" • escalate problems to distributed IT centers of expertise • sophisticated event correlation engine • management link to legacy systems • intelligent agents spanning all major UNIX platforms and the Windows NT environment build up world-wide management hierarchies • escalate problems to distributed IT centers of expertise filename\location

  22. event correlation concept correlate events from networks, systems, applications, databases and the Internet resulting in reduced and more meaningful messages for the operators correlation at central management server and local intelligent agents on hp-ux, SUN Solaris and Windows NT agents expedites problem resolution by identifying the true source of problems and events already correlated network events by NNM can be leveraged by OVO to offer even stronger distributed event correlation integrate other correlation applications and use them as an additional information resource or to execute commands as part of the event processing (‘annotate node’) seamless integration in OpenView operations event correlation services (ECS)concepts filename\location

  23. VP Perf. Agents VP Perf. Agents log log Low-overhead, long-term data collection Enables historical & current in-depth performance analysis Dynamic measurement Powerful correlation across systems including all IT- sources Quick trending & forecasting Sophisticated alarms HP OpenView Performance Management filename\location

  24. HP OpenView Service Reporter Comprehensive Web-based Reporting Report Server filename\location

  25. Out-of-the-Box Application Management Built-In application knowledge Pre-defined application policies(threshold, logfile, data collection etc.) Operator instructions Automatic and operator-initiated actions Application specific performance monitoring and reporting HP OpenView Application ManagementSMART Plug-Ins filename\location

  26. HP OpenView SMART Plug-Ins Example: Pre-defined monitoring of 80+threshold conditions 90+ monitored logfile conditions 60+ Oracle Tools 77 pre-defined performance metrics database status, freespace, object growth, rollback segment contention, lock contention, buffer & sort performance, parameters, redo logs, archives, trace files, OPS awareness, parallel query, MTS Operator instructions with probable cause and suggested actions for all events Frequently used DB Tools added to VP Application Bank For troubleshooting through VP Performance GUI and Out-of-the-Box reporting with VP Reporter filename\location

  27. HP OpenView Application Management E-Commerce ERP Messaging Database Internet Infrastructure filename\location

  28. 100% App DB Server depth of functionality breadth of applications Instant Intelligence through HP OpenView SMART Plug-Ins • SPI Developer program • SPI’s sold by partners • rich functionality: events, processes, actions, performance metrics, service reports, etc. • full support infrastructure • reference selling through SPI solutions guide • SPI Gallery program • free download from web • event, process monitoring and some actions • self-help support • comarketed by ISV, included in SPI solutions guide • eventually allow customers to make and submit enhancements filename\location

  29. HP OpenView End-to-End Web Transaction Management Web Transaction Observer Internet Services Clients Web Server Fire Wall Transaction Server Database Server Legacy App Server ISP Internet T1 / T3 ISP Enterprise Net E-Zone Net ISP filename\location

  30. Why is Internet Service Management more important to the business than ever before ? • Be aware of slowing response times and bottlenecks before your customers: • pro-active response time and availability monitoring for http, DNS, FTP, POP3 etc. • Service Level Management • Automated Performance and Service Level reporting Internet Service Management hp OpenView Internet Services filename\location

  31. customers web/WAPservers internet firewall App Server Slow/no response? - where is the problem ? FTP DNS Database filename\location

  32. end-to-end response time – Web Transaction Observer simulated transactions – Internet Services hp OpenView Internet Service Management filename\location

  33. What can hp OpenView Internet Services do? • actively monitors common internet services and protocols through simulated transaction • actively monitors custom web-based transactions e.g. shopping cart through recorder/playback mechanism • “traditional” monitoring of web servers, web application servers, e-commerce servers, firewalls etc. filename\location

  34. HP OpenView Internet Services • Web • FTP (File Transfer) • HTTP (Web Servers) • HTTPS (Secure Web Servers) • HTTP_TRAN (custom transactions) • NNTP (News service) • Remote Access • DIALUP (Dial Up) • Radius (Authentication) • WAP (Wireless Data) • Basic Services • DHCP (Dynamic Host Config.) • DNS (Name Resolution) • ICMP (Network Response Time) • LDAP (Lightw. Directory Access) • NTP (Network Time) • TCP (user-defined port) • Email • IMAP4 (Internet Message Access) • POP3 (Post Office) • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer) filename\location

  35. hp OpenView Internet Services - main features • generates fixed or baseline threshold alarms on internet services and forwards alarms to NNM, VPO or VPW • displays web-based dashboard with near-time status of service level violations • offers multiple levels of drill-down e.g. service, service group, server, customer • stores active performance data in MW-compatible format and in SR-like database for end-to-end graphing and reporting • publishes daily out-of-the-box service level reports filename\location

  36. Installation and configuration in minutes! • Configuration wizard input: • Customer/department • Service group • Target system • Service Level Objective • Probe location • RUN! • IMMEDIATE RESULTS! filename\location

  37. Web-based dashboard GUI • intuitive web interface • access from web-browser • health summary at a glance • updated every 5. minutes • aggregated across all customers and services • drill-down multiple levels • restricted views with login/password filename\location

  38. publishes daily out of the box reports Automated Service Reporting filename\location

  39. AGENDA HP OV Building Block Architecture HP OV IT Service Management: Integrated Network, System and Application Management HP OV Performance Management and Service Reporting HP OV SMART Plug-Ins for out-of-the-box Application Management HP OV Internet Management HP OpenView Enterprise IT Service Management Overview Bo Rimpler Solution ArchitectSoftware & Solutions Organization Northern European Region filename\location